Cesar Kuriyama: One second every day

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Translator: baali omar Validator: Anwar Dafa-Alla So, I’m an artist. I live in New York, and I used to work in advertising L – even when I left the university About 7, 8 years ago, Time was wasting. I worked many nights. I worked many weekends, And I found that I never find time for all of my projects Which I wanted to do by myself. One day I was at work, and I saw a conversation By Stephen Sagmeister at TED, And it was called “The Importance of Vacation” And he talked about how in all seven years, He used to take a year off work to be able to Do his creative projects, and he immediately inspired me, And I said “I have to do that.

I have to take a year off. I need time to travel and spend time with my family I start my creative ideas. ” So the first of these projects ended with b Something I called “one second every day.” I was recording one second for every day of my life For the rest of my life, And the grouping of these one seconds in chronological order Little slides of my life in one continuous video Even, I couldn’t keep recording it The purpose of this project is one: I hate not remembering the things you’ve done in the past. All these things that I have done with my life Which I do not remember Except that someone counted it, and I think sometimes, “Well, that’s something I did.” And what I realized early on in the project I wasn’t doing anything interesting, Maybe I’ll forget to record the video.

That day – the first time I had forgotten, I truly felt pain, Because it is something that I really wanted From this moment I turned thirty, I wanted to To keep this project forever, And the absence of one second, I realized, It just kind of created this thing in my head That I never forgot again. So if you live to 80 years of age, It will be a five hour video That sums up 50 years of my life.

When I’m forty, I’ll have a one hour video This includes only my thirties. And that was really it Encouraged me daily, when getting up, To do something interesting in my day. Now, one of the things I struggle with is As the days, weeks, and months go by, Time begins to appear blurry Mixed together And you know, I hated it, Photography is the way to trigger a memory. As you know, this project for me is a way for me Fill that gap, and remember everything you did.

Even just this one second allowed me to remember Everything I did on that day. Sometimes, it’s hard to catch that one second. On a good day, I have maybe three or four seconds That I really want to choose, But I had to limit her to a second, But limiting it to one I was allowed By remembering the other three seconds anyway. It’s also a kind of protest, a personal protest, Against culture, we live it now where people are They are only in parties with their cell phones And recording the whole concert, they’re bothering you. They don’t even enjoy the show. They watch the party on their cell phone. I hate that. I admit I was that person before, Previously, I decided the best method For me it is still capturing and preserving a visual memory of my life And I’m not that person, who only records one second That allow me to retrieve that memory, “Yes, that was an amazing party.

I loved the reality of it.” And it just took a quick second. I was on a three month trip this summer. It was something I had dreamed of doing all my life, Just driving around the US and Canada And just knowing where to go the next day, It was kind of exciting. I had enough, I spent a lot of money during my trip From my savings that I took with me on vacation for the year, So I had to, go to Seattle and spend some time With friends working on a really neat project.

One of the reasons I took my vacation off was to spend more time with my family, And this really tragic thing happened in it My mother in law, Her intestine suddenly blocked one day We took her to the emergency room, And she was in really bad shape. She almost died many times, And I was there with my brother every day. It helped me achieve something else with this project, Is recording this one second on a really bad day Very difficult. It’s not – we tend to take cameras with us when we’re doing nice things. “Oh yeah, that party, let me take a picture.” But we seldom do it when we have a bad day, And something terrible happens. And I found that it was really very important Recording until just that one second from the bad moment. It really helps you appreciate the good times. Today is not always good, so when you have a bad day, And I think it’s important that you mention it. As important as remembering the good days.

Now one of the things I do is that I don’t use any of the changes, I don’t use anything to – trying to capture the moment As far as possible in the position my eyes see. It started in a first person perspective Early on, I think I had two videos of that You can see me in it, but I realize that is not the way to continue the path. Way to remember what you really saw His recording was as I actually saw it. Now a number of things revolve in my head about this project, Wouldn’t it be interesting if thousands of people were doing it? I turned 31 last week, as. I think it will be interesting to see What every one did with a project like this. I think everyone will have a different explanation for that. I think everyone will benefit from just having this one second to remember every day. Personally, I am fed up with forgetfulness, And doing this is very easy. I mean, we all have cameras capable of this in our pockets now – Most of the people in this room, I bet – And this is an order – I never want to forget another day that I never lived, And this is my way to do it, It would also be really interesting to see, If you could just write on a website, June 18, 2018 You will only see an offer of people’s lives On that special day from all over the world.

I don’t know, I think this project has many possibilities, I encourage you to record just a small snippet of your life every day, So that you will never forget that day, which you lived. Thank you. (clap) .

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