Have A Clogged Toilet? 5 Simple Steps YOU Can Do Before You Call A Plumber

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Hi my name’s Dave Henry with Wilbur Henry plumbing, heating and air conditioning. Our phone number is 717-755-5461. Our website address is WilberHenry.com Here’s some things you can try to do on a clogged toilet. Uh the 3 most common uh things that clogged toilets is A. way to much toilet paper, the flushable wipes, I know they say flushable on them. I get a lot of clogged sewers with these flushable wipes that do not break up, they catch on the pipes and they will stop up your sewer lines sooner or later. Uh some of the things you can do is, once the clog occurs, let it sit for a couple of hours you know, three, four hours, try to let it soften up because a lot of my older customers that are on medication have hard stools uh and the toilet paper it’ll just soften it up and break it up.

You can try a metal coat hanger, what Ill do is cut a coat hanger and try to bend it as long as I can and stick it up as far as I can to help break it up. The other thing you can do is try flushing the toilet when it’s clogged. The more water in the bowl the more head pressure is on the clog and might help it push it out through. Uh so what you want to do is flush the toilet, if the water comes up to high you push the flapper back down as fast as you can and that will stop the flush by pushing the flapper back down. Uh the other thing you can do is just try a regular plunger or go to any uh hardware store and try a closet auger.

That’s what we carry on our trucks, closet augers and that will open up the toilets every time. Uh the other thing you can try to do if your toilets not flushing properly, especially people on well systems with the calcium deposits, you have jets going the whole way around your toilet, up here in the rim. I use a little, tiny, Allen wrench-key, go up inside your holes, just wiggle it around and open them up and your main jet here at the bottom. Not all toilets have a main jet at the bottom it all depends on the design of the toilet, the way it flushes. Uh but your main jet at the bottom, if you have one, has to be open and all your jets going around, up here at the uh brim of the bowl have to be open for proper flushing.

If it’s not flushing correctly, it could be the facts that your jets are just clogged up. And there are some three simple tips to try to open your tub, toilet or to make it flush a little better. Thank you..

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