How To Fold A Paper Airplane That Flies Out and Come back Boomrang Paper Plane XTT Ver 90

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Now you can find us on CH Play. First of all, open the CH Play app and can search for keywords like Boomerang plane, Boomerang XTT or XTT. Please watch the entire video Please watch the entire video to know more about how to play, Thank you. Be sure to click the subscribe button to get our video weekly and press the bell button to get the earliest video. Thank you! Here we will use 70gsm a5 size paper (width is 148 mm and length 210 mm) First we double the length of the paper Please adjust it correctly, This is one of the simplest templates It’s important to get it exactly right Here, we will fold the triangle like this so that the position below is 1 cm We turn over and fold similarly to the opposite side.

Adjustments for both sides balance Then we open and fold the bottom so that the new fold will touch the corner of this triangle We fold in like this. And the next step we fold similarly for the first step means that we also fold to create this bottom triangle and leave it 1 cm below this bottom. We turn over and fold the same Make sure the two sides overlap tightly. We turn over and fold the same We turn over and fold the same Next we open up. And fold up. We fold it back to the same position and adjust it so that both sides balance Ok, got it We will now create the wings by starting from the midpoint of the nose and ending at the tail so that this right angle is on the wing. This is one of the aircraft with the least number of folds We turn over and fold the same. Remember to make sure that the wings of the aircraft overlap.

Now I open and bend the tail of the plane, With this pattern, we make the tail a little curved. Then we adjust for the balance plane As a reminder, this time we will make the tail slightly less curved Ok, got it Now we can play it, Wish you success, See you again in the next video. 39 00:05:43,977 –> 00:00:00,000 Hello friends.

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