Math Skills & Equations : How to Calculate Your Standard GPA

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All right. So you know what grades you got, but have you ever wondered how they calculate your standard GPA? Hi, I’m Jimmy, and we’re here to show you exactly how they do that. Now, typically, this is the typical grading scale. For every A that you get, it’s…each A is worth 4.0 grade points. A B is worth 3.0 grade points. A C is worth 2, D is 1, and, of course, F, you don’t get any grade points. But here’s a quick example as to how you calculate your standard GPA based on a typical report card. Now, suppose you have two As, two Bs, and one C in the five courses that you took. Basically, you would take each number and you multiply by how much each letter is worth. So let’s just say because two As because each A is worth four points, you take two times four, which, of course, is going to give you eight.

Then you take the two and multiply by how much each B is worth, and that’s three. And two times three, obviously, gives you six. And that one C, you have one times your two, which gives you, of course, two. Now, once you have that, all you need to do is do two things. Number one, add how many grade points that you have. Eight plus six plus two is going to give you 16. And what you’re going to do is take the 16 and divide by how many courses you took. Since you have two As, two Bs, and one C, you took five classes. And then what it becomes is a very simple long division problem. Five goes into 16 is going to give you three times. Three times five, 15. There’s going to be a remainder of one. Now, it’s one out of five. Then, you’ve got to figure out what is one-fifth.

Well, use a calculator, or you can do it by hand. You’re going to find out that three and one-fifth is the same thing as saying 3.2. And that is the GPA that you got for that particular semester. So I’m Jimmy, and that’s how you calculate your standard GPA..

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