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[, music ] we’re going to talk about getting your passport, so a little bit of history, don’t like over dump. If you guys are ever interested, let me know, but just for this purpose I grew up. I was born in the States, Shady Grove Maryland and then I moved no. I didn’t move then, on the 99th day so like that I was born so like three months later I flew to China and then I flew back like after two months stayed here for a little bit. Flew back to China stayed like a year and then flew back to the States and then a stayed for a little like a year or two and then flew back to China until I stayed there until I was like five and a half and then came back Here for school, and then I went back to China first grade summer fifth grade summer eighth grade summer, I think eighth grade. I went alone one of the years. I went alone yeah and then, as for like traveling around the world, I haven’t been to too many places. I don’t really travel like for traveling, like I love traveling, but not for vacation and stuff. No, I love traveling. I never went for vacation and stuff. I love I love traveling for vacation. What am I talking about? I’M awake, I swear. I think I’ve renewed my passport, the max amount of times, if you think about it. So when you’re born you can register and I got Passport and then you get it renewed. Every five years from that point on so I was about one – is five: ten fifteen kinda, that’s the idea. So I’ve had three and then you can renew it for ten years after you’re legal. So I think it’s eighteen then on you can renew it. Every 10 years, so that would be like you’re, 18. 28. 38. That type of thing, so it’s not too accurate. I don’t think, but that’s like the general idea – and I think I can find so basically right now. It’S the COVID 19 situation and for some weird reason before I knew that I was going to school abroad. I was like okay, you know, I don’t wan na say I’m very independent, but I do everything on my own, so I have to figure stuff out and then I was like shoot. Maybe I should renew my passport, because what, if I just wan na travel randomly like during the summer alone, just somewhere so March, I’ve wanted to do that, like I’ve always wanted to do that, but starting like January 2020. That was like on my list to do like list of stuff to do, but I was always so busy until finally like in March, I got like some breathing room, so I decided to renew like March around the 16th or something and then no like 12 March 11Th or 12th and then the 16th I like it, went through and the cut-off date was on the 19th before they shut down all the services. Unfortunately, I still haven’t gotten it back yet and it’s about almost July, but we’ll get it soon. So we’ll see how things go and what I’m thinking right now is, if I get everything before in time, I’ll be able to insert and then, if not I’ll, make an update video because I just don’t I don’t wan na wait anymore, it’s been so long. I will definitely help people throughout the process, but we’ll see how it goes and then let me find my old old passport, so my first one after they. What do you call it? They give you the new one. They punch holes in the old one, but I don’t know if I want to show this. My baby picture is so not okay like like look at this look at this. It’S not okay. I don’t know, I don’t know. I look like a little okay and this one’s not even signed above it there’s a place for you to sign it, but not valid until signed. Well, your girl could say anything at 1 year old, 2 months old ha. I don’t know so. This one is super cute and then they give you pages this used to be, I think, the old version, because it looks a little bit different, so the inside looks slightly different than the ones that I have now. So I think this was right before they changed everything up, but this one has 24 pages. I think maybe they added now. I know you know you cannot get a 28 or like 52 or something, but I’m assuming because people traveled more after that they changed it. But this is the first one I have like one stamp or two in here, so not a lot and then the second one that I got it’s a lot: thicker, oh and then yeah. They have this thing in the front. Now like a little patchy thing. That says the stuff like I’ve seen that on on my other one too, and then my pictures are always very concerning, like I don’t really understand but yeah. So this is my other one, this one I didn’t sign either. Why o true, when you’re like six, you still don’t sign stuff ya? No, what was I thinking yeah? My first sign was the other one. So I’m going to go through the process. Oh yeah, this is my photo. It doesn’t look very nice, this one. She, the lady, was talking to me and then she accidentally drew on it and she was like. Oh no, so glad we had two, but it was 15 bucks to take photos at the passport place. So you might want to get your own. The reason I did it at the passport place was because I did not have time I can’t really drive around and so I to walk there. So I was like okay, I don’t want to go, get my photo taken in another place plus. I was like what, if the dimensions are wrong, so I was like I’ll just take it at the passport place my place had it, you can check on the website. You can check out the website and then you can put that link and everything all linked below. You can figure out where you want to go. Some places have a place where you just walk in you don’t have to schedule. Some places have like a photo option. Some places don’t but two photos for 15 bucks is not a not a steal, so try to get your own photo, but that was what I chose to do and then I save everything. This is my major files thing that I plan on carrying abroad. This is what I did: okay yeah. Also, you have to get a check like what am I trying to say you have to give the people a check for your payment. Now I had ordered a check not too long before that, but it didn’t arrive yet, and so I was like shoot, but you have another choice and it’s a money order. I have not like realized how behind we are, especially now that I’m going to Shanghai, which is so ahead, like I don’t know what people think about China in general, but China’s so far ahead technology, wise everything wise, especially in the cities. There are places it’s rural, China that aren’t really you know with the pace but Shanghai, where I’m going. It’S all the way up there and we still use money orders. We still use checks, I’m like oh great, you know whatever you want to and so money orders. If you don’t know it’s you can it’s a way to ensure that your money is going directly to the to those whoever is receiving it, and you have to pay to what do you call it like get a money order, but it’s not a lot of money. It’S like a little bit of payment