How To Finally Get Rid Of Acne (& texture/acne scars/skin damage)

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Those days of leaving two strands of hair on the face are gone No longer have to think about covering acne I still have bangs so I have hair on my face But today I want to show my face Feel more confident now How to get rid of acne skin and acne marks Hi i’m taylor welcome back to my channel Most old fans know I’ve been fighting acne for most of my life I thought I wouldn’t get acne when I was 25 But I started to be trapped by adult acne again This acne is even worse than pimples Because they have pus acne Caused by hormonal imbalance I think this can be solved by regulating endocrine See a doctor blood test Hormone Test Change eating habits This is of course also a few major factors that change the skin condition But before I thought I couldn’t make any changes externally I was very wrong about this About three months ago I started to use products containing some substances in my daily cleaning Also give up products containing several substances The skin’s turning point is coming soon Although I saw the effect soon But there was no plan to make a video on this topic Because I told you too fast before and the skin deteriorated So this time I tried for three months I have passed three periods To see if hormonal changes will have any impact I am on a period This is generally the worst period of skin This is what my bare skin looks like now I still have two pimples on my mouth The official holiday came a few days ago Acne has started to get better Of course they still leave acne marks All pimples will grow even though I haven’t squeezed them Now basically all you can see are acne marks All acne marks, no acne still growing Left many red stamps New acne I can confidently say that my skin has never been better than it is now In the past seven years now is the best time for skin Only two acne that doesn’t hurt is a big improvement for me I can’t wait to share my tricks with you now Also because I need to tell other people about it Recently I have been experimenting with my husband to give him skin care at night Let him lie on the bed and I will give him a facial Explain the ingredients of the product and how it will affect his skin Finally, I asked him how he felt He enjoys the process He told me oh you are like a dermatologist now I just answer, I am…

