Kitchen Tip: How to Cook Quinoa

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[Music Playing] Aloha everyone! My name is Andrea. We’re here at the Down to Earth Kapolei kitchen… And today, we’re going to show you how to make Quinoa. Quinoa is a popular grain. It’s super nutritious… It’s a complete protein. It’s gluten-free… Which is very good for a lot of us. And it’s versatile and easy to cook. It’s easy to incorporate in many different ways into your diet. This is what dried Quinoa looks like… You can find it in two locations in our store. In our bulk department… Where you can buy just as much or just as little as you need. You can also find it in packages in the rice isle.

After measuring out your Quinoa… You want to rinse it in a fine sieve… To rinse off any residue that’s on the outside. To cook your Quinoa… You need to bring one and a half cups of water… To a rolling boil. Once your water is boiling… You can add one cup of rinsed Quinoa into your pot. You may want to use a spatula… To scoop it out of the sieve…

As some of the Quinoa might be a little bit sticky from being wet. Once your Quinoa is in the pot… Give it a quick stir… Cover it… Bring it back up to a boil… And bring it to a low temperature… And let it simmer for ten minutes… As the Quinoa simmers… You’ll notice that these little white tails start to pop out. And the Quinoa starts to become very fluffy and light. You’ll know your Quinoa is finished cooking… After all of the water is absorbed… And all of the tails have popped out of their seeds.

At this point, you can remove the cover. Let the Quinoa stand for about 10 minutes to cool just slightly… And then you can fluff lightly with a fork. Your Quinoa is ready to be eaten as-is… Or you can mix it with other grains. You can also let it cool and throw it into your salads. Thank you for checking out our video… Find more recipes at DowntoEarth.org . And find us on Facebook as well. Aloha!.

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