How much water should I drink a day? (in Hindi) पानी कितना पीना चाहिए एक दिन में ?

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Do you know that my parents always scold me that I don’t drink enough water. It is a different thing that they even don’t drink. but it’s essential to teach good things to children. and it is considered a good thing to drink lot of water. We have read in many places and recently it came in newspaper also. But did you know that if you drink excess water, more than you need then you may put your kidney and brain into trouble? And if you drink less than you need, then you may have many problems like Headache, dehydration and unconsciousness. And how much water is important for us you may have understood from the fact that without it we will die within few days. Some says 2 litres, some says 8 glass some, says this and that. But exactly how much water should we drink? More or less, but how much? To know this keep watching Aaj Ka Prashn Do you know that potato contains 80% of water. Spinach contains 90% and apples contain 84% and according to National Institute of Health Human beings had 60-75% of water in them.

Where, children’s body contains more water than the adults. So we are in deep water because our body works with the help of water. Whether keeping our body temperature to normal or delivering oxygen to the whole body. Digesting the food or excreting the waste without water nothing can happen. and as you know During the day a lot of water goes out of our body through sweat, urine or shit. Therefore we need to drink water daily Okay, but how much water? as water is so essential for our body so taking it in right quantity is also important. On one hand due to lack of water you may suffer from fatigue, headache, lack of concentration dryness of skin and unconsciousness likewise drinking excess water is harmful too.

It is very important for us to know that drinking excess water can put pressure in your kidney our blood and the fluid inside our cells started to get diluted And because of that lack of electrolytes happens and to replenish that excess water started to fill up in our cells and our cells started to swell up. and when the cells swell up in our brain then we had confusion, headache and other problems. Okay! but then how much water is perfect for drinking? How much water you should drink in 1 day depends on many factors. where do you live in a warmer or colder place. How is your daily routine, how is your diet? Because if you are running are doing exercise then you will be needing more water in comparison to a person sitting at home watching TV.

Along with that it also depends on the diet you had whole day. Because if you had fruits and vegetables in large quantity in your diet then you will be having more water from that. But you haven’t told how much we should drink in one day. Maybe you are waiting for a number, isn’t it? Like just tell us how much liters of water, How much glasses of water in one day. But I must tell you that I do not have that number to give it to you nor any scientist or any specialist have it. You must have heard from somewhere that you should drink 2 litres or 8 glasses of water in one day but there is no study exists to prove this and scientifically we cannot say it’s correct. The truth is there exists no magic formula for how much water you should drink in one day.

But one thing which can tell you correctly that how much water you should drink is your thirst. The funda of drinking water is very simple You should drink only when you feel thirsty. Then also you need some other prove then your urine is sufficient for that. The colour of your urine can tell you whether you need to drink more water or not. If the colour is on darker side then you need to drink a bit more water and if it is normal, then you don’t need to drink, it’s simple! But then also if you are feeling afraid about not drinking enough water then you can drink a glass of water extra, more than your thirst You don’t need to drink litres of water in order to make sure that you are drinking enough water in one day. So I hope that you have got your answers to this simple but important question. And if you have got it then you need to like this video and subscribe to this channel and if you feel that more people must know about this then share it with your friends and family members.

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