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Hey guys, it’s Katie and today is a brand new day, and I thought it would be really fun if I made my own starter for sourdough bread from scratch. Let’S call my friend Marissa, who makes bread for a living and she’s gon na help us figure this out. Let’S do it Hey hello? How are you I’m great first question: what is a starter, so a starter is just a mixture of flour and water and it’s what you’re eventually going to use 211 your sourdough breads. I use a mix of hundred grams of form. Water 50 grams whole wheat, flour, 50 grams, bread, flour, I’m gon na mix it up and cover it with a lid. Then I put a rubber band around the outside to mark movement, you’re looking for consistent rise and fall of the starter, let’s walk through like what that first week is like we’re gon na check in on the starter, I’m gon na take a look at it and I’M gon na see if there are any signs of fermentation, I’m looking for a sweet, funky smell, see if there are any air bubbles and if we’re seeing those bubbles, we know it’s time to give it feeding. If you still don’t see those signs, you can wait. Another day, the feeding is when we discard a lot of the starter from the container and we feed it fresh water and flour and that allows the colony of yeast to grow within new flour and water. Keep doing this process daily for about a week impossible that it could take a little longer, though, depending on your environment. This was super helpful Marissa, I’m gon na get to it, get in it. Awesome, I’m excited and check in with me during the week. Okay, things that up, I will check in with you. I am you know, I’ll need to bye. Okay, after talking with Marissa, I’m gon na start, my starter. First, I have a scale. This is just gon na help. You measure a lot of bread recipes are in as you can see, grams or ounces. A scale is awesome to have. I’Ve got a clear container that I’m gon na put it in tare this. So this goes to zero, and then I have some wheat flour and I have some bread, flour and some water [ Music ]. I’M gon na set this on my kitchen counter, because it’s pretty warm in my kitchen day one and done see you tomorrow. It looks like it rose like up just a tiny bit. Hmm, you guys can see those bubbles that are going on there so definitely have some life. It has a little bit of sweetness. I definitely think like Marissa said we should wait another day and check on it and we’ll see you tomorrow, yeah I just out of the shower, and I saw my starter and I’m pretty excited, take a look at it wow it’s so alive. It was pretty warm cuz I shot in my kitchen yesterday, so I think that really helped looking fine boy woah, all the bubbles. Those this is going strong Marissa said we need to discard almost all of it. We’Re gon na keep two tablespoons and I’m gon na give that a hundred grams of water and a hundred grams of flour, and then with the discard, you don’t have to throw it away. You can cap, it put it in the fridge, I’m going to use it for pancakes tomorrow morning, ah day, three done. Okay, it’s another morning and my starter has risen again, not quite as fluffy, but it looks like it came up. You can see that line right. There and they’re gon na shrunk back down and there is a lot more bubbles. Oh definitely, more sour smelling today still sweet. It’S got more sour in there, so I’m gon na discard all of this except two tablespoons again, I’m gon na add 100 grams of warm water, 100 grams of flour and I’m gon na make pancakes. With this discard and my discard from yesterday, whew [ Music, ] how’d, you get it more round. Chris, it’s filming my husband, hello, hey, oh yeah, all right Chris. No, I’m really good yeah. What are you worried good for you? No, no, really good! There might be more of like um about whole-wheat pancakes, they’re kind of more like that. It’S really good, I think they’re great it’s going, I’m checking in because it’s day five and I’m just not getting like a lot of movement on my starboard, and I don’t know if it’s because it’s so cold in my house right now, yeah, I think, like you – Could wait for a little bit more bubbles on the top? No signs of you talked about and then feed it. It will start to level out it’s still really new and young and like learning the process, okay, great all right! Well, I’ll just keep I’ll keep going I’ll, keep observing it; okay, all right, okay, so it’s day, seven, five and six. I just left this guy alone. Marissa said, if it’s not really writing that much, let it sit and do its thing before you feed it, but now today, on the seventh day, it has a lot more action going on, so I’m gon na discard most of it, especially because I let it sit For two days, and then I’m gon na feed it again a hundred grams of water and a hundred grams of flour, and then I think that we’re gon na have starter that I can make bread with like tomorrow. Hey everyone. I know I said I’d be checking in with Marissa tomorrow, but I just I had to show her my starter today because it basically doubled in size awesome just so. You know like day five and a six like not much was happening. There wasn’t many bubbles on top. Today I had all these funky bubbles. When I opened it up, then I fed it. I mean to me that sounds like you’re being intuitive, like we can say, feed every day, but those first few days like if you want to let it go a little longer to see a little more of those signs of funkiness before feeding sounds like you did. The right thing cuz look at it now right as long as you don’t see any like black mold. If it’s like a sludgy Brown black layer, that’s called hooch and you can like pour that out. But if it’s fuzzy at all black mold flu, unfortunately you might have to start over it, but it this is looking great. Let’S just try the float chest, get a cool cup of water and its food. Okay, I’ll be right back for the float test. You’Re gon na take a clean scoop of the starter and then you’re gon na put it into the water and when I say clean scoop, it’s just what you did we’re we’re trying not to like stir it up, because you want to see those bubbles. Oh, it’s so floating Marissa! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. I wish I could go sir. Oh, it’s just kind of fun to do, but I don’t waste my starter. What should we name this baby? You? The name Priscilla, came into my house Priscilla. I love Priscilla. This been definitely Priscilla. Do you think she’ll be ready to like mix and make a loaf like in a couple days yeah. I think we should give it a shot. Let’S say after you make that bread. You know you’re not gon na bake for a few weeks. What I would do next is feed your starter and then put it in the refrigerator. You can keep it there indefinitely just feed it once a week. Do a refresh so final question: if people watching wan na make bread, when should they feed their starter? If you want to mix your bread in the morning, you could feed it right before going to bed about eight hours. If you want to make dough in evenings, you could feed in the morning about any hour. You doesn’t need to make sure it passes the flow test where I said this was so helpful. Thank you so much, I’m so proud of myself and Priscilla. I hope you guys tried this at home. If I can do it, you definitely can do it and if you guys have any more baking questions hit. Marissa up at Baker, Bowie on Instagram and check out our bread. Making video when that comes out and make a loaf with us. Peace and hello peace and looks all right I’ll, see you later: [, Music ]. Oh yes, [, Music, ]! You

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