Debbie Meyer Magnetic Measuring Cups and Spoons

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Well, thank you so much for joining us. My very good friend my time and money saver, debbie meyer’s by my side, and it’s always a pleasure to see you here, always a pleasure to be by your side, is this woman is so she’s that one amazing entrepreneur she’s worked with science and technology to just Make a cluttered kitchen more efficient to not waste food and space and time and money if you’ve got a problem, Debbie’s got your solutions. Now we’re gon na Camping’s off had the same problem right. Well, yeah we’re gon na kick things off with her incredible measuring cups and spoons, and you go Brett really incredible. Spoons and cups Debbie’s truly are they’re magnetized they nest. They stand up evenly. While you are preparing, they don’t take up a ton of clutter in mess in space in the kitchen, and today you get a biggest best deal. We’Ve ever done $ 14.95 for an 11 piece collection that the organized is easier. That gets the job done better. That is actually neat and filed away in your drawer that can go in the dishwasher one at a time and look at me flex can’t believe I really flex pay we’re doing here. You know what that’s better, better price that i can buy. I’M telling you it’s like you’re paying for one today: okay, we are going to move through these as quickly as we possibly can, because there are three dollars and seventy-five cents on flex their shipping to your door, free of charge and my goodness Debbie their customer pick. People stop to write reviews about cups and spoons think about it. They write we spoon responses on my cups and spoons on my sponges that things that you wouldn’t think would be so exciting. This is very exciting to me, because it’s where I started out all of this rig moves on it. Everything is stuck together. If i take the Rings off, I’ve just got a bunch of loose things in the drawer and I have drawer that sometimes got stuck because you pulled it open right. Okay, you can eliminate that and have simply that. That’S all you need, and in fact I can roll them around in the am newly empty drawer because they stay together because of the magnets see that little dot in each of the handles every one of the measuring spoons and every one of the measuring cups has A little tiny magnet on it. What that does is it allows it to stay together when you want them to, but instead of the ring which forces your wash every single one. Every time you use one mission, one or two always ends I’m filled with water, because there’s no way to balance it properly. You get to take out the one. You need one use it and put it back like that. They all stick together perfectly. They nest perfectly and I’m going to show you some extra things about it, as well as getting back your drawer space I’ve now, given you a way to prep easily on your counter without worrying about things tipping over. First of all, my measuring cups they’re, all the cups spread out like that right. There you’re getting all six measuring cups and you’re getting the five measuring spoons in a set, I’m choosing between you’re getting both so you’re getting all of these. But what look down here? Because this is really, this is really. The really really important thing to me is that actually my measuring spoons can lay on the counter, absolutely even so. That means I get to fill them while they’re laying on the counter. I don’t have to have a jiggly hand, trying to measure stuff, and I give you included in the set – is the three quarters of a tablespoon which is a size it’s in every recipe and everyone’s always taking a tablespoon trying to shake a little out. Okay, that doesn’t work bake and, if you’re, using these for baking remember baking is science. It’S chemistry. It relies on chemical reactions between between different quantities and volumes of the ingredients. You need good measurement and yours even leave a scoop easier. I mean they’re designed to be a better solution. What I made them round for me, i’m going to. Let me pick up one of the cups, because it’s easier to see come on over to me. Come on come up there. You were see how round this is and there’s no straight side, there’s no corner that gives you make sure that you have a full measure, there’s no voids in the corner. Every time you know, you’ve picked up. Flower and you’ve had a hole in the corner and you go how much of imma you know you’re missing an amount that goes in your recipe and you’re, not sure how much there is so. The reason they’re round is that they will also fit in any kind of container you scoop around and you’ve got a full measure. They will actually fit into the little spice jars. So if you want to go just directly into the spice jar there you are – and I can lay it down in order – wait until I’m ready to use it in the recipe they are top rack, dishwasher, safe. So there’s no frankly, I just rinsed them, but at this today – and I was fascinated when they told me – was going to be 3074 since on a flexpay. If you can, this is the time to actually pick up several of them, because you are going to be going to wedding showers and you’re, going to be going to new home gatherings, you’re going to go to a housewarming you’re going to set somebody up in a Dorm room: maybe they have very tiny kitchens in one of those little efficiency apartments. There’S all the pieces you’re getting so everything is included and when you come back, I’m going to show you something i think is absolutely amazing. I do want to remind you about something. Just to show you what an awesome