How To Play Spoons 4 – the gallop (Spoon Lady)

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– [Woman] So this time I figured maybe I would show you a cool little trick called the gallop, and it’s pretty simple. You got your spoons in your hand like I showed. And then it’s like this. That eventually turns into. Steves Off the couch asks, Abby are those teaspoons or table spoons? And do you bend them into a certain shape? Thanks. And these are actually serving spoons here. I find spoons that fit into the palm of my hand real well. So yeah, it just kind of depends on how big your hands are. I kind of got big hands and so this kind of works out.

And I like slightly heavier spoons. It’s just up to you and what works for you. And all spoons have different sounds. Maybe you like different spoons for different songs. And these, yeah I do bend them into a certain shape. I try to get them so that the bulbs kind of touch in a certain way. You can kind of see that here. So yeah, I do, I do bend them into a certain shape and here is my shape. So thanks a lot for listening and hanging out with me.

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