Colombian STREET FOOD in Cartagena! + LONG Flight to Canada w/ Food Poisoning 🤢

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Good morning adventurers. Good morning! It’s a hot and sweaty day here in Cartagena. Comes outside for about two minutes and I’ve been dripping. We’ve had a bit of a setback We’ve been here for a week and we promised we were gonna show you guys the city But we ended up just hunkering down and getting some work done And then we were going to go out on an adventure, but then I ended up getting a little sick yesterday And I’m still feeling a little, little off but we’re we’re leaving today. So I got to get up and out Yeah, so sadly we didn’t end up filming anything here in Cartagena which is Yeah We’re really sad about we apologise but there’s not much we can do We had some bad weather and then he got sick Today, we have a little bit of time before our first slice We’re gonna go get a little breakfast here.

And then we’re actually flying all the way to Canada today. So we’re gonna go from the beach to – I believe there’s snow – because last I saw it’s been snowing in Colorado Yeah, we’re stopping for a night in Denver. Did we say that? Yeah, so we’re going to Canada but we’re stopping for a night in Denver But then we are going to start our campervan road trip up in Canada I don’t know if we’ve said the campervan trip. I think we mentioned it in one of our previous videos Ok well, if you didn’t know we’re gonna be getting a sweetass campervan and driving for a week up through the national parks. It’s gonna be fantastic Also, you may have noticed I’m wearing a hat I’ve never really thought of myself as a hat person But I always wanted to be mainly just to block the Sun from my forehead, so I didn’t have to wear so much sunscreen But check this head out.

It says NOT WAKE UP. Isn’t that the funniest thing ever? I had to have it when I saw He saw it in the store and just would not stop talking about it and kept putting it on and saying “I love this hat, I love this hat” So it looks pretty good too.. But I’m wearing it for now. I don’t know how long it’ll last but uh, we’ll see. The city is so friggin colorful there’s so much graffiti everywhere This alley right here is covered in cool street art and all kinds of stuff and there’s also fruit vendors all over the place While we were working we did sneak out sometimes and we went out to eat and just kind of alked around the city actually scouting stuff out to do for the video So it is an amazing city If you haven’t been to Cartagena or Columbia in general, we’re in love We have been having such a great time here, but Guatape was super colorful and so is this an even in a very different way So we’ve been walking by this little Arepas stand every day on the way through the grocery store it and every day it smells so good and they always have a long line.

And so finally today we are trying it So it looks like you can fill it with all sorts of amazing things Lots of mostly meat and cheese which is what I will be doing And probably for me this is a bad idea because my stomach’s been upset, but I’m doing it anyway, damn it. For the experience, right? Alright, we just got them, but they are Molten y’all they have been on the grill for a while.

So we’re gonna let it cool down a little bit. There’s a little uhm vendor over here selling lemonade or Limemade And I’m not sure what you would call it with limes and it looks so refreshing So I think we’re gonna get that while we let these cool up a bit Una por favor. All right, ya’ll we have all the things we have our lemonade limeade stuff right here it looks really good. You saw the guy was squeezing them fresh in there. Oh my god there is so much ice, i love it Yeah it’s gonna be so good And then we got two different stuffed arepas. We’ve had a couple of arepas during our time here in Columbia They’re not the most exciting things. They’re just kind of like cornmeal flat pancakes, but when I saw that you can get them stuffed with things and thought that is absolutely perfect It’s gonna be like taco I think are like a corn bread stuffed deliciousness.

We asked here for the – there are two recommendations so we got the mixtap which has I think it’s like pork and chorizo and chicken and eggs and cheese in there and then we got the Columbiana Which looks like it has some Jalapenos and corn and chicken. I think some sausage, oh no the bacon it has bacon in there and cheese Oh my god They look and smell amazing and they have so many different sauces that you can put on there and they have so many different combinations So you can get any kind of arepa you could ever imagine. And i’m so excited Oh, yeah With that extra fresh hoard in there makes the corn in the the Arepa really pop and then the jalapeno is nice. It gives it a little punch of flavor Not very spicy though, which is great. And then I think there’s some salsa in there. This is wonderful I really like it because these can be kind of dry But it’s nice to have all of the goo in there because it really balanced it So this is a nice crispy now and then this is nice and savory on the inside.