deal we are doing for our cooks event. Do you see the free shipping? Do you see the cost of the shipping? Your flex is less than it costs us to ship. This set to you. This is the best time. The best offer the best way to get rid of the Ring cups to get rid of the collection of sweared off, measuring cups and you’re, not choosing between cups or spoons. You are getting cups and spoons that nest that stand up that are magnetized rather than on a ring. It’S a better solution, get rid of everything. You got this mismatch that doesn’t fit anymore. That’S taking proton a space, that’s on a ring and you got to wash the whole thing. Debbie’S are a customer pick for a reason and today we’re footing the bill to ship into you and charging you less and flex, and it cost us to do just that and you thank you very man. I thank HSN forever. This is to me this is one of my love’s I’d like to make everything easier in my home, my kitchens, the heart of my home, so I’m there all the time. I am recognizing all the problems, because there are my problems too. It’S exactly exactly the same problem, so I’m solving them for me. First obviously, so one of the things I did was when my son was very small. He had to learn measurements and we were using measuring spoons to do that, but I had to keep putting my finger under the measuring spoon, so it would be level and I’m thinking I’ve got to fix this. This is driving me crazy. I did see that tent shaped handle. Not only does it keep it level on the counter space, it’s actually easier to pick up, because you don’t have that skinny little. You know Debbie, it’s funny. Every time I see these. I think everybody’s got one thing about their spoons and their cups that they hate right. Oh absolutely, everybody’s got one Debbie somehow managed to solve every one of the issues. We all have look how easy that is. You’Re not wasting vanilla extract that it lays flat, steady, stable and you produce. I always had more vanilla extract on the table than I did in this on your fingers running everywhere, because I had to hold on to it with one shaky hand and poor, with the other shaky hand right. So here it is in the spoon I can leave it there until I’m ready to use it pick it up easily. You see how that handle works for picking up I’m going to try and turn backwards. Just so you can see it. It’S a natural grip. So are the cups see that handle on the cup? It’S that way for a reason, the natural grab is this okay, so you start to go. Wait a second customer pick for customs. Let me show you a review or two in our last moment or two here with this presentation, with the only airing on the day today, because in three dollars and seventy-five cents on flex, we do not expect them to last in over 200 have already been ordered. Just take a look right here, great best ever measuring cups, oh yeah, and they got spoons as well. These are the best measuring cups they stack very easily in the drawer. Cleanup is amazed after using you get an exact measurement, including all standard measurements and most recipes. There’S no comparison to other measuring cups; it makes more room in your kitchen cabinet, highly recommend. You know that’s. I love that because that’s really, but there is no comparison, there is nobody else that sells the shape issue. The nesting issue the standing up evenly issue. Here’S another one – and this is what i would say, throw out – threw out all my old spoons and cups and really like the way. These two products nest and stay together really helps storage it’s a day to refresh – and this is the price and the way to do it – for you, for your sister for your second home for your rental property, gets space kak at organization back, and do it another Way and give organization gift of organization give the gift of keeping a cleaner easier to move. I like my house to work for me. I don’t want to work for my house, so if I pull open the drawer, I want to find exactly what I need not dismiss and try to figure out what’s in there, besides of which these things get dented and destroyed again, you’re, not getting the right measurements. So here it is, I can take that say I want. I want this one. I won three quarters of a cup, that’s the only one I want that’s the only one to use, therefore, is the only one I wash. I don’t have all that stuff hanging from a ring and trying to make here trying to get pulled it out of the way, while i’m using one try and measure flower with a handful of other cups in the way. So there it is, it sticks in the thing in the drawer it’ll stay together, they can roll around they’ll stay together. Look at the handles every handle has its own little tiny, magnet it’s a just strong enough simply to hold these together. Let’S look at them again. Right here on the table before we’re finished, I telling you that really we put them on only one time today, because we really expected with that kind of value. I you know nobody expected still has for a whole day, but you’re getting six measuring cups, you’re getting five measuring spoons. They, the spoons rest flat on the table. They have perfectly perfect grab handles. All of you use become your prep bowls as well. I love to get things ready in advance I’ll to measure out what I’m going to need, and I put it there next a stove so when it says now add the beans, i’m ready to add the beans. So it’s not just measuring it’s not just chemistry of baking. It’S also your daily prep, okay, so only presentation on the day today, your flex offer is less than the cost of the shipping that we are

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