How to calculate your GPA for admission in graduate programs in Canadian universities

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In this video, we will cover a topic that has been a source of a lot of frustration and questions for international students, and it is How to calculate the equivalence of your degree or grades to the Canadian Grades system To demonstrate the module to use to accurately Calculate the equivalence of your degree or grades, we will use as a very good example a Masters program in Animal Science at the University of Manitoba. The first step to take is to visit the website of the university you want to attend In this tutorial. We will use the university of Manitoba Once on the website. You visit the programs page and go through the requirements. You will see HERE. The University states, ALL STUDENTS APPLYING FOR A MASTERS DEGREE PROGRAM, MUST HAVE ATTAINED A MINIMUM GPA OF 3 B or equivalent in the last two full years, 60 credit hours of study. Now, if you are a student lets, say from Egypt, how will you know whether you have a GPA of 3 or more, As each country has its own specific grading system? Well, there are two options or ways to do this from the first option, which is to use services that are available like WORLD EDUCATION SERVICES WES. What these kinds of establishments or services provides students is that they actually take the information you supply or the information they request from you, and they will come back with all the sought after information. You want, like education, degree and grade equivalence in terms of the Canadian Grades system. The only thing, although a wonderful and helpful service to international students, is that it is a paid service, meaning that you will have to pay them to provide this service to you To show you how to go about using this service. Very briefly have a look at these four steps as they indicate what to do. You will go on line and a apply to WORLD EDUCATION SERVICES then supply all the required information they seek from you, and they will then verify all the academic records and data and prepare an official credential evaluation report, which they will then also send to the university. A lot of universities, if not all works directly with these types of services, to obtain the equivalence of international student grades, The other option you have to also obtain your grades or degree equivalence is to visit the website of the university of your choice. We will still use University of Manitoba as an example HERE on the page called INTERNATIONAL GPA CALCULATIONS. They have it wonderfully set up to make it easy and quick for international students to calculate their GPA in regards to the Canadian Grading system HERE at the top of the page, they also give a very good and comprehensive overview of how the GPA can be calculated. Although these pages are University of Manitoba specific, you will, by having a look here, be able to get. The idea of this is set up and more or less what you can expect in terms of equivalence of your degree or grades On their example scale. They use China as the country to calculate the equivalent, and you can see here that you need 85 to 89 percent to have your grades correspond with a B Remember now. This is for an international student from China. Just beneath this scale, they state how to calculate your GPA, and here you can see that a GPA of 3 is equivalent to a B Then also what they have done here is they put together this very, very helpful page for international students. It is possible here to choose your country and we are using Egypt as our example Here, then, you can see the Egyptian Grade Scale with percentages and their equivalents. This page is also to show you very Faculty dependant and also by the difficulty level of the field of study or subject of study. Here they indicate that if you are studying Sciences or Engineering, you would have 75 to 79 percent for a B And again just below here they show how to calculate your GPA. These universities of Manitoba pages are just a very good example, or way to get an idea of how all of this works, and it is totally free. Although this example and web pages are University of Manitoba specific, you will be able to use this as a roadmap or an example of how to go about getting to your grade equivalent. Regardless of the university you want to attend. All universities have a website with lots of help and also contact information. If you cannot seem to find the page or information, you need Hope that this tutorial was helpful and if you feel it was please share with your friends and fellow students and if you are not a STUDDYS member. Yet please vregister NOW to enable you to receive all new and helpful content You can register by visiting our website at www.studdys.com. You can also find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Studdys.

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