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Hi I’m Roger Wakefield, LEED AP, The Expert Plumber. Today we’re talking about closet augers. One of these is a closet auger, one of them isn’t. Come back and I’m gonna show you how to use them and why you should know how and we’re gonna do it right now. Okay guys I’ve got two augers in my hand this one is the closet auger, this is actually a urinal auger. As you see it’s got a smaller cable, it’s shorter, this is made for literally cleaning out the trap in the urinal.

This is one you probably want to have at home because cleaning out your toilet with the closet auger can save you several hundred dollars. Now this closet auger is brand new, so I’m not worried about putting my hands on it. But you’ve got two different parts here you’ve got your handle and your shaft over here, but then this is the bulb that is actually the sewer cable that’s gonna go down into the toilet. So whenever you’ve got a clogged toilet, if your water levels full, be real careful you may want to put towels around and things like that because as you put this in and move this around you may cause that water level to move and I don’t want you to mess up your floor or mess it up any more than it really already is.

So the first thing you want to do on a closet auger is reach up and pull the handle up because you want that cable right down at the very end because whenever you put it in you want to make sure that the head of that snake goes back in because you want it to go up and then through the p-trap and then all the way down into the drain to try to clear out as much as you can. Now as you can see this toilet is not really mounted, there’s no water in it or anything like that and it’s actually mounted to the top of this steel table so I can’t push this cable all the way in, but what I’m going to show you is what you want to do is as you’re pushing this in you want to grab this up here and spin this around and as you push down you’re going to keep spinning that cable by hand and pushing it all the way down.

Now the good thing that I like about this rigid cable, as you can see it’s six feet long so what that means is although I have three feet sticking out of the bottom of it you can actually pull it up press on this extender right here and now as you’re pushing in you can go even further and now I’ve actually added three extra feet of cable to my closet auger. So I can go all the way down through the lead bend into the sanitary tee and maybe even down towards the bottom of the stack a little bit. Six feet of cable going in from the toilet is actually a pretty good distance to go in. Whenever you get ready to pull it back out, bring it up here in the toilet reach down and remember once you’re working on this when it’s been in the toilet you probably want to wear rubber gloves. Press on that button and stick that shaft down. Slide it all the way in till it locks once it locks.

You’ll see the pin again, put it in and remember the towels on the floor, this is gonna have water in it. Any water that was in your bowl is gonna be in here. Fold it up, lock it up, put a towel under it, carry it outside and let it dry out. Guys a closet auger is a great thing to have. This can literally go further down, it’s gonna break up a solid that may be a plunger may not break up and the thing that I like about this new rigid closet auger is you can unscrew the handle and there’s actually a shaft there that you can put a drill motor on it. So once you get it all the way in there if you really want to clean it out good, a drill motor will actually increase your RPMs on it and sometimes these things are really awkward to rotate depending on where you have them at. Guys I really like the closet auger, I love having them around the house, anytime there’s a serious stoppage this can normally take care of it as long as it’s just your toilet.

If you’re starting to get water back up over in your shower or bathtub the blockage may be further down, it could even be your whole main but what you want to do is keep an eye on it. If it’s just your toilet, chances are with a plunger used the right way or a closet auger used the right way you might be able to take care of it yourself and save you some money. Guys if you like these videos please click on the subscribe button, leave a comment below, let us know what you think, let us know if you’ve got a closet auger and if you use it. My name is Roger Wakefield with Texas Green Plumbing, saving you money one drop at a time..

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