Debbie Meyer Magnetic Measuring Cups and Spoons

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Now here, you’ll have an opportunity to be able to get the entire suite so you’re going to get every size cup. Imagine from a quarter cup all the way to a full cup and they are 1495 along with free shipping and seven dollars and forty-eight cents. So tell us all about this value, all right, okay, this was my problem. Excuse me Merlot. Yes, I had a had a drawer full of every kind of measuring device. There was, but this is what always made me crazy, the ones that had the ring on them, because I wanted to use this one. I had to drag around these with me, so I’m trying to measure things out. These are getting all dirty, they’re, getting full of stuff, and I have to measure. Then we have to wash four cups inside right. You took the ring off. What did you get bend? Spoons? You got them stuck in the drift. Whatever forget that this is all, you need watch look at all the drawer space. I just got back, because these are my magnetic measuring cups and spoons. They stay to get there when you want them to and they come apart when you want them to because they each have a little Ming in magnet in each handle. So I throw that back in it can roll around in the drawer they’ll stay together, but i’ll stay need same thing with the spoons. Now, if you come over here I’ll show you why I did this. First of all, here’s the whole set these are just laid out, so you can see every single one all the way, all the way here from one quarter of a cup all the way up to one cup. Here you have the spoons down here. If this is a quarter, teaspoon all the way up to a full tablespoon with a three quarters of a tablespoon measure as well, which is the hardest one to get. Everybody is always shaking a little out of tablespoon and this three quarters of a tablespoon using every baking recipe, you’ll notice, they look a little different. Yes, they do. I did it on purpose. If you’ll notice, the way you grab the handle the handler is designed so that this is a natural grab, it isn’t a stick. You grab everything. This is very, very natural. It’S ergonomic! It’S easy for hands, junghans little hands, small hands, big hands. Everyone can grab this. I made them round for a reason. You want a round measure, because that tells you there’s no void in the corner. When you bake it’s science, it’s chemistry when they tell you, they want a certain amount of something, that’s what you need and the recipe for it to work so they’re round to be easy scooping and they release very cleanly. But this is also something that I did. I actually did this from my other son when he was a young David when he was little boy had to learn how to measure things for school. Well, I was doing this under all the measuring from trying to keep them level on the counter. I that’s silly. I’M just going to make them level, so I put on this style, handle the tenth handle. It’S also easier to pick up. You don’t have to try and get under that skinny little handle it picks up easily and you can pre measure in them on the table. If you have ever measured out vanilla extract, you know what I’m talking about, because I’ve done this which hand away poor with which hands because which one is steadier. I ended up with more vanilla extract on the table than i did in the spoon now. I can just lay my swing down and fill it while it’s on the table now it’s full and now i can simply lift it up, because this that’s great the handle is so easy to deal with. Well, with two minutes remaining on the clock, i’m going to extend an invitation for you to shop and place your orders. We are going to be going to our phone lines because we want to say a quick hello to cindy from florida literally bought our take cutters. Hey miss Cindy, hey Cindy tomorrow and Arnie today got good. Thank you so much for asking. So you pick up the cake cutters tonight. Yes, I want use them in the past at someone’s house that funny and i love them. I wondered what’s done and he couldn’t remember oh now, i will have them excellent. Excellent! That’S perfect! Thank you. So do you do a lot of paranoid, but you also order the magnetic measuring spoons and cuff. You will love them. You fail yeah better on them to do everything. Thank you so much. Well, it’s a pleasure. Not remember you do the same measure to talk to you, bye, bye Cindy, so you know she’s wise because, as I mentioned to everyone, all the Debbie Meyers specials are only for this hour. So, if there’s something that you like or this, something that you’re interested in be sure way over here be sure to call us and take advantage of it so that you don’t miss it. Okay, let’s see what Debbie’s going to I’m actually taking that I’m actually putting the spoons directly into the chili powder directly into a spice jar. I can do this, get a full measure. Put it down, i’m getting ready for a recipe. So i’m going to take a little bit of this seasoning. This is a little bit of mace. I’Ve got to measure their put it down. I’M ready not just about eggs. Everything is ready with it’ll save you so much time. I’Ve got this all lined up. So now, as I’m cooking, oh I want to add. Yes, I want to add love that so you can use the measuring cups in the same way you miss prep bowls. This is how you can be organized who you can cook quickly. We, you know every chef tells you get everything ready in in place, that’s how they know what they have. It all laid out, just let all laid out, and they noticed that they measure because they are around – they also fit into strange shapes they’ll fit into. These. Are my greenboxes i’m using them as canisters and debbie? I apologize, but we are almost out of time, so i won’t do a couple of things. If you want the measuring spoons and cups, we, these are very, very limited, so i’m invited. I know that we have a lot of you on the phone lines and we appreciate you shopping with us, but i’m encouraging you to hang in there or to go to our website at hsn.com, because we do need to wrap up this segment of the show. But don’t miss it because, unfortunately this is like a Cinderella, our 17 minutes all of the values go away. They really wanted to give you some great in Santa to a job. Do I get a crystal slipper? Well, you would have been gone shopping before girlfriend. You know I’ll go shopping with Debbie she’ll make you spend all of your money, cuz she’s, the girlfriend that goes, Oh, No buy it. I should buy it, you deserve it. Thank you for being here. Oh it’s, my pleasure, thank you and thank you for debbie meyer. In your kitchen,

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