How to Make Lavash & Refika’s Epic Hammered Beef Recipe Together!

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Today, I would like to cook with you not one but two great recipes. The first one is something you’ve been asking for so long is the lavash, thin bread that’s easily bendable and you can use it like a spoon, you can use it as a wrap whatever you wrap or spoon with becomes amazing also because of the bread and it’s so easy to do i made it so simple you won’t believe it and it’s something you can do momentarily. Second one is my invention and if one day you come to istanbul unannounced and say Refika, i’m here or we meet on the doorway of the atelier fifty percent – sixty percent probability that we are going to cook this dish together why it’s really easy to prepare, ingredients are easy to find and it’s amazingly delicious and we can do it together in five to ten minutes.

This recipe consists of thin carpaccio like meat which is marinated in an amazing way and on top of it there’s this melting cheese which together with the meat’s juices in the pan becomes amazing in five minutes. First i would like to start with the meat. I want to marinate it so that the meat gets even tastier and to do that i start with a teaspoon of colored pepper but it could be black pepper, if you have thin black pepper it’s okay and i’m going to use a mortar here.

What i do, i make a mixture of the black pepper actually red one, green ones and white ones are different stages of black pepper same pepper and different kind of drying green and red ones are shock dry the white ones are watered and dried and the outside the wrinkly skin is taken off but all together when it’s combined, it has like the red and green have more fruity tastes. The taste and the bitterness becomes very very mind-blowing. I have four garlic cloves together with a bit of salt teaspoon of salt not heap, i have two sprigs of rosemary these are like more full if you have the store-bought ones use three. What i do i never cut the rosemary leaves well i found out that if you cut it with a knife the bitterness becomes higher, what i do i take all the leaves like this some of it i leave it on the side so i’ll use it as a topping and now i beat this rosemary about 20 times. Now i need a medium for it to be transferred so that’s the olive oil so about six tablespoons of olive oil.

Now we have a great tasty mixture here but for it to get into the meat as soon as possible and to make it to tenderize me, to make it softer i need another medium and that’s vinegar and i have two tablespoons of white wine vinegar but you can use any vinegar when white wine is a bit tastier so almost done one final thing, i want a bit of hotness; red peppers are like kicks you and then pulls it back.

Kicks you like this and then you get that feeling and then everything’s fine. So i add it here, use one and a half if you have a problem with the hotness you can decrease and i leave some on the side to put on top the rest gets in and the seeds goes to the bank to be planted now we have this incredibly tasty mixture. Here we have 400 grams of fillet steak and this would be great for four people. ı have taken this from the butcher as a whole and put this on the freezer before we started to shoot like half an hour why i want to cut it thinly and i don’t want it to be like jiggling around. I have a sharp knife and i’ll find this part is better straight so i would like to cut it like this. Thinly, but it should be very thinly sliced usually butchers wouldn’t want to do that. Now, we have all the pieces and some of them are thin some of them are thicker because it’s like the final part and it’s not easy to cut.

I normally don’t like using any more plastic in the kitchen but for this recipe i kind of need it and i’m cutting one edge and also this part. You could but because you beat it the moist of the meat gets into the paper and after two three uses it’s not well anymore. I put this one like this in the middle and like beat it like this not like this but like sliding, hitting and sliding, hitting and sliding so the first one comes what we do take a plate, add some of the mixture to the bottom, some of the olive oil so that it won’t stick put the meat in and add some sauce now because there’s the vinegar the redness is going to brown a bit it’s so tasty you can even eat it like this after half an hour. If you don’t have this beating tool what you can do take a pan which is like heavy at the bottom and you can use it to hit it like this watch your hands for this one.

It’s not very easy to do but it works, until now what we’re trying to do is like carpaccio but it’s going to be different in a while this mixture you can use it in many things it makes everything great. Now, i have these small leftovers usually in tv shows in most of the videos you never get to see these leftovers but in life in real life we all do get these. So i’m also going to use them i have collected them all here and put this plastic again and hit them want to why do i have to use plastic by the way like not just use it this directly because we’re making it so thin, if it’s on the wood or on the metal it sticks and i don’t want to lose its water as well so this is the best way.

So here you go, we have great meat small like something like this becomes so big like this. We have to make sure that both sides of each piece every meat gets its share from the sauce this will stay around like say 10 to 15 minutes until i make the bread but we need a small break to make the bread. Now i’m going to use 250 grams of flour in it, i’m going to put 125 milliliters of water to the middle. I’m not going to add it all together add the olive oil two tablespoons and one teaspoon of salt, so i’m going to add water step by step. By doing this what i did normally the dough becomes really sticky in your hands but this way it doesn’t. I added slowly and i didn’t put my hand until it gets into a certain amount of consistency.

I’ve been kneading for about six minutes seven minutes. First it seems as if the flour wouldn’t get inside but it does and when it cleans the surface like this it means it is done now i’m making round patties. Normally, lavash we call it lavash, yufka more in Turkish is the ancestor of bread even before the sourdough when the wheat was grinded and mixed with water it’s what’s there and in Anatolia, when i was small from my father’s village my grandfather would send us grandma would send us yufkas like this round things on top of each other because like once they make it and they make it as the whole village and put somewhere and use it all year long. It doesn’t go because you dry it. When you put one on top of each other it’s still like a semi-dried lavash, you take it out you put some water and it comes back to life and you use it. It’s the spoon of Anatolia, they would eat it that way like they would have this big sitting in the village tables and on the ground and there would be lavashes, thin yufkas and then let’s say the pilav would come and then maybe if it’s a like a Bayram or something religious holiday or something, some meat what watery meat not like dried like steaks like something with has a lot of garlic onions and etc so what you do the yufkas, the lavashes at the bottom will be wet. Everyone from their side will pick up a piece have some pilav, have some meat and eat it that way.

