Debbie Meyer Magnetic Measuring Cups and Spoons

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I always have this discussion on the junk drawer. I said you call it a junk drawer. I call it my essential drawer. Unfortunately, it is an entire drawer that is dedicated to. Basically we have right here Duane now I ain’t. Neither one cup serving quick need. A three-quarter teaspoon! No, I don’t have that. Okay, but look. This is the ring that gets everybody crazy. You have to you, don’t watch them all everything gets to where you take them apart and you never get memory. You take them apart and then you lose pieces. So now I’m looking for the one that I took the boat – yes, okay, so and then things get stuck in the drawer and I have you pulled it open and everything it’s bad. I hate rap. So I did this. These are my name. Is this my cups and spoons before after okay but who’s to say this isn’t going to become this? Because all you need is this in this watch this these stay together, but comes apart when you want them to because there’s a magnet in every handle. I know it’s hard to see over this white come over. You have to stay with me over here folks, but this is where the white, this is, where the magnet isn’t every single handle. This is how they go together. This is how they come apart. You only use what you need. I’Ve also got my magnetic measured because measuring cups and spoons see they stay together. They can roll around in your drawer and you take out the one you want. Let me show you the whole setup down here, so you can see it against the screen, because these are white cups. I put color items inside so you can see ya just so you can see it here. You have every single essential that you would need on the spoons. There’S a tablespoon there’s a three-quarter tables below that. Never ever had never have one of those and that’s it so many recipes. I couldn’t believe it. You have a teaspoon, a half teaspoon and a quarter. Teaspoon then we come to my cups, look at every single with different sizes and all that you have and it’s all mesh, it’s all right on the edges of the cups. You will never lose the measurement. You can have them right here. There’S a hat! There’S a quarter cup right there, there’s a half cup, I’m trying to sing right Millie. I can’t users work up. There is a third cup, there is a half cup, there is a two-thirds cup, there is a three-quarter cup and then there is a full cup. Now those are measurements that I said, what do you normally do? It is a third and a third right. I did you two three quarter, though: you’re getting out to you’re getting out the half cup and you’re getting out the quarter cup, and it never ends up with the right measurement. If you’ll notice, every one of my measuring cups are laying absolutely level on the countertop and you can’t get a shot there, you go come on next I’ll show you sanderling level. That means that if you want to measure things into the spoons while they are on the countertop – and this is something that it always drove me crazy – I always got more extract. Okay, calm that I’m trying to hold it now, you’re trying to pour it forget. Thank goodness I like vanilla right now. I can remind I want so much cumin. I can do it raw, it is on the countertop and just leave it there. Do you break. That is, as opposed to look shaky, so I want you to see. So what do we normally do, our kind of holding it or it’s here and then it’s tipping over? It does not see how that has that rounded bottom. This is actually. These are actually done in such a way they’re going to perfectly line up and they’re going to stay for you and it has the stability bar. That’S on there as well. This is a tent style because they are easier to pick up. Then a stick style handle, it is actually designed to be picked up easier. The cups are the same things with the flat bottom. This isn’t design, and this is also the way this is a more natural. This is a more natural way of picking up a cup. Then, holding on to a little skinny stick this way versus this way, so I can use these as pre-measure cups. If I want to on the surface on my countertop, I can get all my recipe. Ingredients ready. That’S that’s easy and you can scoop anything from any size container. These are my greenboxes cups of rice. You need two thirds of a cup of recess your green. These are my ultralite greenboxes you’re, going to see in just a couple of moments and some spices. So let’s go in a spy star, I can fit this into Spicer. The reason I made them around is that they actually fit into things, and you can scoop like that right. So there is a special here’s, a little spice jar. It fits inside there and then once I measure that I can lay it down say: okay, now that is ready for the rest. Now I’m not trying to shake it into it is that area, so, whether you’re going to get something out of a box. It’S like a two cups here. Look at that see the manga. If I don’t have a picture, if you are chef, Peter want to be chef if you’re a foodie, but for me and then also even getting the things out and prepared ahead of time. This is what is the seller? You know we both have our operations with having everything done and organized and in control and ready to go. Imagine putting out you’re making that apple pie. You need three-quarters of a teaspoon of your particular spice. You need it. A half a teaspoon of your nutmeg, you need a quarter of a teaspoon, you can have those already out, and then they lay nice and flat inside a Care Plus now you’re not doing it and scooping it and trying to Pat it down enough. Be one of the reasons i made them round in size because if you are a baker – and you know that baking is chemistry, it is not just winging it. There are no right amount right amount. Sometimes we use when you use a straight-sided measuring cup you’re. Actually getting a void in the corner and you don’t know how much flour you’re missing, you don’t know how much ingredient my missing, yeah dad will give you over the way to give you a void in the corner. This way, when you are stupid, when you’re full, you know your full all the way to the bottom, that measurement is exact and by the way, that’s it that’s no more junk drawer. This is everything that you need just sit at your door and plus the ones that you might not normally have so again. Look at all the cups that are in here, so we go all the way down from the quarter cup to the third cup, to the half cup to the two-thirds cup. You never see that one. You also have the three-quarter cup and then you have the full cup same here. You have the quarter. Teaspoon, you have the third of a teaspoon. You have the hot tea spoon. You have the three quarter for jerry’s ever and then you also have that full teaspoon, a tablespoon recorded tablespoon, that’s a measurement that i find in every recipe, and I was always shaking a