Generic Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece (Blue Tab) – Tested & Reviewed

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[, Music ]. What we have here is a simple unbranded boil and bite one part oral appliance designed to be fitted at home. It is by far and away the lowest priced mouth guard available to purchase on the internet, which claims to eliminate snoring at just 79 P, via Amazon, with free delivery or 1 pound 16. If your preferences eBay, is this in reality, just a novelty Christmas, cracker filler, but can it actually help with snoring and improve the quality of your sleep? Unfortunately, from the outset, we hit upon a problem. No instructions were supplied. Google came to the rescue fitting the device. Actually turned out to be very simple: although we found the timings needed were longer than stated in most of the fitting instructions we could find online for the first attempt report boiling water from the kettle into a Pyrex jug, waited ten seconds and then immerse the device For 30 seconds before removing and fitting the bite, channel walls remained solid and some teeth impressions were made, however, as the material had not softened sufficiently before no protrusion was achieved and retention on the teeth was disappointingly poor, [ Music ]. For the second attempt, we waited only six seconds after pouring the water into the jug and left the device in the water for 40 seconds. This turned out to be the absolute limit was any longer and it would have been a disaster. The plastic became very soft, slightly floppy and was on the verge of distorting, despite this, a better fit was attained, even though the walls were bitten down slightly in places some protrusion was achieved, but not much retention was good at the front, but less so on. The back teeth, if we were to make a third attempt 35 seconds, would be the suggested ideal time. There are common problems associated with pretty much all oral appliances, and probably the most frequently experienced, is hypersalivation and this device, and certainly delivered this on a huge scale. For the first night of use, never have I dribbled so much and as a byproduct of gulping down the saliva or develop trapped wind combined that with sensitive teeth in the morning and continued excess salivation during the day. It’S hard to recommend, however, like I said earlier, these are common issues that aren’t unique to this particular device and they do normally stop after a few nights of continued use. Those negatives aside, it’s easy to fit, doesn’t feel overly bulky in the mouth and shouldn’t cause a problem. If you have a sensitive gag reflex, did it help with snoring? Well, no, not in this instance, as the achieved protrusion was minimal and retention was an issue. We wouldn’t recommend this product, but not because it wasn’t effective in our tests with a good fitting. This could well be the solution for some people who don’t require too much lower jaw protrusion. However, we cannot be certain what material this device is made from and how safe it is to use in the long term. Some listings say it’s silicone and others say it’s a food-grade Evo material for any oral appliance. We recommend you always look for a legitimate CE Marking in Europe or FDA clearance in the USA to find the cause of your snoring from which product would be appropriate. For you visit our website british snoring co uk and take the interactive snore tests, the online tool used by over 400,000 snorers on their journey to finding the right anti snoring product for them. [, Music, ],

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