How to Play Spoons 2 – types of musical spoons (Spoon Lady)

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Okay, so a lot of people have asked exactly what kinds of spoons it is I play, and so I figured I would talk a little bit about the different kinds of spoons that there are and what it is. I use and kind of go from there, and so I brought out a handful of different things here. These are cat paws and in Canada. Spoons are actually more connected like this little Russian spoon, scum cleaning is actually pretty popular in Russia. I personally have here: is some wooden spoons a little bit different now, if you can hear my bacon cooking in the background there, so here we go see. These are the spoons that I play. These are just straight metal, steel, spoons and they’re, pretty heavy. I, like heavy spoons cuz, it makes weight and gives it momentum by itself, but they sound nice and clear, but they sound better after I’ve played them for a while. These are brand-new spoon see these are the exact same spoons [, Music ]. So you can see where I played it and it’s kind of flattened out a little bit. My best advice is to find spoons that are have a little bit of weight to them and get them so that they fit in your palm well-well-well. Like this. That way, you can get that suction make those pops. Now the tape I’m using, I just use a regular old tape. This is um. I think this is actually rifle tape here. A little camouflage people came over. This is athletic tape, kneeler tape and put a link in the description and I’ll upload in another video. How exactly it is? I wrap my spoon handles here. Maybe I could do that later this afternoon or tomorrow kind of go from there. These are the rhythm bones, we’ll talk about those in a totally different video and maybe even [ Music ]

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