We’re literally sitting on a street right now with all sorts of food traffic, car traffic, carts are coming by -It’s awesome. -Yeah. We have no tables or anything So we’re just kind of awkwardly sitting on the street trying to hold the camera in one hand, hold the Arepas in one hand, but totally worth it because I think it’s gonna be pretty good. Oh it’s real crunchy Might need a minute, took too big of a bite. It’s pretty dry But you have the cheese in there and like you said all the goo on the inside But that really helps the dryness of the corn meal stuff on the outside Wow, thy’re super crunchy and so fresh and Easily the best one that we’ve had. Of course, we’ve only had the ones that are literally just the cornmeal stuff We haven’t had ’em stuffed like this. So if you stuff a bunch of goodies in there, of course, it’s gonna be delicious I think one of these worth was eight thousand? and one was twelve thousand? I think, which is just a few bucks USD.

So really not bad at all. I think this is gonna do the trick I hope doesn’t upset my stomach but worth it It’s so hot out here before I take another bite. I’ve got to try this lemonade. It just looks so fresh and refreshing Oh baby, mm-hmm. Oh, it’s tangy. It started sweet. Not overly sweet Absolutely, perfect. I don’t think I could ask for a better drink to drink right now sitting out here in this heat Give that a try That’ll put you in good mood. Yeah, maybe we should have gotten two of these Yeah, we probably should have. That reminds me of being a kid like hot summer days Absolutely perfect It’s absolute perfection. It’s so cold and I am loving it. Yey! It was under 1 USD. Yes, it was uhm.. two thousand Colombian pesos, yeah. Best last meal. I’d say I’m so excited I think I won, if you come here get the arepa mixta because it is damn good. Yeah Mine is yummy but all the different meats in there? They’re just cooked so well also you can crap them However, you want you can add stuff in so you could technically create the most delicious thing you’ve ever had But if you don’t feel like doing all that work arepa mixta.

That is the one. For coffee we have come to this little cafe called Baiyu Which it might not be the most lovely – it’s definitely a touristy cafe, But they have some great Colombian coffee and all of their ingredients they source here locally so even though it might not be the most traditional food and still super local and the coffee is absolutely superb. Oh my god you guys it is Incredibly hot out there. Whoo Dang, I’m gonna be loving the Canada weather and the Colorado weather when we get there.

Geez, I’m ready for it My shirt is literally soaked through, it’s so gross But I guess we could give you guys a quick look at the place We’ve been saying so this is another airbnb but look how much room there is here It’s got so much artwork hanging. It’s got this really cool tile floor. -I think our host is here. -Oh, our host is here. Yeah False alarm Our host isn’t here quite yet, but she should be here any minute But I just want to show this place off to you guys But I was talking about how cool the floors and stuff are. It’s got really interesting artwork around some with graphic nudity. Yes but it keeps it interesting right? As you guys know we use Airbnb all over the world that has been our primary source of accommodations Yeah, I don’t know how we travel without it, honestly I mean there are other sites but we’re just – AirBnB makes it so easy.

It’s been so fun So if you have not yet signed up for it or looked into it we’ll link down below to the website and if you use our code you get a discount on your first day Like up to 40 bucks Yeah, it’s really cool. I think it changes a little bit but it’s around 40 bucks. It’s pretty good Yeah, but we highly recommend it and let us know if you end up.. Oh.. our host actually is here, yeah, anyway link in the description. We’re gonna head to the airport. So, I don’t think we mentioned that but we were actually staying in the Getsemani Neighborhood which is in the old part of the city. Our little area is a little bit outside of the really old center where a lot of the tourists stay So it was a little more local Feeling and less people that we definitely recommend staying up there anywhere in the old city in the walled city is amazing But up, there’s little less chaotic.

As I was getting out of the taxi, I nailed the driver with the door I felt really bad about that but he was cool with it. We’re at the airport. We’re going to head through security Should be a pretty easy travel day We don’t think we’re gonna have seats together on the airplane because you have to pay extra for that on the airline we’re flying We’re gonna have to decide if we’re gonna pay for that or not cuz it’s gonna be 50 bucks for the two flights we’re taking I’m hoping we can finagle seats together so we don’t have to pay, we’re flying spare there which might be one of the most budget airlines we’ve ever flown I didn’t realize they say our seats don’t recline and they’re smaller because that means less maintenance So that’s cheaper fares for you.

But really it doesn’t mean it’s gonna be a really terrible flight So stay tuned We’ll update you on how that goes All right security was a breeze, you know It was so so easy customs security, just waltz on through And we have some good news. They did end up giving us a seat together which they promised us online We would not have a seat together So with this airline they, you know, nickle and dime like I was saying and so it was 13 USD per person per flight. We have two flights today to choose your own seat. That was the cheapest and that would have been 50 extra bucks, which is quite a bit. So.. I cut my fingers crossed you guys to the airport a little early and it turns out not only did we get seats together but we have I guess I shouldn’t show that part uhm..

