HOW2: How to Unclog a Toilet!

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(Orange screaming) – The toilet is clogged! Run! – Orange, calm down. A clogged toilet isn’t that big of a deal. – But-but- – Seriously, we can handle it. – But-but-but- – Orange, relax. You’re in luck ’cause today I’m showing everyone How 2 Unclog A Toilet! – Well, okay then. Whatever you say, Pear. I’m ready to take the plunge.

(Orange laughs) – Grr, gimme that! – Aww, come one, can you blame me? Finally, it’s a chance for some toilet humor around here. (Orange laughs) – Argh. Step one is to try and prevent the clog in the first place. That means be careful with what you flush down there, toys, trash- – Sticks of TNT. – Uh, weirdly specific, but yes. Great example of something not to flush down a toilet. – That’s like I always say, “if you flush TNT down the the toilet, urine trouble.” (Orange laughs) – Yeah, delightful. Now, if you fail to prevent a clog, it’s on to step two. – Plunger time! – That’s right. Place the end of the plunger into the toilet. Form an airtight seal in order to- – Let me at that thing! Where you at, clog? Huh? – Orange? Orange, you’re using the wrong end. – Show yourself, clog, ooh-hah. Who turned out the lights? (Orange laughs) – Uh, look, I didn’t come into the Toilet Unclogging episode with high expectations, but somehow we’ve managed to fall short of that.

– Hey, Pear, look. I’m Poo-nocchio. (Orange laughs) – Gross. Anyway, if the plunger proves too difficult, it’s time for step three. Call the plumber. – Step aside. Professional at work, people. – Wow, can I just say I love that you’re a plumber who’s a plum? – Why do you love that? – I dunno, ’cause it’s funny? – Oh, it’s funny that I have to get called in here and recover whatever blasted thing you got stuck in these pipes? – Hey, hey buddy, just take it easy. – It’s okay, Pear. He’s right. I did get a blasted thing stuck in these pipes. – Yo, what the-? (all scream) (explosion) (upbeat music).

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