How to win friends and influence people | Tom Hagerman + Friends | TEDxMileHigh

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Translator: sann tint Reviewer: Myo Aung (Music) Thank you thank you very much. Part of the problem with being me You should complain. Although I have no problem There has never been a band. You are sitting in the park for whatever reason No child wants to play together I want to be a middle-aged man. (Laughter) But I’m lucky to have friends Tom Hagerman and I decided to make friends. Because I think this is very good I have friends It’s good to be there. But I always wanted to do one of two things So we all went backstage and played Yahtzee Drinking orange juice. Otherwise, burn a ton of pot. Listening to the side project of The Grateful Dead and playing Benjote. We do not do anything. (Laughter) But I have friends; It is good to have. I want to introduce you. (Applause) Evan Shelton is a violinist. Jeanie Schroder wind instrument; Summer Rhodes is a violinist. Emily Maeda plays the piano.

Takanori Sugishita is a violinist. (Applause) Thank you very much. I’m going to play some more music and get out of here. Thank you (Music) (Music ends) (Applause) (Voices) Then the song was originally written We have a big ballet dance company called Wonderbound. They donated a musical instrument to be played by 13 stringed instruments. What about the four-party model of the last movement? This is called “lust”. The whole thing is based on the seven great sins. About a wedding The duck dance. Like a Seinfeld story written by Jean Paul Sartre. (Laughter) So this is the last movement of the four-stringed force. Thank you (Music) (Music ends) (Applause) (Applause) Thank you for attending. TED members; Thank you for inviting all of you and your volunteers here. What a delight! Thank you for doing this.

(Applause) (Applause) (Music) (Music ends) (Applause) (Applause) .

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