Here’s How To Get EASY KILLS with KILLJOY (new agent) – Valorant

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[ Music ] welcome one enemy remaining bro. What are my teammates doing? Bro? Oh, my god, the trophy one situation. Let’S, let’s see, let’s see what they’re gon na do, let’s see, where’s my rhinoceros [ Music ], here’s my first experience playing against a killjoy. After that i decided that i really needed to play this filthy animal. Oh i’m trying to bait him so when, when people start coming in they’re, gon na look at a box and then i’m gon na peek there’s a little tiny picture just to pick up some info an enemy filthy animal got ta be aimed down sighting for this You’Re gon na be like this because you can see probably like this, you can. Let’S go, the cubot is doing work. My guys and i have another one in 40 seconds – one enemy remaining: let’s go baby. I always clash those round boys. You guys know me, i don’t even need to explain uh, but he was live. You know what i mean like. It was an amazing flick, headshot 360 and this last guy he was long. I was a sage – was amazing uh, so go to twitch.tv. Like note, it was second to catch. You live see you there, my alt’s, not ready i’ll put the bot here look bank. Can i be calling hike all the time. Yo hika is a busy man. You know the boss is baiting hard for me. Boys, jesus christ. That’S why you should use the should bait people with about always boys. Let’S try to get at least 7 000 likes in this video. Thank you very much for the support. Let’S get it yo each time i want to put my butt in a different spot. So right now, i’m just going to hide it over here on my way, because i got ta do crossfires. You know what i mean with the bots. Put the little thing in here here: bang just about just chill. Now the bot gon na tell us what to do and when to do that’s it, that’s what it is. I think, if b site is a better site for a curator, actually that’s some high level strategic stuff here boys. But this thing i didn’t – i didn’t use this thing yet actually you’re, so cute variable removed here. Joy always checks his angle, cute yo, i’m an entry killjoy boys, look, look all the work. I do look all the work. I do. Jesus christ, man and i put the little thingy in the bomb here and bang. I’M such a good q-joint, hey guys, [ Music ] last player standing [, Music ]. I never saw that before my teammates won’t drop me nice. This guy has 2.9 is the last round. He won’t drop me nice, nice teammate, always always nice teammates guys we always finding good teammates. That’S the life of solo queuing for you, guys maximus one enemy remaining [ Applause ]. He doesn’t win this never come. I know it actually won. Let’S go baby target down: [ Applause, ] 30 seconds left 10 seconds left one enemy remaining [ Music, ] 31 and we still lose yo. Look at this little smoke, one enemy remaining yo yo. This man steal my kill like bro. Look at a headshot 130 in the headshot yo. This man steal my kill jesus christ. I don’t deserve it. Why phantom i like all weapons. My guy i like phantom and i like vendors, just two different play. Styles in defense. I prefer phantom because it’s easier to multi, frag and in attack. I prefer vandal, because it’s a one type machine, stop picking, stop picking, stop stop! Please! Please [ Music, ]! Oh i didn’t meet you. How many subs he gifted was like 10 subs. We got ta. Wait for knots, one enemy remaining! Oh, no! Okay! We won it you this with the hard carry. We want it boys. So that’s our mb5 right. Let’S see what we got! That’S a little md5! That’S! That was the fifth game that we play. Let’S see we okay diamond too i’ll, take it. I thought we’re being diamond tree now, but, okay, i guess right. Yo craziest thing not coming in the clutch at the very end, with the ten gifted sub jesus christ. Are you nutty, thank you so so much for the support. Not all of you guys in the discord. Uh join the discord. Exclamation discord over there follow me on twitter at fps noted uh. Thank you. So much for all your support. You guys are crazy. Tomorrow, we’re back at full speed. You guys already know what it is. Peace have a good night. You

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