Is Your Grip RIGHT? Learn How To Mouse And Keyboard In 3 NEW UNIQUE WAYS Like A PRO!

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-Tsm TSM TSM, [, Narrator, ], Three professional players: Three completely different ways of using equipment. We will discuss the pros and cons And various ways to help you improve the game. This is “. How do you use the mouse and keyboard ?” Offered by Logitech G Achieved? Is currently TSMs Rainbow Six Team Captain One of the most respected professional players on the scene He likes to hold the mouse in a very unique way: [ Announcer ]. He is not completely in combat, But he can shoot No support from teammates. What is that Achieved? Is almost running out, he still needs nitro -I am Achieved. I play professional TSM Is the captain and rover of the Rainbow Six team? My grip is a bit weird, Mainly grasp with fingers, But its a bit like an overstretched finger grip. So I hold the mouse very high. I use my fingers to grasp because this is My long habit. I never played PC before I never played it as a kid. I only started playing in the last two or three years, So every time you switch, I didn’t actually notice Grip and the way others use it Just go with the flow Slowly became my habit. In fact, this time I tried to grasp with the palm Relaxed finger grip. My palm is actually Slide all the way to my mouse like this, Instead of overstretching like now, I’m still not used to Totally not suitable. For me, Logitech G Pro Wireless really helped Its shape is really comfortable to hold No problem at all, Especially because my fingers will overlap No discomfort on the front of the mouse. I found that some mice are uncomfortable to use, But Logitech G Pro Wireless will not. I, like my grip, mainly because there is no resistance. There is no resistance, like my forearm, Because it’s a bit elevated And the back of my palm doesn’t touch the ground, Won’t pull it back here at all. So whenever I aim, I just keep Free movement, The disadvantage is, I can’t pick up the mouse and move quickly Like many other players. Since I hold the mouse very front, I can’t think of picking up. The mouse Can be picked up quickly and completely. If i wan na turn around Just like doing quick movements, I have a hard time picking up the mouse, Then click around. This is why I play resistance A little faster than ordinary players. Speaking of using the wrist and arm to move the mouse, I prefer to mix the two I like to use my arm, But also commonly used on the wrist. I make small movements with my wrist. I use my forearm for big moves Or turn around and so on For Logitech G Pro Wireless. Actually, there are mouse buttons on the left and right, Because this is a smart mouse, But I personally dont use both. Obviously, because I hold the mouse with my right hand, I have buttons on the left. In my opinion, I dont actually think Just because of the comfortable grip Is your best grip “. Obviously, because I think you should Try various grips to see which grip Best for you, But comfort is definitely a good thing, Especially if this is what you already know Best grip. So I definitely want to experience more and see. What’S there Best for you, [ Narrator ], The outstanding veteran in the arena. Geometrics rushed into R6 with flip killing skills and calm attitude. The shooter also uses the mouse in a unique way. [ Announcer ] There is a factory Geo, has found another one. One left Hello, Im Geometrics from TSM R6S and I play Power Invasion. I basically use the mouse button to tilt Because I’m used to it the fastest When I switch from Xbox Instead of Q and E in the end Still depends on personal preference, But I prefer to use the mouse buttons instead of Q and E. Honestly, I might have The best action in the game Just be able to tilt and move at the same time If you tilt with Q and E Or in general, Basically use the left hand tool. Obviously, the one you used for the keyboard, Unless you really have good muscle memory And put it down, otherwise, it will be difficult to move anything And tilt everything if it makes sense, People will obviously stop moving or lean quickly, But for me I can move on And keep tilting as the mouse button, So i would say action Like at a completely different level If using mouse buttons For the grip, I basically use the palm, So I basically just hold it as it is. I think my little finger will rest Until I need to tilt and then tilt again instead of holding. This is how I hold the mouse and tilt it. Tilt is really important in the game Used to quickly investigate all content, such as information collection. So i would say If you can’t use your thumb At least I can use my thumb correctly, Most mechanics in R Six. As far as the mouse is concerned, obviously I think its just Being able to aim is really important, Especially in FPS games. Like I said, I try to use different grips. I recently tried what I call the praying mantis method Kind of like Matt’s way, But like this, Instead of doing like him, Like, I just said it’s really great, But I had to change the button binding. But i just want to say Just do what you can do on it like optimization. What is it called Keyboard and mouse will help. I want to say that Logitech G Pro Wireless helped me a lot. I can master it and it’s really easy to use, Especially the thumb Ergonomics is quite good. I basically like it. It boils down to preferences, But I would definitely recommend I personally think wireless will be a bit difficult, But obviously because of the use of professional wireless technology. Honestly, this is amazing, I would say the best is No need to worry about wires. Obviously, you still need to charge. This stuff will be charged in two seconds very good [ Announcer ], But the descrambler is set. Now Geo is lying on the floor. He is getting all the information Those flanking drones are inside Geo with 3K nvKEG is dead. The last living is Mo Sit behind the printer Geo waiting for peak. He found He keeps firing. He killed the alibi, [ Narrator ] Fortnite player in memory Into our hearts. This young gun may show an angry side at first, But he matured a lot when playing games The way he uses the keyboard is obvious: how’s everyone I am Slappie. I play TSM’s Fortnite For Fortnite. I usually try not to WASD buttons, so I can have better actions, But I use Q and Z with my ring finger And those must take off from A These are the only things i have to do, But for the rest X I use the thumb. F C, V, B and M Use my thumb Even I I use it all the way for my inventory, Its better, because if Im on the flat keyboard, I have to move a little farther to use. I know that many people use the keyboard flat, But I think this is the disadvantage, Because I can use more keys more easily. I think if the keyboard is placed vertically, My thumb can move all the way down To the end of the keyboard Like here. But if you place it horizontally, you have to move more. You have to release your finger Like below the keyboard, So in my opinion, it is not easy to do One. I havent seen many professional players use. The special key binding actually has under my desk Foot pedal used in Fortnite to tie double action. If you dont know in the game, This is a new skill that everyone is learning how to do Like a double action tie. If you hold down A and another key At the same time, it can be moved there faster Or like D, and another key will move there faster. I really like the Logitech G Pro keyboard, Because the buttons feel really good. I really like the raised touch of the buttons And the spacing between the keys Won’t make me feel cramped, But not too far, So its easy to find the key I want. I usually hold the mouse with my palm Because my hands are smaller, So it’s easier for me. I also use, for example, This button is used in Fortnite editing, So i have to I like holding the mouse very much, So I can press that button smoothly. [ Narrator ], So whether its trying to hold The angle of your button, binding or equipment, Keep playing the game and find new ways to improve the game. If this video is helpful, please send us Subscribe by like If you want to watch more videos like this. Please let us know in the comments below What other techniques or unique styles. Do you want to explore? Oh my God, Oh my God, -You are crazy-Wow. -You are so bad-look again -I want to show to my grandchildren

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