Measuring Capacity for Kids | Capacity Lessons – Gallons, Quarts, Pints, and Cups

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don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel you can find the link to this app and comments below all right our next worksheet is about measuring capacity with gallon mian use the gallon man illustration to help you answer the questions circle the correct answer so let’s take a look at gallon man here we’ve got our little gallon man he looks like a robot but he’s also kind of a chart to help us understand how much of something is in something else we’re gonna start with the biggest part of his body which is the gallon and it looks like one two three four quarts are gonna equal one gallon and then from the court it looks like two piece equals a quart and four cups equals two pints so this is gonna help us to figure out some amounts here okay let’s start with our first question our first question says which is great or greater means bigger so let’s look we’ve got our paint and we’ve got our quart which one is the bigger one we’ll kind of think about it here is your arm bigger or is your hand bigger your arm is gonna be bigger and that’s kind of what this gallon man is for to kind of show you comparison so the court is gonna be a bigger amount over here okay which is less less is the smaller amount kind of like the fingers are smaller than the pint we’ve got a cup here or a pint which one is smaller it’s gonna be okay and then it says which is less we’ve got a gallon or we’ve got two quarts well here’s our gallon it would take four quarts to equal a gallon so only two quarts is less than a gallon okay the next question says we just Lasser the smaller amount we’ve got one quart or we’ve got three pints which is less well the court is equal to two pints so if I took one away these would actually be the same but because I added one it’s gonna be more than a quart so the less is actually going to be the court okay the last one says which is greater which is the bigger amount we need to count up our cups we’ve got one two three four five six seven eight and we notice here that four cups or half of that is actually equal to one quart it all kind of goes up the same thing that’s equal to two pints or one quart so we actually here we have an amount equal to two ports okay it would take eight of these one two three four one two three four two equal two quarts okay so this is 2 quarts right here now which is greater two quarts or eight cups or one quart well one quart is going to be the smaller amount so the greater amount is going to be this one right here the 8 cups fountain was kind of tricky but thankfully we had gallon the end to kind of show us which was gonna be the correct answer that makes it really easy us really easy for us to find the answer nice job today but by friends like us and subscribe to our channel find links to our apps and comments below

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