Declare that I am not a dermatologist I can’t fight the dermatologist I am a very tired Very disappointed Very angry woman There is a mission to repair the skin Yes this is my destiny In this process, I have made different attempts and encountered different walls Skin is getting worse Till now finally see the light Tom came home from the company How is the skin condition Ah pretty good Very…soft and smooth Today’s video covers how I got rid of acne muscles Get rid of 95% of acne What skin care products should be used What products should never be used How to remove acne marks What changes should be made in life to make skin healthier The first step is to recognize what kind of acne belongs to So you can give the right measures Hormonal imbalance Fungal infection Bacterial infections Not caused by inflammation Irregular digestion system If your acne is fungal Looks like a bunch of small drum bags Should not be treated in a hormonal imbalance That doesn’t work It may be that the treatment of acne does not work because there is no right medicine Many solutions can cover many types of acne The second step is to add some important conservation elements There are 2 elements There are actually more elements that I want to show you today But if you want to summarize it into two Helped improve my skin That is salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide Salicylic acid is BHA Is a chemical exfoliation Exfoliating is very important for acne Because you want to ask old skin to welcome the new life Skin cells remodel every 30-60 days Chemical exfoliants can better help this step Do not use physical exfoliating products That will produce red blood on the skin Give bacteria a chance Make the skin even worse Remember to choose chemical exfoliation Salicylic acid can help you get rid of dead skin It can also penetrate into the skin to give more free space for oil It can also redden the face and even help restore fungal infections to the skin The second benzoyl peroxide can help remove bacteria from the skin How does acne form? For example, this is your pores Which stuck dead skin dust Bacteria are coming Skin starts to become inflamed So the acne occurred If you have a good helper, go in Help you remove oil Dead skin If there are bacteria The chance of getting acne is greatly reduced There are several points to note when using benzoyl peroxide If the acne is caused by a fungus, it will make the acne worse Use products containing benzoyl peroxide No allergenic substances Does not contain menthol or alcohol This will make the skin red Make the skin worse Now show you the product I am using Use a small amount at first These substances are in the lotion I took home from the dermatologist But the higher content will make my skin very dry This makes me no longer want to use Because it’s too dry to cover the cosmetics It’s very dry after makeup and it looks bad Looks better without acne I will stop using the ointment I use this It is salicylic acid which works better for me I still use their facial cleanser Contains 5% benzoyl peroxide When I use it, I only apply on the acne areas Won’t paint the whole face No need to use the rest So it is a product used in a specific location Or I know I will get acne soon And I know where it probably grows I will use it in advance for prevention These two can well remove substances that are not good for the skin Use once every night In addition to the above two, the anti-acne substance that can be used is vitamin A This is the main ingredient in Accutane This one has a high vitamin A content I tried Accutane twice Works for me in a short time But then the acne grew back I also have some side effects Joint pain and dry skin become sensitive And don’t use vitamin A for pregnancy Don’t use it during pregnancy I started looking for products to replace Vitamin A So I found this product bakuchiol The name is hard to pronounce I don’t know if I read it right Should be right This is vitamin A from nature Is plant extract It gives you the same response But not that strong It can help acne and plump the skin Remove fine lines Promote collagen formation As long as it can be done by dimension A It can also And no side effects The bakuchiol content you are looking for is 0.5-2% Content less than 0.5% has no effect This one contains 1% bakuchiol And olive squalene oil It is a good ingredient for hydrating Moisturizing is very important for acne It is good to use products with squalane after 30 years of age Because the body can produce squalane but the bigger it is, the less it produces Especially after 30 years old It is a lipid that nourishes the skin very well Combine with hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin better This brand is BYBI Sephora sells I will send out links to articles I have read Research shows bakuchiol Like vitamin A, it can nourish the skin Promote the formation of collagen It is even better than vitamin A in relieving the breakdown of collagen It can also sterilize well Now that you know what products are needed for acne Let’s see what products cannot be used To learn to see the ingredient list This is very important Then remember to avoid allergens The first one is alcohol Although the reputation of alcohol is not very good now In fact, alcohol is also divided into good and bad Good alcohol is fatty alcohol Cetearyl alcohol It may also be written as cetyl stearyl in the list These fatty alcohols are not allergenic and are good for the skin Even dry skin can be used The bad alcohol on the list is isopropanol Denatured ethanol Or just write ethanol This alcohol destroys the protective layer of the skin Reduce substances that make skin better Make oily skin oilier Make the skin redder Will also accelerate aging This is about products that I will never use again in the second half of my life That’s this Mario Badescu lotion I used to love it every day Sometimes used twice a day I will apply it after getting acne in the morning Apply for a while before makeup I regret very much It contains much alcohol If you look at the list, the first item is ethanol This means that most of this product is ethanol If you have seen or smelled this product, you know it is basically alcohol I hate its smell makes me want to retching Reminds me of the feeling of drinking strong alcohol I endure its smell because I thought it was good for the skin I think it’s a good product when I use it Because there is alcohol that can effectively deoil the skin The skin immediately disappeared and the skin looked better immediately But it also took away a lot of important substances Acne has broken the skin’s moisture The skin is broken You want to prevent further moisture loss Use it to make your acne dry The small results you can see right away are not worth it It will make the skin bigger More acne It also makes acne marks longer Aging Don’t use it Tell your sister and brother not to use it Tell everyone around you not to use it If you see someone who cares buy it…

