Days, Weeks And Months Of The Year (4k)

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See you soon, Appu. I’ll miss you, Neena. Bye, everybody. Till we meet again. Where are you going again? We’re visiting my grandparents. I’ll be back on Monday for school. And when, may I ask, is Monday. Soon I hope. Well, today is Friday. There’s Saturday, then Sunday, and the day after that is Monday. Goodness, how can you possibly keep track? I want to. I want to learn all the days of the week.

Days are all the same to me. But we’ll know when Neena is coming, when she has school, or a vacation Let’s learn the days of the week. Could prove very convenient for holidays. I always like to know when I’m getting a gift. Well, there’s a song I can use to teach you. It’s called a call and response song. I sing, then you sing what I just sang So we just follow you. Right, let’s try it. Monday, Tuesday Now you. Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday Friday, Saturday, Sunday Friday, Saturday, Sunday Seven days a week. Seven days a week. Good! Catchy. Let’s do it again. This time when I point to you, you sing the line. Oh, and Appu, can you give us some visuals? Read my mind for what the days of the week look like. Will do. Monday, Tuesday. Monday, Tuesday. Uh-oh. Wednesday, Thursday. Right-o. Wednesday, Thursday. Wednesday, Thursday. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Oh, I am good. Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Oh, how many days a week? Seven. Seven days a week. Seven days a week. I got them down. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday! Seven days a week! And we’ll be back from my grandparents on Monday. But what about months of the year? Appu? Have you been reading my mind? Yes, and I want to learn the months, too. Well, I guess we have time. And there is another song… Oh please sing it. I love adding to my musical repertoire. Yes, let’s learn the months. Sing it. Ok, Appu. I can use your help again with a yearly calendar everyone can see.

I’m on it. January, February, March and April May and June, July and August September, October, November and December There’s twelve months in a year. That’s it. Want to sing with me? Yes, let’s sing, again! January, February, March and April May and June, July and August September, October, November and December. There’s twelve months in a year. Great! Now let’s try it a different way I’ll point to you, and you say the month. Oh no, I’m so nervous. I’ve got your tail, Tiger. Everybody get in a big group together.

Now sing when I point to you. Appu, you can start. January. February. March. And April. May. And June. July. And August. September. October. November. December. There’s twelve months in a year! I’m feeling so well educated Another one down! And now, Tiger and I really have to go! See you on Monday! Parting is such sweet sorrow. Wait – Neena didn’t tell us what month it is now. It’s January! Today is Friday, January 11. Neena will be back Monday, January 14. Well. Who knew? THEY ALL LAUGH.

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