How To Start In Self Defense – Jocko Willink & Tim Kennedy

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If a non-fighter wants to learn physical self-defense where and how can they start first of all in your head, stop calling yourself a non-fighter whatever that is every bore every dude that comes out of the vagina and, in my opinion, has the capability to be a fighter. If he just so chooses to be – and i think every dude is a fighter so first turn the switch on stop being a pussy. All right, sorry go ahead. No, that’s! Actually a factual information yeah the eyes! Our eyes are in the front of our head right now: the top or the side – yeah they’re, not on the side over here we’re watching out for the attacker, we’re the predator yeah. So you’re you are correct. I can’t see right right here. I can’t even see. What’S right here turn my head, so yeah, that’s! Okay! That’S good start with the mindset where you’re going from there um so you’re asking the question. It’S really to me just a choice, anything’s better than nothing and then of the whatever that anything is then there’s degrees of better there’s. I don’t think there’s like a right or wrong. You know you could do krav maga. You could do muay thai! You can box. You can do jiu jitsu hill crossfit has self-defense now, but anything is better than nothing, but then the degrees of what that is get. You know, i think, a little bit better. For me, the foundational martial arts are always the best to start wrestling boxing muay thai chuchitsu. You know you you step up against a guy that has a little bit of knowledge in any one of those they’re a pain in the ass and let alone, if he has a little bit in all of them or he’s really good at one of them. Just kiss your ass goodbye, you’re, going to sleep, yeah, yeah, you’ve, you’ve heard me say the same exact thing. Actually yeah jiu-jitsu, i always say start with jiu jitsu uh. The reason is, you already have a natural defense for someone trying to strike you, and that is run away. You know if someone say if you’re coming at me and you you got a knife or whatever i’m gon na run from you yeah, it’s okay, it’s defense! I’M being defensive, i’m running away from you that sucks! No! No i’m saying like if somebody came. Oh i’m 100 agreeing with you. I was like hey bro. Give me your wallet. I was like got ta catch me first, yeah exactly exactly unless you have something that travels a few. The only reason you have to defend yourself is, if i grab ahold of you and now you’ve got to know how to grapple some kind of grapple right. You got to be able to get out of that, and so that’s why i say start with jiu jitsu and then for me boxing only because i think it’s easier to learn than muay thai and you want to learn a little bit of basic striking and then Muay thai and wrestling i mean you can just get start getting into them too, but there’s the the beautiful thing is in america right now. There’S all these places to train there’s a jiu jitsu school in every city. Every corner i mean i live in san diego. So i guess it’s actually completely out of control here i could have taken you on a tour of like 74, totally legit uh, jiu jitsu places in san diego, and now they all have muay thai. They all have boxing. I mean everyone’s doing everything, and so what do you think about like the self-defense oriented martial arts? So would you be talking about like krav maga yeah? I think those are good augments. So i i think, once you have a base of jiu jitsu boxing wrestling and muay thai, then i think cool now learn some krav maga, because they’re gon na start looking at weapons, they’re gon na start looking at knives. I think it’s good, but i think from the beginning. I would rather invest my time in the the big four yep 100 agree: get the foundational pillars right right. You can build anything you want on that.

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