HOW2: How to Make a Paper Airplane

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– Attention fruit lovers. This is your pilot speaking. We’re in for a bumpy ride ’cause I don’t know how to fly this thing! (evil laughter) – All right, give me that. – Aw. I didn’t even get to do my bang impression (laughter) – Hey everyone! Pear and Orange here with another episode of How2. – We’re really winging it today ’cause this episode is both aeronautical and aero-radical! (laughter) – That’s right ’cause today we’re gonna show you how to make a paper airplane.

– Whoa boy! Buckle your seat belts and pull up the straps for me bubs ’cause this ain’t gonna be easy! – It isn’t? – Step one for designing an airplane. Get out your calculator ’cause it’s gonna take a lot of math. – Hmm carry the one, lift force minus the square root of g. Air velocity times wind resistance gives us. – Orange, Orange, can I interrupt you for just one second? – (sighs) Okay, wow. You totally wrecked my train of thought but okay. – I don’t think they’re asking how to make an actual airplane. – Well duh! They’re asking how to make an airplane out of paper.

(whiteboard marker squeaks) Which is way harder! – So if you’ll excuse me, I have to beautiful mind this sucker. – What? – Carry the one fart propulsion divided by (gibberish) – Yeah, yeah, yeah, Orange? – What? – I’m sorry but I don’t think that’s what asking either. I think they wanna know how to make this. (paper wrinkles) A paper airplane. (glass breaking) – (laughs) They wanna know how to make that? (bounce) – Yeah. – (laughs) Why would they be asking about that? – [Orange] Step one: fold some paper. Step 2: chuck it at your teacher. – There you go, that’s an awfully short video. Don’t you think? – Well, sure but. – Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for step 2.

More math! – Oh brother. – Square root of Sir Issac Newton divided by 2 trains traveling toward each other hey! – (evil laughter) – Would you stop goofing around, Pear? I’m doing equations so complex my mind could explode at any moment. – Oh really? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure I just heard you mention the square root of Sir Issac Newton. (grunts) – Ow! Hey! You stop that right now or I’m sending you to the principal’s office! – (sighs) – Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for step 3.

Even more math! Carry the one, negative infinity times negative 0 divided by the factor of trigonometry. – (grunts) – Ignore Pear. Carry the one. – Ignore Pear. Be careful not to think so hard your brain explodes. Ignore Pear. Carry the 5. Ignore the pain in your forehead. Keep thinking. Carry the 1. Nine apples gives you 7 gives the square root of the square root of the (gibberish) – Um, Orange? – Not now Pear. I’m at the cusp of a breakthrough! (stretching) – Um but your head! – My head is awash with brilliant mathematical thoughts, Pear. I have no time for your nonsense. – But. – No buts! Wait yes, buts! Buts is the key to everything. Carry the one multiply by buts 9 buts take away 7 buts and that gives the square but of buts well boom! I’ve done it! – I think boom it right, dude! – Huh? (explosion) [Orange And Pear] Ah! (upbeat music).

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