I Tried Sleeping 3 Hours A Night (For A Week)

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I hate my relationship to sleep. I sleep an average of eight to nine hours. I still have that feeling of taking a nap every day. Why am i still sleeping I’m wasting the time of my life most likely. If you sleep, like me, means you sleep in a continuous cycle, only interrupted by bathroom use or cat screaming. Our sleep type schedules become different, that separate that continuous phase of sleep into multiple phases. This is “ Everyman Sleep, Cycle” three hours of nighttime sleep, followed by three 20-minute naps during the day, which is equivalent to less than half of the normal modesty of each day. The theory is that if you divide your sleep cycles, it allows you to feel more alert and rest with much less sleep. I wonder if you could survive this sleep schedule for a full week Attention the following experiment is for me. I want to see how I react to sleep deprivation and I want to see if a polyphysical sleep cycle can be beneficial for my mental and productive health. This is a simple personal experiment and I want to share the results. Night 1 begins night 1 of “ Everyman Sleep Cyle”. Let’S do it. I think the most challenging part of all this is to be going to bed on time and fall asleep on time. I’Ll try my best to close my eyes using my phone and we’ll just try to deviate you. Naturally, I’m ready i’m pumping. It’S almost 1:00 a.m.

And I have to put the gun down at 4:00 a.m. it’s three hours to sleep, that’s impious, so i think this is where i close my eyes and fall asleep, see you in the morning. I guess I’m a little nervous that I can’t sleep. Why do I have that problem, or sometimes I can’t fall asleep? I’M not sure what happened that morning, but don’t get up It’s 9 a.m. 5 hours after I was supposed to get up. I do not know what happened. Everything was fine. I went to bed on time. Currently I have managed to sleep on time day: 1 man the first day, but my initial failure showed me that this was not just a simple worthwhile experiment on sleep, but rather a test of my perseverance and personal motivation. See you tonight, let’s try it again and it will work fine, let’s do this for real. I just have to commit. I just have to do it without committing myself. Ok, here we go. We have three hours and if I don’t don’t talk to me anymore, Why else will I fail Goodnight Day 1? I’D like to give myself a round of applause, I got up. I look well rested and behold I managed to wake up my weak little body. After only three hours of sleep I got up before the sun, that’s a rarity and i felt good really good. I feel good, i’m never awake so early, i’m alone outside And about that. I feel very out of my elements Is very pretty seeing the sunrise is not something I usually do, because I’m never awake to do it. I think that, if anything, the conclusion of this whole experience of watching the sunrise, it was all worth it to me. Well, I have about three hours until my first scheduled nap and i must say, i’m not really tired, maybe in a couple of hours, i’m wanting to rest, but i guess i’ll live my life and quarantine normally everyday. So, in terms of productivity, a little sleep, I would say that during the first day I think my body went into some kind of survival mode until i need a nap All good, I’m ready for my first nap. That’S what I’m going to my first nap, see you in 20 minutes wish me luck. I don’t feel renewed. I don’t feel rejuvenated. I don’t feel ready to continue. I do not know what I did wrong At first. That made me feel like absolute garbage, but when i started to wake up, i felt good. I didn’t finish needing my second nap and then I went straight to the third. I just didn’t feel good, but they worked two of the full day. So today was a successful day, i would say: yes was existing, and so it will be until tomorrow, I’m getting ahead of myself getting up tomorrow and, I would say, …

This is night 2 I’ll go to bed, yeah Goodnight see you in three hours Day 2 Good Morning I can’t believe that I just woke up It’s a very early morning I feel like getting up at 4:00 am every day I will firmly need a goal or objective to get out of bed and these last two days my goal has been sunrise Without that goal, I don’t know if I would be able to get to bed on that successful day. I felt better than ever I had a lot of energy and everywhere I was inspired by life I even fell asleep on a rock I’m not sure how that was possible if the siesta stunk each of them but an hour or good after every nap I had that wave or that happiness, inspiration Just the feeling of love to life Something I haven’t felt in a long time To be honest I feel so good! I feel incredible! So I can say I thought day two was easier than day 1 In the last 48 hours I slept seven hours and 20 minutes more or less, it is a few minutes It’s at least two hours less than you would normally sleep at night I don’t know where I’m getting energy from I must say I’m a little nervous for tomorrow because I read that the third day was the most difficult It’s hump day I’ll just stand and do my best Good night! So brightly and early in the morning I will pray for a frank wave of energy ok sorry Good night Day 3 Day three, officially things started to get difficult for me I’m not in a good mood this morning I can’t stop thinking about going to bed And I don’t want a 20 minute nap okay I want a full night to sleep I’m dead yeah! It’s a cool sunrise My energy was dropping and so was I I thought about taking my second nap but it was 10:00 am and I was ready two hours ago I need another awakening, after each nap it was physically painful to stay awake In general being awake was physically painful That was not funny at all I found something that can help me if I stay actively yes i am standing I can’t fall asleep if I keep doing jumping jacks I kinda fucked up for taking two of the naps this morning and now i have six hours so i can take the next Song of day three !!! The effect I have for getting up in three hours is that it is impious they only want to sleep three hours Good night Day 4 Friend this can’t be healthy When you only sleep three hours a day, it only remains to wait for the days what I say is that there is a lot of time I just got up from my second nap to take the third Right here and right now with no one to stop me I’ve survived the entire day currently This is the most exciting of this day This day will be hard My eyes are burning I don’t know how they’re working right now This is torture, one more torture of this long day I really don’t feel good I think I’ve hit rock bottom I am a person who needs a lot of sleep Day 6 Something changed in me on day six I went crazy, irritable Irritable because I decided this I was definitely on the end of so much dream it is so nice Just having a good night’s sleep feels good and today I’ll just be hitting my face and splashing water in my face to keep awake The point now is that I don’t know what I want to do now I don’t want to take my nap because later I will have to get up and that will be painful This is much more difficult than I thought it would be It is a way more physically painful than I imagined I’m not okay with sleep deprivation Maybe i’m just playing I’m in a little dramatic game But after a while of not getting enough sleep I’m weak I’d just say I don’t like the way I feel In my second half of the day I did not get up I guess it’s safe to say that even though I was close Fail So I just slept like four or five hours I am disappointed that I ended up failing in this challenge But I also think I got good information on how to work personally and how i deal with lack of sleep It’s not funny So, get all the good out of this First things first, I confirm the consensus that I love to sleep Second, it showed me how bad I am sleeping But overall it showed me that yes, I can stay alive I don’t think the Polly Physical Sleep Schedue is for me It doesn’t mean they don’t work for me I don’t think so, but I enjoyed the rush I had after my naps So in the end I’ll take more of that but for now I don’t mind sleeping 89 hours a night The overtime was nice, the sunrise is beautiful but for me esenia I am a lover of sleep Even if I spend half my life unconscious I will try to be as happy as possible fully living my dreams bye

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