How Many Yards did we Gain in 55 Years? Is it the Club or the Ball?

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Huh, how you doing today hope you have a wonderful day, exciting video got the ts3 versus the northwestern one. Let’S go alright! I don’t know how this happened, but first things. First, we have to regrip Northwestern, because I came with the original grip from night and like 1970s, some – I don’t you know it’s pretty old, but let’s go regrip that puppy will get back at it. Alright, fantastic, look at that. This is a nice grip. I picked out the green one. You know we go with a head that cool look all fried action, let it dry and we’re ready to rock and roll. So the question is: what do we need to roll back these days? Do we need to roll back the club, which would be cool a whole new marketing deal for all these manufacturers kind of roll back be good, it’s kind of like when your favorite player changes teams, and then you go rebuy his or her Jersey, because you know There aren’t like don’t a whole new team. It’S like the same thing like we cool Titleist, whatever order, if Tyler’s made wooden clubs again, that’d be awesome alright or do we need to roll back the ball, and I know ball. Manufacturers have been testing out rolled back balls. I know that for a fact secret, I can’t tell you who, but I’ve I’ve seen it done anyways, so we’re gon na play some holes. We’Re gon na go full on out TS three Pro v1x and we’re gon na go old, Applewood cherry wood, I think, is out. I don’t know kind of wood persimmon whatever and a same ball Pro v1x both times we’ll see and I’ll show you the difference and we’ll talk about the pros and cons of doing something like this. It’S rock’ n’roll I’ll mash that one right down the middle can’t miss my TS three-way right. So I’m not gon na play it okay fix on their tea box or in from their tea box. A little embarrassing full fare way over to the right. So miss was ginormous, miss right, which I had to take some off of it, because I can go out of bounds with my drive. If I hit it really good in straight, so I had him play a high cut. It was a high cut. That’S for sure. Okay, um good news is northwestern Bhandar right down the middle of fairway same distance overall. How far right that way, so anyways no chip it up, go to the next hole par 5. So we can get here off Northwestern felt good. Didn’T it sound good on. If you could pick up the sound on them – and it was nice – a few things to take note of here – what is this 460cc head? Vs

I don’t even know 162 Sam look at the size difference. The height obviously is is different, much smaller profile here. The northwestern comes up to about here on the ts3, so the sweet spot is dramatically smaller the length goodnight it’s like four inches shorter. So something to note uh and it’s a it – it’s heavier the head. You really feel the weight of the head, which is cool. I like that superlight Dogman, you can whip this thing: graphite, shaft, steel shaft. If you could put the sound of this and this that’d be epic, it’s kind like an old muscle car, a Mustang versus you know today’s, like a Tesla one, you can’t hear there’s got it roaring. You know whatever v8. Here we go par-5, let’s launch ease. Hopefully we hit the fairway twice. You’D almost hit me with a ball. I didn’t yell, for I draw that’s good one, so good one to compare. Okay, I got both of these drives. Really well ts3. It’S 36 yards ahead of here. So this went. This went to 47 pretty good, and that would be what 82 84 some like that: pretty good uphill fairway fairway um, here’s what I do par 5! I got I’d have to 41 uphill to this well to 41 total, and what I’m gon na do is go drive off the deck north western style see how it performs that way. Nurse here we go. I’M assuming this is easier to hit off the deck then been mine, the TS Wolsey a little wind burner. I love it uh. I guess, if you have to keep it low, that’s the way to go. Let’S, let’s hit the TS when we’re off in the back and see what happens? I don’t normally do this but uh, but you know for you guys I’ll do it. Here we go ps3 off the deck and the bushes, it’s a brand new Pro v1. It found it right here there is good, lose it no probe, you one left behind the rule yeah just so you know it went about 200 yards 195 to here, okay, 50. Some yards left to the pin, see if we can now get another look another par 5, something we hit northwestern first after I hit this. If I hit this first, this thing goes in I mean it goes forever because the sweet spot so small, so you get good practice and then oh, my gosh, this thing went: I’ve been out drove myself by 50 or 60 yards that time, we’ll see. That’S just my guess, I think it’s far. It’S match that one. Let’S see! Okay, here’s my ball right here! I have 260 yards left to the flag, so my drive on this hole based on the yardage of the hole where we teed off, I hit it 264 yards. That’S pretty good. My ps3 Drive it’s 49 yards ahead, so 50 yards farther. Basically so that means I have 214 to the flag from there to 10 and subtract the wrong numbers up to 10. There 260. Here, it’s not the ball, that’s making the difference right now. It’S it’s! Definitely the club to drive off the deck again, snap-hook it hard. Okay: here’s what I’m gon na do, because I really like hitting my drives over 300 and well 310 yards without even trying, so I’m going northwestern first again, good man! Then, when I swung that thing it was just easy, as can be so I had an idea. What we’re gon na do is see how far or how much more swing speed I get. Okay, so I’ve got my swing. Caddy SC 200 plus link in the description below discount link for you. It’S in my bag, we’re on my back boom you’re gon na I’m gon na put this we’re gon na see how much club head speed I have with the northwestern and then after swinging it. How much more club head if I have more with my ts3 after the fact, so we go put this back here. Okay, it said it went to 85. I kind of pull hooked it and 105 club head speed. It’S pretty good for a wooden club. Mice, club at speed has been picking up and train it working I mean you could probably tell right whoa, 301 111 miles an hour, it’s six miles, an hour of club head speed and sixteen yards dude. I think I just found a new way to gain club head speed practice with a wooden club dude. That’S like one of the first times this thing’s registered over 300. For me, let’s go find him. Okay, this is the the Northwestern persimmon or wood, whatever kind of wood it is and then the other one. This is deep down. Here I mean up guys it’s a 300 yard drive for sure in the rough I don’t typically hit my driver. I don’t swing 111 miles an hour and you’ve seen in other videos, swing speed tests where i’m after ain’t giving it all. I got it’s like 105. 107. A few swings with the wood and then going to my you know composite head, my gosh 111. That’S crazy! I mean I’m just swinging smooth and I’m at 111. Let’S do it again to see what happens curious, good stuff. You know I get tons of questions of people asking me. How can I hit the center of the clubface? More often, I kind of make better ball contact. Well, this is your answer. Go to a garage sale, pick up one of these two of these bad boys and actually play with them. On course, don’t just practice with them go out and play with them and and play nine holes here and then switch and play nine holes with your driver and you will automatic you don’t have you don’t need a $ 100 lesson. You don’t need any tip or something like you’ll, just naturally learn how to hit the the ball better. More often, let your brain do it for you right and don’t even worry. If you hit bad shots with it, that’s not the point. The point is you’re learning. How to hit the sweet spot of a very small headed Club and that will translate into much much better driving if you hit that, if you even hit the wood, your contact with your driver is gon na, be pretty good. How about work cut out for me here, though? Alright, thanks for watching the video hope you like it. That’S uh just a little fun time, showing you the difference between the the ts3 and like an old wooden club and why you might want to play with one of these from time to time. It definitely will help your ball striking with this when you switch back over and you get a lot more club head speed as you go. So if you want to improve without like getting technical, this is your answer right right here. Okay, so stay tuned to the end, because we’re gon na do one more Drive and I’ll show you these difference in swing speeds with the SC 200 plus link below whatever, for you guys so stick around show you the difference. Till then love! You guys see you! The next video you

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