How to Fix Pen Drive 16GB Becomes 2.28MB [SOLVED] Restore Pen Drive Capacity

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Hello and welcome to this video tutorial Today, I’m going to show you how to fix a pen drive which shows less capacity than the actual you can see, my pen drive is showing only 2.29MB, which is definitely not the actual capacity of the pen drive the 16gb pendrive somehow showing very less capacity I tried to format the pen drive But after formatting the pendrive, the result is Still the same the problem is still there you can see, 2.28MB free of 2.28MB So how to fix this problem? Let’s get started to fix the issue, First click on START and type diskpart together and press Enter the diskpart will open command prompt in command prompt, first type <list> space <disk> and press Enter Here, Disk 0, online, 465 GB is the hard disk and the Disk 1, online, 14 GB is the pen drive you will select the pen drive disk Type <select> space <disk> space <1> and press Enter the Disk 1 is now the selected disk Okay, now type <clean> and press Enter this will completely format the pen drive DiskPart succeeded in cleaning the disk now, we will create a primary partition on pen drive to create a primary partition type <create> space <partition> space <primary> and press Enter DiskPart succeeded in creating the specified partition, ok Now exit the command prompt.

Type <exit> and press Enter or you can close manually Now go to My Computer and see the pen drive status showing only fat, there is no space showing we have to format the pen drive first to make it usable Right click on the pen drive and click on Format Now you can see, the total capacity of the pen drive Let’s do a Quick Format Okay, after formatting, after format the Pen drive, you can see the actual and free space available in the pen drive format complete now see, 14.5 GB free of 14.5 GB, and it’s working fine Hit LIKE, if its helped Thank you.

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