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Yo, yo yo CPA strength here back with another video, the my best video yet look. We got beautiful federal highway behind you in downtown Fort Lauderdale Florida yes they. Let me in here yes they probably regret it on the daily basis anyways man. I haven’t I’m feeling so good so blessed what a life right anyways, they say, see pH strength. How many hours a week do you work, see pH strength? How many hours would you work? And you know I don’t think you’re gon na, like the I don’t think you’re gon na, like the answer, I’d probably say about 12 hours, 12 hours a day, seven days a week, so 84 hours a week is how many hours a week like I don’t count, See that’s the thing, that’s the big difference. They say how many hours a week. Do you work and how much money do you make? So I wasn’t supposed to be in this video, but how much money do I make a million dollars? You make a million a year, no I’m not saying annually. I’M saying I make a million dollars no 10 years, maybe 100k a year like so maybe I’m not quite there yet maybe 12 years 13 years on make a million dollars, I probably say so like for my feet, up baby yeah yeah. You know what’s good with it so yeah how many hours, how many hours a week, how many hours a week do you work CPS drink’ll. I don’t count. I just basically, I wake up at 5:00 in the morning cover the office and work. Lately. It’S been till about noon, one o’clock, so that’s like I don’t live like right up the street like five minutes away like it takes me five minutes to get home from here. So five o’clock – I get here – let me get in here fresh, so I was working on in the morning, but now I’ve been coming here so 5:00 to 1:00 p.m.

That’S about eight hours of work, then I go to the gym. Then I come back to the office. Do a YouTube video or after the gym after gym, it’s YouTube video. So it’s Dorn, CPA, LLC stuff! That’S my account! That’S my business here! That’S so that’s what pays the bills here most of the bills youtube’s youtube’s coming along, then i’m love with you too, but you know so. Dorn CPA LLC pays the bill, so I’m either working on that, and that is where I pretty much use my accounting knowledge. So I do accounting payroll personal tax returns, business tax returns. What was that sound? Well, I’m the man over here. You got ta, go through me, so someone at so to say about that. Hmm come on doggie come on baby. What you I did some legs today. There were some guys doing lower arms in the curl rack yeah I was like. Are you guys sure you’re allowed to do? They were like putting the weights on their back or something I don’t know they’re like lowering down and up. I was like this is the curl rat? What are you doing over here? They said no we’re squatting. I was like what, where am i bizarro world, so anyways yeah? I don’t. I don’t count how many hours we got a worker just work and let’s prob about 84 hours, I did do 24 times seven. I guess we got 168 hours a week. That’S for dang sure! That’S all you get. I personally like to get eight hours of sleep or I like to just shut it down at 9:00 p.m.

Up at 5:00, so that’s eight hours like sometimes I don’t always fall asleep, but so that leaves me, I figure I feel like eight hours is optimal and you need your sleep. I think that’s a big thing that people do is don’t get enough sleep for realz, because that’s when you like your body like repairs, its brain and like I just I need like eight hours for best brain function and doing the counting. I need brain function. So I need fifty six hours of sleep a week that leaves me one hundred and twelve hours, a hundred and twelve hours left after sleep, so really out of those one hundred and twelve hours. Probably I go to the gym. You know like an hour, lift but go in there and back. Maybe it’s like two hours, so that’s 14 hours a week at gym and probably twelve hours a day between door and CPLC and youtube because I’m filling my damp with those all the day and like really the only other stuff I do is eat. I got to eat so unfortunately I take some time like I’m, I’m a fat piece of shit, so I need to eat more than the most I probably eat about 3,000 calories a day to maintain my salt. I was 255 today, so I’ve been losing some weights. Besides eating, I got ta go to the grocery store, that’s like an hour a week and launch it’s like an hour a week and you’re like gosh that doesn’t sound like a fun life. I love it. I love it. I mean. Basically, I I medicate all day. You know I don’t drink, but I do trying to quit those cigarettes. I I think I only like to live them at night, so I’ve been smoking cigarettes for like since 15, so 25 years, it’s time to yeah those things are nasty, anyways, so yeah, I don’t know everyone’s always how many hours a week you work how many hours A week I just keep going, I just go. Basically, I wake up work, take a break, go to the gym work. Some more go to bed do that over and over oh, I forgot showering and shaving. So that’s like half an hour a day. Sorry, but I don’t think it’s a total boring life, I mean I am I’m trying to get them, I’m trying to be a millionaire, I’m trying to get ahead and that’s not. Oh I’m going on break I’m going on vacation, I’m going to two different places and say you’re seeing this Thursday and because it’s Wednesday for me, you’re gon na see this Thursday and Friday I’m driving. Should I tell you guys, leave a comment down below if you want to see, if you want to know where I’m going driving on Friday and then I have a special place, different place that I’m driving to for Thanksgiving. So I’m super super excited and yeah. So you know, I think, yeah it’s like you see on social media ones like oh, I grind so hard. I grant so hard. I grind so hard like. I don’t even have time to go on Facebook to even write how hard I’m grinding, because I’m just like here, I’m just I’m doing it. Oh and you always say like birds of a feather flock together the fight you become an average of the five people. You hang out with the most well since I don’t spend my time at on a barstool anymore, or you know around a plate at 4:00 or 5:00. In the morning. Oh an all-nighter in front of the plate with like 3 or 4 dudes, you’ve heard all their story. That’S just that’s hell to me. That’S straight little, so I don’t do none of that! No more so do I hang out with I hang out with. I was thinking about it, I think probably a couple like a couple people I know, are millionaires now and so it’s like you know, kind of see what they are all about, see how they lived their life, because that’s what I want to be so yeah. This turned out, of course, to be longer than I thought, but just wanted to say, like because people keep asking me how many hours a week. Do you work how many hours a week you working honestly, I don’t count. I just counted up right now, so I don’t know probably like four Doorn CPI, probably 40 hours a week for YouTube 20 40 hours a week and so yeah that’s two times, there’s two full-time jobs. I love both of them, though, so it’s like people are like. Oh, are you gon na retire? No, what am I gon na retire for from breathing anyways, so yeah? I don’t count how many hours I do. I hope you guys have a a last time or whatever you do, and I know I’m asking late cuz. No one’s really gon na watch it this this far. But could you please, like the video or dislike the video? I really does help much and until tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m. CPF strength.

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