Cara Menghapus Halaman Kosong (Blank Page) di MS Word

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Hello, my friends, this time we will learn how to delete blank pages ( blank page ) in Microsoft, Word! Okay, maybe you guys have encountered this kind of problem. There is a blank page in the middle of our document. We don’t need this blank page. We want to delete it. How to Well. Usually we will put the cursor on the page after the page is blank. Then press backspace to erase the blank area here. So this content will go up to this blank page … Let us press backspace Notice. The cursor jumps directly to the page before the blank page … Earlier. There was a point here that was erased. Let’S try Undo well look. There is a point here right, So we do backspace instead of deleting the empty area here, but jumped right away, … Actually to be able to delete this blank page. The first thing we need to do is find out the problem, So the problem here is that there must be something on this blank page, So to be able to see something, we need to activate, Show / Hide here. Well, apparently, there is a Section Break here. This is what we have to delete. The problems you encounter can be different, but the solution is the same. We delete using the delete key Hover, the cursor in front of Section Break then press the delete button, …

Hit delete again Tidy up a little that doesn’t fit …. Okay, that’s how to delete a blank page, ( blank page ) in Microsoft. Word Thanks for watching this tutorial! Don’T forget to subscribe to support this channel, See you in the next tutorial!

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