Nancy Pelosi Vs. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And ‘The Squad’ | NBC News Now

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There’S a battle brewing among House, Democrats it’s being tween House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and what’s known as. The squad it’s for freshman members of Congress including. Alexandria, Acacio Cortes they are at war with each other at this moment in time over the soul of the Democratic Party. Really, the history: let’s go back a couple weeks, so this all boiled over regarding a humanitarian aid bill to give money to the border to deal with the migrant crisis. The progressives that got really upset with the moderate in the party over this bill. They said that the moderates were selling out the progressives and selling out out immigrant children as well fast forward to now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Well, she made some comments in a column to the New York Times where she kind of flippantly said: oh those people they have their Twitter followers, that’s the power that they have kind of dismissing them, and then she held a meeting with all Democratic members and said: Look, this is a family. This is a family issue. We should not take this outside. We should talk about this. Our diversity is our strength, and these are the things that we need to focus on, beating the Republicans and beating the president, not fighting with each other. But the squad emerged from that meeting feeling like they were the ones who were attacked, that they were the ones who were being blamed for any of the discord among the Democratic Party and Alexandria Kashia Cortes she said: Pleau C is she’s attacking for women of color. It’S what she’s told The Washington Post in a couple other media outlets – there’s no resolution in sight at this moment and the thing is Nancy Pelosi – is trying not to talk about this she’s trying to downplay it. She was asked about it and she said we respect the value of every member of our caucus. The diversity of it all is a wonderful thing. Diversity is our strength, unity is our power and we have a big fight and we’re in the arena and that’s all I’m going to say on the subjects. If you want to waste your question, you can wish your question, but taking a step back, let’s look at the big picture. First of all, Nancy Pelosi is most concerned with keeping the majority and the way she does. That is by keeping the moderates in their seats. They are being targeted by Republicans to lose in 2020 and she wants to make sure that they win their election. So what do Republicans think of this? Well? Actually they’re pretty thrilled. They love the top line of Democrats in disarray. It makes them look like they’re, not it makes them look like they’re more of a functioning party, but also there’s bigger consequences as well as far as Republicans are concerned, the president and Republicans running for election reelection. They are trying to capitalize on the far left component, who want some of these much more liberal policies, so you’re going to see issue after issue where Republicans are going to try to capitalize on this infighting between the Democrats, who are really trying to figure out their Stances and their positions in their ideology as they head into the next election: hey NBC News viewers, thanks for checking out our YouTube channel, subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights, and digital exclusives thanks for watching

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