Ah actually you shouldn’t let others buy it I don’t think I can stop myself from spreading it to others and say don’t use it Next another one… Can’t imagine Many Internet celebrities are pushing it I tried it before and liked it And huge-expensive Now I know that expensive skin care products are not necessarily good Many expensive products have many bad substances Don’t differentiate products by price Don’t worry about how others promote the most important thing to look at the list Dr. Barbara Sturm promotes this mask as an anti-acne mask Is a cleansing mask I used it continuously before It also contains ethanol This mask is not that bad because you will wash it off later I applied this and went to sleep Another thing to pay attention to is fragrance Not everyone has a bad reaction to fragrance If you have a bad reaction, you need to see before selling the product I have used this hand sanitizer before It has a bunch of fragrance substances It has lime oil, lemon oil, lavender oil Different floral essential oils Especially lavender needs attention Many fragrances are for cleaning purposes Wash hands with it before Also use it to wash makeup tools It’s a tool to knock your face down every day I also use this shower gel Acne on the back after a while Chest acne There are also small red spots on the legs It’s gone after not using it Linalool here This is why I want to use it Linalool can relax you So I thought it was good for the skin Especially when taking a bath at night to relax the nerves But it has a bad effect on the skin And a bit irritating I’m not saying that everyone will be allergic to it or have a bad experience If you have eczema or sensitive skin Or acne muscle And you use it every day, I use it twice a day I wash my hands more than twice and still use it Basically use it all day long Should consider replacing it And check the laundry detergent Check what fragrance is in the laundry detergent Because you sleep with a pillow every night The skin touches the cloth at night Okay so we let the acne stop growing I also throw away products that make skin worse for a long time Now there are acne marks on my face Stayed on the face for so long Let’s discuss how to quickly remove acne marks The best way to remove acne marks is time Skin like I mentioned before will regenerate over time You can make this faster Same as I mentioned before Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide work well They can remove dead skin well Speed ​​up the rate of rebirth Can go red Now it’s time to discuss the essence We know that the essence that is good for the skin is vitamin C It can brighten even skin tone You want to find products with L-ascorbic acid I like the drunk elephant serum with 15% L-Ascorbic Acid I will paint all over my face in the morning It also prevents UV rays from depleting the skin It is very important to apply sunscreen every day But it’s raining outside and still at home As long as there are windows and sunlight, they must be protected from UV Especially if you are still in the process of acid cleaning And you also have acne marks Sunlight will prolong the redness Let acne heal more slowly So remember to sunscreen every day Besides vitamin C, I also like niacinamide The ingredients are not so fresh But I only recently discovered It’s in Vitamin B It has too many benefits Remove salicylic acid I strongly recommend you to add it to your daily skin care list It can control sebum production That way you won’t get acne due to oil It also smoothes the skin Moisturize the skin Has anti-inflammatory effect Good neutralizer Anti-aging products This The Ordinary has 10% Niacinamide and 1% Zinc Zinc can help repair wounds very well So it’s also helpful for repairing acne marks No matter if you have acne or dry skin with fine lines Or uneven skin tone This is what you need to use It can also be combined with salicylic acid products Almost any product can be used with it Skin will regain elasticity with it Looks healthier The last cream I want to show you is AHA AHA can reduce dark spots and even fine lines Regenerate the skin It is also a chemical exfoliating product Is water based It gave me the smoothest skin since I was young My forehead and cheeks…

There are still many acne scars on the chin, the skin is not so smooth My nose, forehead and face are smooth and shiny All the credit for this product Once you apply it, you can feel it works I’m not kidding Must try You can feel your skin getting better as soon as you apply it The skin is still soft after getting up the next day The name of the product I used hits the screen One thing I want to mention is remember to check the product expiration time Even if it expires, it’s not useless It won’t be so effective The longer the time, the more useless The expiration time is not placed so obvious Sometimes you look around and don’t find it and think you can use it in your next life No, look at the back of the product Can see the logo of a small jar Numbers and letters written on it 6m is written on this This means an expiration period of 6 months after the product is opened This is 12 months This is also 12 months The next point I want to emphasize is your diet Observe carefully what you eat eat as good as possible for your skin I’m not talking about body shape I’m saying that it can bring energy to the skin best Foods that are good for nails and hair and good for the body Now I know if I eat a lot of sugar in a meal Whether it’s fructose or a lot of carbohydrate My skin will get worse I didn’t give up carbs completely I am following Keto’s diet which is not for everyone But I have hormonal problems like PCOS I feel better when I eat less carbs I occasionally eat rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa and other carbs I eat fruit too Eating less carbs is good for my skin Remember to drink enough water People persuade me to drink water after seeing your acne People in Asia love to say that I drink a lot of water every day Drink two liters a day You can find out without drinking enough water The skin can reflect that it’s not so good and not so vibrant More hydration to remove dehydrated substances Drink less caffeine I drink caffeine uncontrollably after working from home My husband keeps making coffee for me too.

This is one of his hobbies It’s not good to drink too much It’s also like life The person who drags you down prevents you from becoming rich and keeps him away from you Drink more water to see good results I feel that drinking water doesn’t match what I just said But I want to share something related to what I just said This is what I want to end the video Our repetitive behavior makes us, So excellence is not an act, It is a habit.

This sentence was said by Aristotle Do things that want lasting results will not be shown immediately I am impatient When things can’t be done, I start to retreat This is also the reason why you have to take it slowly Let the skin adapt to this change first Make sure to do one thing continuously This applies to all aspects of life Not just skin care What life looks like is what you do every day Rather than a life of achievement Be patient and gentle with the skin And the state of mind about the skin In the end, the skin still bears all for you every day It is the biggest organ in your body It protects your heart and other important organs Skin is not the most important thing in life I know it can affect every aspect of life Can make you feel less confident and sometimes annoying At the same time, it takes time to get things done To solve things, we need to combine internal and external Cosmetics are also your armor I also posted a video about how to cover acne I will put the video in the introduction This is today’s content I am very happy to share these with you today See you next video

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