Last Longer in Bed || Sex Tips, Tricks and Hacks

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What’S up guys, my name is Johnny sins and welcome to sins TV. Today, I’ve got an awesome video for you guys for anybody. That’S looking to have better sex and last longer in bed. I’M gon na give you guys some tips tricks hacks, whatever you want to call it for better sex and if you’re new here don’t forget to subscribe and bring that notification bell. Because who knows what YouTube is doing right now with notifications? And you guys don’t even know when I put videos out so go ahead. Do it right now subscribe I’d, bring the bill now wait. I could let’s jump into the video. My first tip for lasting longer in bed is mind, control or using your mind, to slow down the ejaculation process. Now this is completely up to you. What you want to think about to prolong the orgasm, but a lot of suggestions that people give. Are you don’t think about your grandma in the room and that’s definitely gon na slow things down or think about baseball stats or unless you’re into baseball? And maybe that will speed things up, think about math and do math in your head or something like that, just whatever works for you now. I have to admit. I use this technique a lot in my scenes. You don’t necessarily want to stop a lot. You want to keep going and avoid any cuts in the scene. Sell you some mind, control now and again to control my orgasm control, my ejaculation, you know it’s a really good part and the girl is really riding you hard or just doing a great job, and, and you don’t want to stop you – don’t want to break that Momentum. Well, that’s when I start to use mind, control and I’ll think about I’m, not gon na. Tell you guys what I think about, but that’s when I start to use mind, control and think about things that will delay my ejaculation until I need to do it. [, Music, ] sure you can use mind control. You can think about your grandma when you’re having sex. But really do you really want to be thinking about granny when you’re having sex with your girlfriend or banging some hot chick? I recommend using science, which brings me to my sponsor of this video, a company and product called Prohm essent, guys this product is super simple to use. All you do is take a couple sprays, just spray it down there and you’ll last up to 60 % longer, and it’s not gon na numb. The entire thing where you can’t feel anything. It has target zone technology, which basically means it keeps it in a small area, the area you need but leaves everything else with feeling. So you don’t really know you’re using it and one of the best parts about this product, whether you’re having sex with your girl and you’re, just kind of embarrassed about it or whether you’re single and hooking up all the time. This does not transfer your partner. That means they’re, not gon na know you’re using it, which means she’s, gon na think you’re a stud, and you know how girls talk if you’re a stud they’re gon na talk to their friends about it and they’re gon na talk to their friends about it and Everybody’S gon na know that you’re amazing in bed. One problem I always have when I’m having sex with a girl and she’s really close to orgasm she’s getting yell and tell you don’t stop you better. Keep going I’m about to cum you’re gon na make me cum, but what does that do to me? It triggers in my mind. I want to come to it’s really hot when a girl says that so that triggers my orgasm and what, if I come before, she does. What, if I don’t get her off, what of all these things? That’S when promesa can come in real handy for situations just like that you can get the girl off, make her cum multiple times. Take your time with it, and then you can come. You can ejaculate when you’re ready and you guys promesa is FDA compliant made in the USA, has virtually no side effects and is recommended by actual neurologists. So you know this stuff is legit. The only guy thinking about is grandma in bed is the only guy not using promesa and when you’re good in bed you’ll feel so confident about yourself. Your life will improve immensely you’ll, have more confidence and be able to speak up and be able to introduce yourself to that girl at the bar and get that promotion. In my opinion, great sex can lead to all of these things. Pro Besson has scientifically unlock the mystery to lasting longer in bed, check out the link with discount code in the description down below and let promesa help you be the stud you always wanted to be, and thank you Pro Messing for sponsoring this video guys. This isn’t some bullshit. I’Ve tried this. It actually works, [, Music, ], alright guys. My next tip is condoms. Now, if you’re not using condoms with a girl – and you don’t trust her 100 %, you should definitely start using condoms, and these days condoms are getting thinner and thinner and thinner and thinner. You see on the packages. This is the thinnest condom, but if you want to last longer, you should get a thicker condom, because there’s more material between you and the girl, which is gon na, be less friction and you’re gon na feel a little less, which makes you last longer. My next tip is to experiment