How to delete an unwanted blank page in Word (Microsoft Word 2007/2010/2013/2016)

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Hello and in this video we were to learn how to delete and unwanted blank page in work and in a lot of cases. Our unwanted blank page is also the last page in the document, and we don’t want that. So the most common solution is to press the Delete or backspace button, and normally that would solve a problem, but then sometimes we have a really really annoying document example. This is a very similar looking document, but no matter how many time I press, delete’ or backspace’, this too doesn’t go away. Why is that now? All this could probably be because there is some hidden formatting or some hidden symbol that prevents a blank page from going away and in order to find out what it is we can go to this. We can. Click on this button here show hide paragraph marks. Now we understand that in our case there is this page break at the end of the document, and that causes a problem, because whenever we insert a page break, what automatically assumes that there’s a new page following the page break. So this case we need to select that page break and then press the delete button and that’s it now. We have a more difficult page when, when we press the show in high marks, we can see that there’s nothing there, but still, no matter how many times we press, delete’ or backspace’, still the pressure doesn’t go white. Now, if you look closely there’s a table at the end of the document – and this is what causes the problem – because basically the rule for what table is that Word automatically inserts a new paragraph following every table. So, in our case, we need to click on that table, just cut it for now. Don’T worry insert some dummy text, so it fits all of what rules. Now we placed our table again deliver and one to deliver a meat ax and that’s it. Another solution is that we can select that paragraph mark go to font size and just put a really really small size, for example, one so that small fat size will make sure that the paragraph mark fits nicely within the same page as the table. And our problem is resolved.

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