little bit out. All of these cups are all ones that I found in recipes and couldn’t you couldn’t find its right? Three quarter, Vanessa, like i was doing for for certain measurements. I was doing a quote. I was doing a quarter of a cup plus of three third of a cup trying to work out how to get exact measurements. You don’t have to worry about that anymore and they are prep bowls. The reason i originally designed these and invented these was that I was actually trying to teach my son when he was very young measurements and when I was holding these cup, these oh the old style on the table legs having to put my finger under them. To keep them level while he filled them, and I thought this is ridiculous. Everyone should be able to fill. Look. You see the one that I filled with extract a little while ago. I’M going to pick it up. Look how easily I can pick it up and move it around, because it is easy to hold well and that is the kind of handle others didn’t kind of help you, because maybe you need that then you’re going to get in here, you’re going to go in Here you want to get that and get nice and smooth. You get that right. You can twist and they’re into the container, but now it is ready to go. So when I’m on step three of making my pie before in there and it’s boo, boo, boo, boo boo, either things ready to go, I line them up on my countertop, just like this all the ingredients that I’m going to use. That way. I am ready. I’M always prepared for the recipe that I’m making. Sometimes I like to just do things. You know it just makes thing easier for me. I always solve my own problems. First, you know that it sounds selfish, but it is it because, actually, I know if I’m helping myself I’m helping lots of people, nobody loves the ring. Nobody loves having to wash more things than the hacker. If I look at the difference, I want that one. I can take out that one and that’s the only one I have to wash the rest of them go before going to go in here, going to try to detach him, and I take that one off. I take the one off in the middle and you have it then you’re like oh darn it. I need to have some or whatever that’s right here and that’s all in the drawer bit around plumping up, but they can spin around. They are moving the drawer and they’ll still stay together, and even I want this one. Okay, I need that one right now. I want this one take that up when I’m finished and they open they can grab each other back in there. They go right back in the moon spots, so they’re also not hard to get apart from one another, and the whole thing will stand. If you have some play sessions, not a drawer. Sometimes you want to put it in your cupboard. You can stand it on. The show was nice that is going to be on your countertop. It fits for that one day. It is that one meal that you say thanksgiving dinner is yours, and it’s yours and yours alone. You know how much work it can actually be. This is going to simplify that work. It’S going to simplify the prep, it’s going to allow you to have it all out and about whenever you want it, everything that you hear and what do you have? Do you have the metal ones? Do you have the plastic ones? I’Ve mounted ones and plastic ones. Is the one that’s on the ring? I never want to have to detach it, because the one time i detach the metal ring and never went back to you. I have had every kind. In fact this is part of my old culture. I’Ve had every single kind. There, what my girl looks like and in fact handles, are all bent, because I got stuck in the drawer. I even tried to do it all in one which never works is everything’s all dirty at the luncheon right, all the scoops, all the all the backups. Oh yeah oops, those are good. This is what I wanted now. I have all this extra room if i want to put other things in here other serving utensils whatever. But what i think is great is, if you know somebody who is just starting out. If you know somebody who is a cook doesn’t have to be a baker. Any kind of cook anybody who is interested in in MIT with getting the right measurements people who follow recipes want the measurements correct. I can tell you about a couple of sets of these, because if anybody comes into your house – and they see you using these, my mother-in-law would come in and she’d be like. Where did you get that and then we have not had these in stock since 2011? Was a lot of time that we offer them so March of 2011? That’S how long it’s taken us to get these back in stock over 900 of you already. Having said yes, it’s twelve dollars and ninety cents. Remember: here’s what you’re getting the other thing, but think about a secret santa think about the things that you’re going to hear coming up. This is a what this is also a great hostess gift. If your hostess is someone who’s cooking before you bring them these, if you’ve got a secret santa and you have to spend under a certain amount of money, look at the price, this twelve dollars and ninety cents. This is a wonderful that you can even break it up if he wanted to make a two Secret Santas if you had to, but this is a this – is the kind of set that if I, when I was starting out as a young woman with my own Place – and I was starting to cook and all I said if I had this kind of arrangement, I wouldn’t have been trying to buy something to fill the void all the time with other kinds of things. This is are going to go to the phones, and I know we are already very busy. If you want to get yours, we only have over a thousand already gone. We have hundreds of you in the ordering process. Dolores is calling us from Minnesota Dolores. Thank you. Have you ever seen anything like this? You know I haven’t: have you ever seen a three-quarter teaspoon? No, I a three-quarter tablespoon. Excuse me three-quarter tails, but now I have it that I am so excited to get on the Baker. What was it about this? That really kind of thought, your I Dolores well, there are, there are more cups and spoons there that are in my regular plus. There are measuring cups and spoons mine are scattered all over the place. I have no idea where folks Tamar and I don’t have those specific numbers either. That’S it that’s what we said. It really makes a lot of sense because we do have the one quarter: cup measuring cup. We have a three quarter cup measuring cup. We have a two thirds cup measuring cup, we have the half cup measuring cup and the one-third Cup and the one-quarter cup on the cut. So a lot of times it’s hard to find those. You know when you’re trying to go between the half cup again, the quarter cup. You tell you them to add a third. Don’T do that Sh! In your happens, it makes a big difference when you need them great quarter, tablespoon taking the tablespoon only having part of it, it doesn’t work either so continue telling Delora. Thank you very much.

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