with different positions. Now for me, when I’m on set working and it’s time to do the pop shot, I have a go through position. It’S always missionary. I don’t know why it just makes me want to ejaculate more than any of the other ones, so I always say mich for last, because that position is guaranteed to make me ejaculate and get the pop shot that they need on camera. So that’s my go-to position, but anybody can be different. You know if you’re an Axman is probably going to be a doggie if you’re a boob man, it’s probably gon na, be mich or cowgirl, or something like that. So, if you’re, getting really close, you’re gon na want to switch positions, you’re gon na want to get out of that position. That feels really good. That’S going to make you orgasm, if you don’t want to yet and switch to another position that maybe doesn’t have the same feeling or you don’t have the same connection with your partner. For me, I love staring into my part. There’S eyes. I want to see their soul when I’m having sex with them and that’s what I love. That’S that’s what gets me off and that’s what makes me orgasm. So if I’m in a position where I can’t see the girl’s face, that’s not a position that I’m gon na DJ Kue late in very easily. I’M sure I still could, but it’s just not the easiest one where I’m not gon na, be able to hold out, and that’s always true for the first position of the scene too. I always have to be in control. The first position, if I’m not in control like if I’m tied up on the bed and the girl, just jumps on top and goes crazy. Well, I’m probably gon na mess up the scene and ejaculate in the first position I get to be in control. The first position and just feel it out and then I can go into other positions once I know what it feels like. I know what everything’s like, then I can do all the other positions, no problem, so my advice to you guys is to find which position is not your go-to ejaculation position, save that one for last do all of the other ones until last. Now this you want to get a quickie in you know, and then you know which one to go to so my advice to you guys is play around with positions. Switch positions, switch positions, a lot. If you have to, I never found it annoying. When you know a partner wanted to switch positions all the time, you know it’s fun to switch positions, you should be switching positions, a lot, you know, prolong it. Just have different, feel and get a different view. All of these things are great. Would you switch positions? My next tip is use the pullout method now you’ve heard of the pullout method for not getting a girl pregnant. When you are a jack, you lating, but you can just do it a little early to prolong your ejaculation. So if you’re stroking away – and you feel it – you know, you’re a couple of strokes away from not being able to hold back well, all you have to do is pull out and do something else go down and give oral sex or make out or just something Else switch positions, something else, so you can just buy a little bit of time and and bake that orgasm make that ejaculation go back down a little bit. So you can go back in and Stroke awake and get all the great feeling, and you can keep doing that over and over and over again to prolong the sex now may be kind of annoying if you’re pulling out all of the time. If, you do like one stroke and pull out so that’s probably not the best. Thing, to do these are definitely things I. Use all, the time on a daily. Basis, my next tip is to please your partner first meaning lots of foreplay. You can really extend sex with foreplay at the beginning and the middle at the end, wherever it is, for example, if you get off and your girl hasn’t gotten off yet and you can see it on her face. Well, there’s still things you can do. You know you can incorporate toys or just your fingers, your mouth, to get her where she needs to be and then you’ll satisfy her. But really, if you do this in the beginning – and you know, spend a little time with foreplay 5 10 15 minutes and really get your partner worked up that way. Even if you don’t last that long, you’re, probably still gon na get her off she’s, already been excited for 5 10 15 minutes. So she might not even want to have sex that long. After that, you know she might be happy with just a few minutes or five minutes and she can get off to that. So my advice is never skip foreplay. Sometimes you can skip foreplay. Sometimes it’s really hot just get poor play, but really you shouldn’t skip foreplay for the most part, you should really work your partner up and get them ready and it’ll make it much easier for them to get off all right guys. Thank you for checking out this video. I hope I had lightened. Some of you guys gave you guys some tips and tricks guys or girls girls. You can use these tips to on your guy. So thank you guys for watching this. Video, like I said earlier, please subscribe ring the notification bell share this video. Do all that good stuff and guys don’t forget to check out the day, sponsor promesa check out the link down below thanks for tuning in check out our merchandise at shop, sins, life.com,

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