How To Make Delicious Coconut Milk From Fresh Coconut (coconut milk drink recipes)

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Hi and welcome to jivayogalive I’m Salome happy to have you here. I’M gon na show you in this video how to make coconut milk from fresh coconuts. You do only need two ingredients for our coconut milk. One is filtered water and, of course, a fresh coconut. If you do not have access to fresh coconuts, that’s no problem! Of course you can use shredded unsweetened, dried coconut, so the first step we’re going to do is we want to open our coconut? We want to cut it in pieces to prepare it to boil so either you have a fresh coconut already peeled. If it comes with the shell, you might have to use a hammer or any tool to crack it first open. If you use shredded coconut, you for sure can leave out that step because it’s already ready to put pour into your pot. So what I’m doing is just like to cut off the brown part if there’s like some hard parts, so my coconut milk still has the water in it, preferably you want to use that as well. What I’m doing I carefully cut a hole in here and then and pour in the water. So now I comfortably can cut open the whole coconut. The coconut is in the pot with the coconut water or, if you have shredded coconut, just without the coconut water and what I’m doing now is adding some filtered water. We are aiming to make like a liter of coconut milk, so I would add more or less four cups of water or 1 liter of filtered water. It doesn’t, it has to be super precise, the more water you add. Also, the thinner, the coconut milk will be now. I added 4 cups of water, the coconut is nice covered and we can bring it on to the stove and to boil turn it on on the highest setting and bring it to boil once the coconut is boiling. You just take it off the stove and turn turn it off. The next step, we’re pouring the boiled coconut with the coconut water into the blender. I am going to blend the coconut and the water now for around 5 minutes, a longer you blended, the better and the creamier. The coconut milk will be once you’re done. Blending make sure you have your ball and you’re, not back ready or if you don’t have a nut back, just use a normal shirt or a cloth cheesecloth, whatever works best for you and now just carefully, because it’s hot pour the whole mixture into that. You want to squeeze everything out of this nut bag. It’S super hot, so you might want to give a few minutes to let it cool off. I would not completely let it cool off cool enough that you can touch it like that. It’S still warm the more you get out the creamier, it will be so and what you’re, having left here, the pulp? What I’m doing is, I put it in a baking tray like spread it out nicely and then to bake it for a little while on the low temperature that they’re not gon na get burned, and I’m using it then for, like my smoothies, my breakfast or you Can use it for baking all kind of things you can do and now, with the finish coconut milk, you can pour into your glass jar carefully right now. You know how to make this delicious coconut milk. What I have here in my jar and it tastes so good, and I tell you the bestest – enjoy it fresh. The first day is for sure it’s so fresh, it’s so rich in flavors, but as well. You can store it in the fridge for three to five days. Just always close it good with a lid, don’t leave it leave it. Opening the fridge, this coconut milk, of course you can just enjoy it. How it is natural, pure or you can use it for use it for plenty of recipes. I can enjoy my coconut milk now and see you soon next time. Thank you and namaste. If you enjoyed today’s video, make sure hit the thumbs up and tribe to our channel and, of course, click that notification bell, so you don’t miss any of our videos. Hope to see you next time: namaste.

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