A window seat. Hey, would be a window seat too So that means a lot better shots for you guys. Yeah, this is great So we have a little over an hour chill here And we’ll be off back to the good old US of A back home ya’ll, it’s gonna be weird, i’ts still hasn’t registered yet. Remember earlier when we were saying how they don’t let the seats recline to save on maintenance Well it turns out they don’t really do much maintenance at all because my seat is broken over here in the corner and there’s a Bar right on my tailbone and I actually bruised my tailbone again when we were when I hopped into that cenote in Mexico So it’s just pure pain on my end.

Yeah, but see over there’s broken too -So what the heck? -I don’t know. Yay savings We’re back in the US of A! In the USA baby We are here We’ve made it, flight was super simple other than as you saw my seat was broken. I also had a trade table that was broken. It was just down too far. So everything kept sliding off of it But cheap fares! Yeah, cheap fares and we’re gonna be flying spirits.

So we’re in fort.. I don’t know if we said but we’re in Fort Lauderdale Florida and we’re doing a connection to another spirit flight over to Denver, cannot wait to see what’s broken on this flight Yeah, it’s very warm outside which we’re not really gonna get to feel but then it’s gonna be very cold in Denver i think. We’ve boarded and check it out The plane is new or at least the seats are, but look at this little guy that they give you is that a joke or what? Look at this underneath there, there’s no actual thing, it’s just a.. At least it’s something I guess but what is it what do you meant to do with this it’s nothing Maybe you could set an iPad here. That’s about it. We ended up getting a bunch of goodies Uhm.. I got a little protein pack because it sounded honestly just the easiest on my stomach Coz my stomach has been upset all day This wasabi ranch is, was a poor choice probably but delicious choice for him and then Alison got a little cobb ranch cobb salad here.

My favorite kind of salad is one that you can barely see the lettuce because it’s covered in so many other goodies. Well, we made it to our hotel. And I got to say I was not feeling very good on that flight or after the flight. Poor guy I probably, I’m pretty sure I got some kind of food poisoning uhm.. Two nights ago. We ordered some Uber Eats and I got some ramen from some restaurant in town – Colombia…he got ramen -I don’t know why but it was like the ramen from a cup of noodle thing. Uhm.. so it was not very good and then that evening I woke up with these bad stomach cramps And they just haven’t gone away over the last two days.

So I’m still kind of dealing with that Sadly, we have another travel day tomorrow but it’ll be a quick flight from here today in Denver up to Calgary and Then we’ll get one more chill night in the city before we head off on our adventure He’s gonna be feeling so good by then. Yes, I’m gonna wake up. I’m gonna say good morning guys. I feel great It’s gonna be great But I’m gonna go to sleep, I’m tired We’re really tired We’ll see you tomorrow Good morning, it is the next day -Surprisingly I do feel a little bit better -He feels better! a little bit better well considerably better but I still feel a little bit off but maybe by tomorrow I’ll be like 100% and now And now, supposedly a shuttle should be coming.

Oh there it is to get us, shuttles right here, back to the airport We also managed to head to the post office and drop off our patreon postcards Oh yeah we did everything today, we’re so good. We’ve made it to Canada this travel day is officially over Travel days Travel days. Yes, but uh I think that we are going to end the video here because number one we’re just a bit exhausted and I think I probably need To edit a video tonight as much as I don’t want to Yes coz i do not think we’re gonna have much Wi-Fi or access to much of anything electronic wise on the road Yeah but you better stay tuned for our next video because we are going to arrive to our Campervan that we’re gonna be taking around.

This thing is brand spanking new it’s a brand new company that we’re working with and they just renovated these things and from what I’ve seen they look like some of the coolest Decorated coolest designed vans that I’ve ever seen so we can’t wait to show it off, definitely super sleek We did a camper van in New Zealand and it was pretty bare-bones.

There wasn’t very flashy But this one should feel like a tiny home on wheels. Yeah, it’s gonna be like glamping. Oh, yeah. It’s gonna be great So we’re gonna start our road trip tomorrow. We’re gonna show you guys the van. It’s gonna be tons of fun But I think we’re just gonna make our way to our Airbnb that we’re staying in for tonight and then crash out and get some work done and crash out. Goodnight adventurers. We’ll see you on the road..

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