Effective Treatment options for Sleep Apnea | Dr. Shivani Swami (Hindi)

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Hello! My name is Dr. Shivani Swamy. I am a Sleep Specialist in Narayana Multi Speciality Hospital, Jaipur, Respiratory and Sleep Specialist. Today we will talk about Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea is a disease in which patients face interrupted breathing while sleeping. This interruption happens due to contraction of windpipe. Many times in extreme cases this tube closes completely. We call it sleep apnea. Because of contraction of tube, oxygen level goes down in these patients. If we normally see these people snore a lot, they frequently get up at night for drinking water or for using washroom. Morning when they get up they feel heaviness in the head and incomplete sleep. During day time maybe they take small naps while working or while sitting. These patients who have health issues such as uncontrolled hypertension, sugar, thyroid, heart problems they have more chances of getting paralysis. This is what is about sleep apnea.

Diagnosis and treatment of this is very easy and important. For diagnosis patient needs to stay overnight in the hospital where we do his sleep study. In Sleep study usually we monitor all the parameters while sleeping such as their brain activity, heart activity, oxygen level, their breathing pattern, body position, how many movements are there in their body. We record all these things in computer so that we can check the same next night as well. In this study at night we come to know their oxygen level, how many times their breathing has stopped and for how much time it has stopped, what is the minimum level of oxygen, also how it is affecting their heart, sleep, brain due to oxygen deficiency. While doing this if we see that oxygen level is extremely going down, then many a times we start the treatment of the patient the same night. During treatment we fit a mask which is attached with one machine.

This machine gives a pressurized air which keeps your wind pipe open. Pressure required for opening the windpipe differs from patient to patient. That is why while studying at night only we ascertain if you have Sleep Apnea how much pressure you need, which machine will be attached to it etc. So here in Narayna we have first, Jaipur’s First Level Sleep Study Lab. where we do diagnosis and treatment with alexis machine. Apart from that our lab is State of the Art lab in which we have monitoring room, technician room separated from patients’ room. We have made patients room considering it should be comfortable like home and there shouldn’t be any noise and disturbance for the patient so that he can get sleep like he gets it at home. Our titration lab is also there at the State of the Art Lab which would probably be the only lab in Rajasthan. We can change machine pressure and everything from outside and we can adjust all types of pressures in one machine only. Till now we have studied many cases here.

Patient’s satisfaction is more compared to what we do in hospitals or homes because there is a huge difference in the quality of Sleep Study. Usually we fit a machine at the patient’s home and remove it the next day. But here we have a technician for whole night. If oxygen level goes down below certain level , then here there would be somebody who is continuously watching it who can help you. When we start the treatment of our patients, during entire session somebody is there to counsel them and to understand their problem. Sitting at home also I can see this study. That is why the patient satisfaction level and the improvement which they see …next day only they get up and say that our life has changed, after years we have slept like this and we found this treatment very useful and we want to use it. So I would suggest if anybody around you, in your family or your spouse has this problem or these symptoms then they can get Sleep Apnea. So contact us soon.

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