How to Write a Letter: The Best Snail Mail Supplies

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Before Zoom, email, or instant messaging, writing letters by hand was how we communicated with loved ones far away. While the internet has made communication more convenient, the leisurely pace of “snail mail” makes it more personal and thoughtful. In this video, we’ll show you our favorite supplies to spruce up your letters. What You Need Letter writing papers come in a variety of different sizes, colors, sheet styles, and even paper weights. Think about what writing instruments you like to use — if you’re a fountain pen user, it’s best to use smooth paper that can handle ink, like this one from Life. It comes with a sheet of pink blotting paper, so your writing doesn’t transfer.

Envelopes come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, so make sure to check that you can mail it. If you’re in the US, your envelope must be rectangular, bigger than 3.5 inches by 5 inches, smaller than 6.125 inches by 11.5 inches, and no more than a quarter inch thick. Once you put the letter inside the envelope, it must not weigh more than 1 ounce or you’ll have to add additional stamps. Guidelines vary from country to county. Be sure to check the requirements to ensure that your letter makes it to its destination. Specially paired letter sets take the guesswork out of matching paper with envelopes.

JetPens carries a variety of cute and sophisticated designs, like this Midori Animal Letter Set, or the Pilot Letter Pad that you can pair with these Pilot Envelopes. If you want to send snail mail, but don’t want to write a whole page of text, postcards or greeting cards are the perfect solution. We especially like coloring postcards: they make your correspondence extra personal without saying a word.

These Pepin postcards come in beautiful designs for you to color. You can use any of your favorite pens; just make sure they work with your paper of choice. We especially enjoy using colored fine-tip markers, like the Zebra Clickart or Uni Emott to give letters more personality. Fountain pens also let you play with a variety of ink colors and finishes. To secure envelopes with a vintage touch, use traditional wax seals; your recipient will definitely be impressed. For a demonstration on how to use sealing waxes, click the card above. We recommend using supple sealing wax — it’s less brittle, so can take a beating and still arrive intact. Please note that in the US, envelopes with wax seals cannot be sorted by machine, so they’ll cost extra to mail. Your snail mail arsenal can also include some charming and practical supplies. Washi tapes, stickers, and special edition postage stamps are fun details to add to your letter. A glue pen or tape runner makes it easy to attach embellishments or photographs, and it’s convenient to have a cute letter opener on hand once your penpal writes back! How to Write a L etter There are three main parts in a letter: a greeting, body, and closing words.

Before starting your letter, write the date in the top right or left corner of your paper. Then write your greeting and the recipient’s name. You can’t go wrong with “dear” or “hello,” but feel free to express yourself in a different way. Now you can write the most important part of your letter: the actual content. If you’re giving an update on your life, make sure to be specific. “This weekend my brother and I tried new pastry recipes” is more enjoyable to read than “I had a nice weekend.” You can talk about anything: maybe your thoughts on a book or movie, or a successful recipe you made recently.

Add doodles, stickers, or washi tape to decorate your letter. Not only is it more fun, it gives a personal touch to your letter. You can even include small gifts like the tea you’ve been enjoying or stickers! Just make sure to check how much your letter weighs as you may have to pay extra postage. Towards the end of your letter, ask questions or give your friend a prompt to start a dialogue. You can find snail mail prompts online and use them to inspire yourself too. Finally, close your letter with a sign off and your name. How to Mail a Letter Now it’s time to mail your letter! Fold up the letter and insert it into the envelope. Envelopes should be addressed on the center front, with a return address in the upper left corner. To keep your writing straight, use a ruler and draw in guidelines with a pencil. Use a dark, bold ink to write addresses; we recommend the Ohto Fude Ball, a pigmented water-resistant rollerball pen that writes smoothly. If you want to add an extra creative touch, you can draw on the envelope with colored pencils, gel pens, or markers.

Finally, buy stamps online or from your local post office and place as many as necessary in the top right corner of your letter. Then drop off your letter in a postbox and wait for your penpal to respond. Be sure to check out JetPens to shop more beautiful stationery, pens, and more. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time!.

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