Delete blank page in word 2007(Microsoft word 2017 Tutorials)

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Hi guys and welcome to our youtube channel Today In this video I Will demonstrate a Short video tutorial on “ How to delete unwanted Blank page in Microsoft. Word 2007. Ok. Lets get started with our Tutorial. These are the blank pages which are generally created Due to Hidden formatting symbols Now To delete these “ Blank pages. Click on This … …, .., symbol, … … This will show all the symbols Hidden symbols Present in the … .. Whole document Now … … Select all the symbols and click on … …, “ Delete”. This will delete the blank pages Simillarlly … …. You can … … Delete Other blank pages Like …. Now, … To delete this “ blank page” Click on “, Delete” and then click on backspace, LIke this..

Now make sure Ah.. to again click on this Show/hide symbol. All the “ blank pages”, … .., has been deleted and make sure to save this Work. So … …, Thanks for watching and Please do subscribe to our YouTube channel, also make sure.. to share this video.. with your friends and on social networking sites. Facebook Have a Good Day, )

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