How to make wooden spoons, from tree to spoon for beginners.

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In this video I will show you my process how I went straight from wood from a tree to a spoon. I think these spoons have a really nice finish. For these spoons I used food oils to varnish them. For this one I used hazelnut oil. For this spoon I used I used virgin olive oil. I definitely prefer the finish of the hazelnut oil, as it is darker rand brings out the grain of the wood. *cutting parallel to the trunk to make planks* This is a side view of what the wood looks like. So here’s the trunk of wood and it’s assembled in layers. These two middle parts are the parts I’ll be using to make the spoon, they don’t have to be perfectly flat. So here is my template I’ve cut this out of paper. I’ll leave the link to the file in the description box below. First of all I’m going to place this on the wood that I’ve cut and then I’m going to drawaround the outside. I’m going to use a electric jigsaw to go around the edge and outline the cut.

* cutting noise* The next thing I’ve done is used a saw and just gone along the edge to make the handle a lot thinner. This will make it easier to grip with the hand. The next step is I’m going to continue to gouge out the bowl of the spoon. For gougingout spoon I’m going to use this curved gouge and the mallet. all I’m gonna do is And repeat this until I’ve got shape that I want. For the next step I will be sanding the spoon. When using a power sander I’d recommend wearing a face mask to protect yourself from all the sawdust that’s produced Then I’m just gonna sand it.

In this step I am going to oil the spoon. First of all I’m using some extra virgin olive oil. it could be any type of oil. I’m using kitchen towel here. once you’ve finished putting on the oil the next step is to take as much off as you can with another piece of tissue this is what the Finished spoon looks like. Thanks for watching if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel Creative Fleurie. .

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