to send money over. Essentially they have a give you a little receipt. I don’t know if you can see anything might have to blur, but that’s what it looks like customers, receipt from the United States, Postal Service, yeah. I’Ve put everything in a little envelope just to make sure I don’t lose anything, they give you a receipt and then okay. This is what happened. So if you don’t know anymore, you can register online at this address to book your appointment, if you’re going somewhere to that needs an appointment booked and it’s not just a walk-in and the post office that I had in mind was across from my school. So I realized that was the closest one I could walk to and I called them like about three days in a row and no nobody answered, and then they were like call this number and I called that number a bunch of times. Basically, when I went there and I walked there the day before I went – I think it was on the 11th. They told me that they didn’t have a phone anymore like they don’t use a phone. Anyone they just don’t have a phone, so you would not have gotten anybody on the line because they don’t use a phone. So I was like okay and then she was like. Oh so you have to fill out this form. So I already filled everything online, which I suggest you do, that just fill it out and then print it out, but they didn’t. They gave me an actual form and I was like I just filled everything out. They’Re, like okay, then just go ahead on this website and book an appointment, so I booked the appointment for the next day, so I was like I’m ready to get this over with I’m so glad. I did that because that was the last day. They were like pretty much accepting stuff and you go there. It takes 15 minutes, so you go there. You give them the form, give them information. I went back into the place to take a photo. They come out, they fill everything out. You pay and then check to see if, like some stuff stuff stuff and then that’s all you have to do, it takes 15 minutes super smooth. Now, that’s if you’re not a walk in and there’s not a lot of people now. The thing I’m really worried about is right now, because it COVID everything is up in the air and right now, so today, essentially their website a few days ago. They pushed out their formula for like the next, however many months and they’re having three stages. So it’s like first page second stage third stage how many workers are going back to work essentially, and so it’s gon na be slow. They’Re gon na first push out everything here. That’S why they’re like? Oh, you should not try to apply for passports, we’re just not gon na get there. Now, if you’re, watching this and COVID’s over, then this is all you have to do. You just have to fill out your form online I’ll, show you and then you could check your status and get updates. I’M didn’t get the updates because I didn’t want emails, I’m a really busy person. So I don’t like emails or calls or mail that just piles me up so really really fun um, but you just fill out your name, your social security, all of your contact information, and so you have to have a photo. That’S 2×2. So if you’re too lazy to go check the website, it’s too 2×2 by the way, so you just get a photo and that’s it. And then you can choose whether you want a passport book, a passport card or both and the passport book are these. And so, if you’re going international, you need the book for card, you can just go like into to what you call it between States and the thing that’s making people get this more now is because it used to be okay to just have your driver’s license, but Recently they pushed on the idea that you can’t be using your driver’s license. You need two official travel thing and I think that’s why a lot of people are getting the card. The thing about the the travel restriction thing with the you can’t use your license is right now because of COVID they’re okay, so you can still travel, but I think in the future, you might need your your card. To be honest, I don’t understand I just just get this book because you can use this anywhere unless you lose it, try not lose it. So that’s the thing you can get a regular book or a large book. The large one has 50 pages. So it’s more and the reason I chose to get that one was because I know that I have a traveling a lot now that I’m going to school and everything it’s just more convenient, especially since it’s a 10-year period now it’s gon na be really thick. So maybe just get a regular one if you, if you’ve, never really traveled just get a regular one just make sense, but just in case for me you can always add more pages. So if you end up using more, then you can go to them and add more pages. It’S not a big issue. Now with that there’s two pages and you fill out more information and parents information. I actually didn’t even fill out an information for one, my parents. It was fine she’s like oh you’re, legal whatever, so if you have a really chill person, I love that that person I wish I took a video like she’s, the best um yeah and then, along with that, you have to have your. I guess things that show that you are a person. What do you call those identification documents? I was like I don’t even know and on the website it gives you these are options, so you can bring your ID so your driver’s license. I brought my permit. You can bring your your old passport book. I had that about that you can bring your Social Security card. Without that I had a bunch of copies of stuff. I even photocopy my school ID just in case, and those are all things that you can use. So you always want to make photocopies of stuff just to have extra copies, which is really nice. You can also use your birth certificate. I took a few copies of that some other things. So for me, I think I only used the birth certificate, the passport and my ID, and that was totally fine. Those are things most, people have essentially they’re giving you options, and it’s not gon na be only X Y & Z, yeah, but that’s how I applied and I’ll insert stuff on there. It was. It was not a hassle. I know the next up is gon na, be me applying for a visa. So when I figure that stuff out we’re gon na make an updated video, but it was super fun, definitely applying ahead of time. That’S what I learned I was like you got. Ta apply ahead of time. I hope I’m not forgetting anything, but I just wanted to show people that it’s actually a really simple process. You just have to fill out the form, bring your information and then they give you all that, and then you wait on it. They’Re gon na mail, it to you accept it it’s COVID, 19, it’s all good! So that’s all! I have ask questions as always, whatever you’re going through, whatever you’re reaching for remember, good luck and have fun.

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