How to Renew Passport in Dubai WAFI Mall VFS Online 2020 | Book an Appointment using Mobile Phone!

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Guys, you are in this video to learn how to book an online appointment for your Philippine passport renewal at VFS Global WAFI Mall, this is a step-by-step guide using your mobile phone only Welcome back guys and welcome to our new viewers, like and subscribe now Let’s start, open Firefox browser and visit VFS Global website, link included in the description below, click the online application form click renew passport [Music] [Music] [Music] fill out your surname and date of birth and passport number [Music] fill out your passport date of issue click Next and wait for the page to load waiting is a game! Fill out your gender and status enter country of birth, fill out your province or city, fill out your acquisition of PH citizenship, fill out your father’s name [Music] [Music] and mother’s name click next fill out your Dubai mobile number and your valid email address and location in Dubai [Music] [Music] fill out the contact person and your address in the Philippines click next review your details and check the Terms and conditions, click Submit and open your PDF print and sign your document [Music] Return to VFS Global website and enter your email Id in passport renewal attach your document form and include your preferred date and time they will reply with the earliest slots available by email when you get your email confirmation, prepare your payment [Music] and other documents required on their website, do not put make up on and lipstick [Music] [Music] for more questions, please comment and we will try to resolve it if you have other video requests, let us know thanks for watching this video like and subscribe to Pinoy in Dubai channel

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