Googles #1 Rated “Best Steak Marinade” Recipe… REALLY?

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Google’S number one rated best steak, marinade recipe Is this: the last steak marinade recipe you’ll ever need I’m gon na put’em to the test. ( bell rings ), And let me just tell you, I hate making marinades As a matter of fact, this recipe right here. I used to have to make it every single week to go to a competition. I thought man, I’m just going to have somebody make this for me And boom. You got the mop. So what we’re going to do today is we’re making Google’s number one rated steak. Marinade recipe

We’Ll see how good it is. We got three steaks here: We’re going to do one with Google’s recipe, we’re going to do one with our recipe and then we’re going to use the last one just as a control, No recipe, so to speak And the rub. We’Re going to be using is Texas Beef. Now this makes an amazing steak, but if you don’t have any use whatever you like,

We’Re going to put them in the fridge, let them marinate for two hours, Rub them with Texas, Beef cook them up on the Weber and then we’re going to put them Tommy, Tommy and Chuck We’re going to let Tommy and Chuck come up here and tell us Which ones they like best And they’re not going to know One’s going to be the control One’s going to be Google’s number one rated best steak, marinade recipe,

And the other is going to be ours, Hey we’ll see how it turns out. So without further ado. Let’S just get to getting these marinaded ( upbeat rock music, ) (, blender, whirs, ) ( upbeat rock music continues ) ( record scratch ). Is it recording All right, so it’s been two hours actually about an hour and 45 minutes. We got the steaks almost done, But we’re going to light this cooker we’re going to be cooking them on the Weber, We’re going to be running them in the red When them steaks hit 100 degrees. Pow We’re going to open that lid. Let it get all nice and fiery in there sear them off and then commence the taste testing.

( upbeat rock music, ) ( steaks, sizzling, ), ( upbeat rock music continues: ) ( steaks, sizzling, ) ( upbeat rock music continues: ) ( steaks, sizzling ), All right, so man, these turned phenomenal. Actually, this one I’m not happy with it, because we got the very end of the rib eye on this one right here. That’S why it’s a little fat New York looking strip rib, But that’s okay, As you can tell the two with the marinade in them. They came a part a little bit. That’S okay!

But here’s what we’re going to do We’re going to take these down and we’re going to let Tommy and Chuck test them and see which one they like the best. Now they don’t know They don’t know which one’s which They don’t even know the test. We’Re doing to be honest with you All right, so we’re going to go downstairs. Let them taste it and declare a winner. Let’S go All right, taste, test time, All right! Those look good! Here’S the deal Three steaks three different ways Why you got a smirk on your face. Already. I don’t know It’s just always there Free food, Yeah, all right, yeah, All right, [, Camera Operator, ], It’s a steak, eating grin

I know Now he’s already in his head I’ll, tell you what he’s thinking Where’s the potato, ( group, laughter, ), So steak. One steak two steak three Take a bite of all three and then I will ask you at the end after your mouths, clear who is the winner, ( upbeat rock music ), Show of fingers and call it out loud Ready, One, two, three One: Two [ Camera Operator, ] Ope, Oh (, group, laughter, ), All right on the count of three One. Two three go Two On the count of three pick: one two or three Ready One. Two three, I say number one had the better Number one You side with Chuck, ( group laughter, ), [, Chuck, ], You sorry [ Tommy ]. That makes it a-. I don’t know who I’m siding with, but man it’s a-. You got ta leave man, you got ta leave It’s a tough choice between one and three I’d eat three all day long I’d eat one all day. Long Two is good. I’D eat it too, but I mean out of the two. I think that one’s got. It seemed like it had a little more seasoning

We all picked steak, two Chuck picked one and you picked one. So it’s still three to two [ Camera Operator, ], (, laughs, ), It’s good either way He’s already been hey. He can’t break it. [ Camera Operator, ]. Your vote doesn’t count, though That’s true [ Camera Operator ]. So it’s a tie All right. So since my vote actually doesn’t count because I’m the bah, I can already see it in the comments below So that is a tie Google’s number one rated brisket or ( laughs. ), I’m sorry Best steak! Marinade! You lucked out this time. Hey! Thank you for watching and I’ll catch you in the next video Peace, ( upbeat rock music, )

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