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Hello, viewers – you are welcome to Saliwal production in our video. Today We are going to show you how to calculate an acurate and reliable GPA using Microsoft Excel in all tertiary institutions. Gpa has always been the most trending story for student at the beginning of every timester Student always complain. My GPA fell from this. To that, and I don’t understand In this video we are going to provide you with the solution to calculating your GPA using Microsoft Excel. So sit back, relax and follow the tutorial. If you liked the video and find it helpful, Don’t forget to click on the red button below to get updates of our news. After launching Microsoft Excel You need to design our templates. In this case, our Template would include the name of the institution, The next faculty Department, Okay, so here we indicates the year and trimester. So we have year one trimester one. Then we have The credit hours The grade included in GPA trimester, GPA and cummulative. Okay, we have the courses for the first trimester IBS, 1, 0, 1, GEN, 107, now credit hours. This is 3, 3, 3 2, So the student had a plus for IBS B, plus the b, a c and d plus. So these are the information for this student. For a one trimester one now, let’s Do this, We copy this. We change these two Now trimester two the course codes. We have ESB 1:02 ESB faa, F-102, Gen 170. Now the credit hours have three Now the grade letters you have a B And B. Now we go to the third trimester

We copy this paste it here now we change this to three, So we have credit hours, 6. Okay, so now we are finished with the modules. Now we are going to begin with the real GPA calculation to do the real GPA calculation. You need to first spell out the grade and Grade point equivalence. We have the grade And grade point A plus, a B plus C plus C D plus D and Is adequate letters. Now we have via equivalence. A plus is five four point: five, 4.5, 3.5, 2.5 and Okay. Now we included in GPA, we are going to indicate what to include in the calculation of the GPA and what not to include we just type. Yes, then we copy it and Paste it. So it will it’s yes, so this means that whatever is here Should be accepted in the GPA calculation. We do the same thing and Then the same thing. Now, before we go into the calculation of the thermistor GPA, we need another two columns, That is a credit column And grade point Okay. So now we are going to determine the credit hours to be used in relation to these credit hours And then the equivalence of these letters. That’S the grade in the grade Point. So to do that we use the if function. Our equal sign, If included in GPA, is a yes Then Related to the credit hour, But if it is a no or if otherwise, it should be zero, it is going to now convicts What should be included in the GPA and the credit hours. We now apply this. Now we go to the calculation of the grade point. We are going to still use the if function. We say, if Included in DP, you say yes: Now we are going to use another function here called the vlookup, so you type V lookup. Now, look up for a plus in this two column. How many columns have we pick two? This should be false: You open bracket and blue. Then you close the Vlookup bracket And and if otherwise, zero. Now we multiply this by the credit hour this you enter now. It has calculated the Credits and grade point for you, so you apply this grade point to the rest. Now we are going to copy The same thing here and then paste it in the next trimester. Then we copy This here and paste it in the last trimester. So now we have our credits and then the grade point the credits and the equivalent grade point is what we are going to use to do. The calculation on the trimester GPA the formula for calculating the trimester GPA is the sum of the individual grade. Point multiplied by individual credit hours divided by the total credit hours, so We are going to take the formula our equal sign sum of individual grade point x, individual credits hour. Then we close divided by total. That is sum of the Credit hours that we close. So this gives us the trimester GPA now the first trimester GPA is equivalent to the cumulative GPA. So we are going to copy the same thing here and paste it in the cumulative GPA. So we copy the formula and Paste it here. This should be centered. Now you realize that The trimester GPA has a lot of asthma attack. Now We round it up to two decimal places round up, So this is the two decimal we do the same to this. That is it, so this is our first trimester GPA and our first trimester cumulative GPA. Now we do the same here now.

We copy this and Paste it here. We do the same thing Now with the second trimester cumulative GPA. If we copy the first trimester Cumulative GPA and paste it in a second trimester column, you realize that they are the same. It is applying the same formula. All for this To this, so now we expand the coverage you see when you double click on it. It will tell you the coverage, that is the number of cells it is covering. So we have to extend this number of cells to include the first trimester grade points and the first trimester Credit. So now the first trimester grade point starts with J 6, so we expand it in j 6. Now the second trimester is going to respond to. I 6, so we have pi 6. Now the total credit hours is also going to expand to high cells. So we have, I 6, never enter. You see that it has calculated the CGPA for us here Now. It is the same thing we are going to do for the final Trimester that is trimester two, so we copy this, Then we paste here. You realize that the trimester three is outrageous. That is because the range of Coverage is no yet sets, so we double click on it. Then you take the range that you wanted to cover. It has to cover, from the first trimester the beginning of first trimester up to the tech transistor. So now we change this to J6. Then we change this also to i6. Then cell here is also Extended to six. It is set that is given as the correct GPA. So this here represents the CGPA for the students at the end of the first year. This is going to be courage to the next year for GPA calculations. Now we have to format ourselves, So we hide these three cells, so you right-click, you come to hide, So this is all we have for you for DPS acquisition. If you liked this video – And you find it company, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more videos from sidewise production. Thank you very much for watching

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