Grandma’s Sweet Pickled Watermelon 1935 Recipe

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Welcome friends, welcome back to the kitchen welcome back to sunday morning, the old cookbook show today we’re going to do a recipe out of a cookbook sent in by one of our viewers, and i want to thank you very much for sending us this box of books. There’S some real gems in it and the cookbook we’re going to work from today is called the wilken family home cooking album this. This is a snapshot of america in 1935.. It is very interesting. The wilken family has an association with whiskey and they’re promoting their family brand of whiskey, even though they really have nothing to do with it. At this point, another company is actually making the whiskey and they’re just using them sort of as a marketing ploy, and this is a very down homey folksy kind of 1935 recipe book that really kind of plays on the family dynamic. Trying to interest you in buying their whiskey and there’s very few recipes in it that actually use whiskey, so the one today we’re going to do is called grandma’s sweet, pickled watermelon, not something i’m familiar with at all. This is not the type of recipe that we made as children or even in my adult life. This is the first time i’ll be making it and the first time i’ll ever try eating it. So i’m only gon na make half a recipe so into that pot. I put two cups of sugar and i’m going to put in a cup of vinegar, i’m going to put the heat on and bring this up to a boil. I’M also going to make up a little parcel of spices. So i have a piece of cheesecloth here and in the center i’m going to put some cloves and some cinnamon and we’ll just tie this up into a bundle, a little piece of twine, a little spice packet goes in, and this boils for 10 minutes. And after it’s boiled for 10 minutes, i’m gon na turn it back and we let it simmer for how long like two hours cook it slowly for two hours so i’ll, let that go now. We prep the watermelon rind the instructions say to pair the watermelon rind. So i imagine that’s removing the green outer skin, leaving the white pith and a little bit of red on the inside. I imagine, isn’t really such a big deal so pair it off and then we’ll slice it up. I guess just cut it up into pieces now that i’ve got it paired and mostly chopped up, i’m supposed to boil it until it softens not sure how long that’ll take because to me it’s already pretty soft, so i’ve got a pot of water here. Just coming up to a boil and we’ll see what happens in the meantime, the syrup is bubbling away nicely. Okay, let’s see yeah, i’m gon na say those are soft, so i’m gon na take it over to the sink. I’M gon na drain it through a sieve. Now the recipe says to cook this slowly for two hours until it’s thick, it is pretty thick now and it’s already starting to caramelize. So you know what i’m gon na put the rind into the syrup and i’m gon na leave the clove in there. At this point – and it says to cook it for a further one hour, so i’m going to turn the temperature down and let this go smells really good. So i have a cleaned and sterilized jar, of course, and i’m not going to do like a water bath canning. This is not the kind of thing that i think is going to sit in our basement forever. I’M probably going to eat this fairly quickly and based on the amount of sugar and vinegar in here. This is well and truly pickled, so transfer this all to the jar, except for the little flavor packet, which i will discard smells wonderful now. The instructions don’t tell me how long to let this sit to pickle, but you know, judging by any pickle that i’ve ever made. In my you know, 50, some years on this planet. I know that this is going to have to sit for probably at least two weeks before we taste it and more than likely a month before it really comes into its own. But while we’re waiting for that to happen, there’s one piece left in the bottom of the pan: let’s give it a try. Huh, that’s really cool okay, just gon na put a lid on this and i’m gon na. Stick it in our cold room and we’ll come back in about two seconds for tasting, hey glenn. I got your forks out pickles. I think the pickles are ready. I’M fascinated! Hey friends! Yes, not um, not part of our family history, not something! I’Ve never had it before no okay, i know when you made it, it should be sweet, but let’s see the most part, it tastes like candied fruit. There’S one odd flavor in it, though. What is that? Okay? So i’m gon na tell you something: okay, remember aunt! Doris’S, electric green icicle pickles, oh yeah, so there’s a sweetness from the watermelon, but it’s the clove. Ah it is the clove yes, so obviously your ants pickles have cloves is what you’re saying yeah and a lot of sugar. If anybody has ever had the electric green sweet, pickle, sweet, icicle pickle, it’s a cucumber, that’s super sweet, it’s sliced lengthwise, so it looks like an icicle and then there’s green food dye put in. I think it’s funny that you need to describe it in detail, because, because to me i was as a child traumatized by it. I hated those things. I absolutely hated those things. I don’t think anyone in my family made them. No aunt doris made them a wonderful lady. I did not like her pickles her icicle. I just did just i did like her butter tarts, though butter cherries are fantastic, fabulous butter jars, so these are really good yeah. Oddly, i’m not so fan of the fun of the clove, i would use left’s clothes dollar clove back a little bit. I don’t get a, i don’t get the cinnamon. No, so i would up the cinnamon, maybe dial back the clove. I don’t know where you would eat them, you could eat them with ice cream. Oh yeah, everything everything everything goes with ice cream because i think of i think of you know i think, of the pickled dish on the table with don’t think of them. Now think of them in the middle of winter, because that’s what it’s pickled for: it’s not pickles for eating right now, it’s pickled for eating in the middle of winter. It is a warm! It is yes, and so you know, you’ve got it and you’ve got some cake not like, like, like a like a pound cake or a yeah, a side cake of some sort. I mean it, would it would almost you could almost throw it in the cake? Well, i was just thinking if you, if you cut these finer, you could use it in a tart like mincemeat. Yes, so it i mean little little christmas, tarts yeah. So that being said, i say we wait until winter and come up with a recipe for them to use them. Okay, so grandma grandma, wilkins, sweet, pickled, watermelon um. We’Re still experimenting because i think it’s, i think it’s an inch. I mean i i’m not gon na eat a bunch of them. No, i’m not gon na love it right away, but i think it could grow on me. So let us know, do you pickle, watermelon rind, and how do you do it? Because i imagine, there’s a whole lot of different ways to come up with a pickled, watermelon and you’re, not wasting anything and you’re, not wasting anything as a kid. We would just pitch it out into the compost: pile yeah, yeah. Okay, thanks for stopping by stay safe, see you again soon, you

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