I have five patties like this, i’m going to let them sit for five minutes. At that time, what should we cook it with is going to be the cast iron which we make our kebabs and burgers and etc but we’re not going to use the inside but we’re going to use the bottom like this. Why the cast iron gets really hot well doesn’t get cool very easily and i can still arrange the fire but you say Refika i don’t have cast iron so i cannot make lavash, no, what we can do two other options i have. One is my fancy enamelware pan instead of this you can use this one and use this surface but the difference is the enamelware gets really hot fast and cools down fast so adjusting the heat will be a little harder. Something which would be rather easier but not as easy as the cast iron would be some stainless steel which has a thick bottom so you can use these as well.

Anyways i put it on the highest heat. Now this is going to warm up and i’m going to make the patties, i put not so much a little bit of flour and i start to roll it and because this is a hard dough i need to push a little but not too much if i push it too much it won’t be as round. So slowly roll the pin on the dough and then flip it and rotate it 90 degrees. Now after i open it for a while and what i’m going to do like pizza, i want to expand it a little more. It is very easy to do. You want to try put it on your hands and tilt it like this and while you’re doing this have a bit of pull.

Faster faster.. But you’re poking fingers too much. Now it’s longer so can you feel it with your hands this is elongating it now do this from scratch Yes yes this is yes yes… The first one in french there’s a saying that the first script would always burn so the first one might not be so great. From what i see, I believe it’s very hot now so i turned it a bit less why, it’s suddenly brown before cooking the rest of the places.

For example these sites might not seem to you as if it’s cooked but think about the tortillas that are sold these are all just this color. It’s already cooked and it’s already wel,l so no worries for the first time people, it’s really nice. Now do the round thing it’s going to make it rounder and mine is also ready. Now when it’s all ready like this guys ow uh i’m going to put a bit of butter. We don’t need to.. Now Bahar you can go and ah before you put it sorry sorry.. each time we need a damp clothes to clean because you know if there’s a bit of flour, there will be blacknesses on. Now you’re so good you don’t have any flour but yes.. Once you put it don’t touch it until it leaves itself from the pan but don’t put butter when it’s on there the milk on the butter is going to burn on the stove. Turn it again it’s done, you don’t need to butter it, if you don’t want butter you don’t need to..

Okay. This helps like an insulator to keep the moist a little longer. The most important part is to arrange the heat and to arrange the heat actually i want to show you these two breads that i made yesterday. When the heat is not high, what it becomes it doesn’t become like this fluffy but rather a hard bread because until it cooks, it takes all this moist out and it becomes a cranky one like this.

When it’s too hot these bubbles become black before the other places have time to mature so those bubbles totally burn and become something like this. This is what happens, when it’s too hot. This is what happens, when it’s too cold. Now here comes the fun part on top of the meat, i need a melting cheese and in Turkey we have something called kolot, it’s an extension of kashar, kashkawal what it is is it’s young cheese which can melt and elongate well you can use mozzarella, different kind of cheeses that you can use that is good for the toasts and melting you can use various kinds what i want to show you is my little Refika technique for cutting thin nice pieces of cheese. 200 grams of cheese is ready and here i have my pan, this episode became more about like actually understanding pans and this is a copper pen the difference between the cast iron and the copper is actually it’s directly it’s opposites what it happens is it’s one of the best conductors so the pan gets really hot very easily and really cold when you turn it down. That’s what i want because my meat is very thin, it will cook very fast but if it’s like a cast iron or big thick bottom, stainless steel, it’s going to get cool in a long time so my meat will be overcooked so enamelware, copper, if not aluminum could do.

I turn on the heat after now i have to be really fast, i put some olive oil make sure that olive oil is distributed everywhere, i start to put my meat as you can see it’s already browning because of the vinegar. So very fast i’m putting all these so if you come, we’re gonna do this together. So i’m filling all these places, all the goodnesses here i don’t want to lose any of it after the first one which is this one that you put you finish all putting all of them in. I turn the first one around some of them are really thin, so they’re already cooked on even the other side as well. If you like medium medium rare you don’t even have to turn the meat and i’m putting all the cheese on top very fast and do you remember the rosemaries and the red peppers i add and finally a bit of black pepper, fresh and the lid here it goes.

One. It’s probably done, i turn it off like if you have the guests like don’t open it, don’t have a look open it in front of them in the middle of the table. The lavashes are here as well, if we’re ready three two one oh and it’s sizzling like this, here comes the lavash everyone does this.

If you don’t dip it and if you don’t get the water that the meat is inside the dish still.. It is this thing.. Is it your turn my turn is it your turn? Because you’ll get hot and yeah burn your mouth that’s why okay.. For you guys i’m eating it. Every time so good you get the smell of the rosemarry, each taste opens one by one. Don’t be ashamed when you do this even though you don’t do lavash please clean the plate with some kind of bread or something. Take good care both of us love you so much also Murat who does the editing.

We all love you guys very much ,thank you for supporting us, please support us more by sharing this video by pressing like so that we can continue thank you for everything bye!!.

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