Opinion | The improbability of Nancy Pelosi

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[, Music ], the family I was born into was devoutly Catholic, deeply patriotic, proud of our Italian American heritage and staunchly Democratic, and we saw our democratic values as related to our religious values. Quite frankly, so it was almost a moral imperatives that would be community oriented. That didn’t mean you had to run for office, [, Music, ], [, Music ]. I think you’ve written though, that your mother’s aspiration was that you become a nun. She did. She thought that was the best way to have the most beautiful spiritual life they didn’t raise me to be speaker. They raised me to be holy [, Music, ] first thing I wanted to talk to you about was just the kind of sheer unlikelihood that you would be here in this position, because people look at you and they say: oh wow, you know she was the daughter Of the mayor of Baltimore, her brother was the mayor of Baltimore. Surely she was groomed for this from the minute she was born. You know now actually, quite to the contrary, my brother, it was groomed and we all love that because he’s a brilliant, a loveliest person in the world daily communicants a beautiful public servant. My brother tell me, but I know I never was, and I never even wanted to be. I just want to be normal. You know, in other words, I saw people as families had weekends and things like that, and we were always doing political events which we loved, because public service is a noble calling and we always had a responsibility to our community and our family life was not affected, But I could see that my father worked constantly. I was shy, actually I loved promoting other people, but I’d never interested me to be center stage, but I seem to have gotten over it. You thought about law school, but you fell in love, and so those plans went by the wayside and you had five babies and six years most of the day, mm-hmm four of her five babies were born in New York, and so I would be pushing strollers at Halloween time giving out, and so in some of those buildings in New York, you couldn’t pamphlet. You couldn’t leaflet in the building’s for political purposes, but if you were trick-or-treating with your children and you were leaving at the same time, it was a cover in 1985. You decide to run for DNC my chair and I’ve gone back and read some of the coverage. Think about there’s just the sheer sexism of some of the attacks. You were giving them one of my favorite phrases. I’Ve read of you during that 85 race. She that you were an overbearing player of feminist politics, yeah baby – I certainly hope so one person’s insult is you know I take as a compliment, but that was new, and this is a long time ago, if I was called an overbearing feminists 35 years ago. I would consider that a compliment. I read it. The Labour leader who called you an airhead, it was calling has really been one of my friends in the movement, but that happened to be one of the best things that happened to me from a political standpoint, because I think it’s really important for people to know. There’S nothing as shall we say, revealing as having an intra-party fight, and these were people had worked with a long time, and I had really done everything in the party had been chairing the biggest party. I had organized the delegate selection. I had run a convention. I’Ve done almost every piece of it written a platform that was actually mainstream platform as chair of the California Democratic Party, so I had done everything that you do in the party. It was instructive. So when I ran for Congress and people started attacking me, I was ready. I wouldn’t have been ready if I hadn’t run for chair, because in some instances it was like, but these are people I’ve worked with. Why are they attacking me saying things that aren’t really, even so because other people are advancing me for chair, so the best thing was that run when I eventually decided to run for Congress, people would call me and say: did you hear what someone said to Julia? I said: don’t call me about that: don’t waste my time I have to win this election. If you have energy that you want to expend go, knock on doors or send out postcards or raise money or call your friends to vote for me. But don’t call me to tell me that somebody that should be our friend is saying something demeaning, because I’m used. I’M ready for that when you make your decision to do the thing that you said you would never do when I run for office, but I never envisioned myself doing it now it is, it is salaburu. Tragically I didn’t analyze. Until recently, I was looking through the stories how young she was when she was stricken well, I first of all I didn’t realize she was dying. I knew that she was ill and what she had said to me is you know. I don’t think I want to do this again. I want to spend time with my grandchild at what, at the time anja, you should run for my job. I said masala, you should run for Congress. I said well, there’s no opening and she said well, I I don’t want to spend more time with family, I’m not gon na run again. So I want you to run and I want to give you my support and I want to know if you will accept that and I said well I mean I have to talk to my family and this or that now four of my kids are in college. One was going to be a senior in high school that was Alexandra, and so I went to Alexandra said Alexandra. Mommy may have the opportunity to run for Congress. What that would entail is that I’d be gone like three days three nights a week four days, but any answer from you would be okay with me and she said mother. So I knew I was in trouble right there, mother get a life. I guess I had limited experience with people toward the end of life, but because she didn’t seem that when she was robust, your voice was strong and she called in her brother-in-law, John Burton. It would become the chair of my campaign and some other folks that were close to her. She called them to her bedside. I’Ve called you all here but as I wanted to ask a Nancy if she will run for my seat because I’m not going to seek reelection and if she says yes, then I’m going to give her my endorsement, and I want all of you to support her As well, I want your answer now Nancy. Will you run for the seat dentist shortly? Thereafter she passed away and we were in a campaign and seven weeks later was the primary day and I won and every time I’m introduced as the most powerful woman in American history. It breaks my heart because I think we should have a president. We could have had a president my disappointment. It goes back to 2016. Hillary Clinton was our nominee when the best prepared people to be President of the United States. In a long time. President Bush, I love the bushes, but she was better prepared her own husband. She was better prepared, for so many reasons, probably go back to Papa Bush, because he was a vice president and all these other things, Hillary Clinton, advanced the ball way down the field, these candidates, each one of them, knew her purpose her. Why her? What her? How they all were excellent – and I think, gave women competence that a woman could do this job and gave the American people beyond women could do the job, but it’s a competitive arena. We have to win. You know you just have to win. I don’t think people should be disappointed that a woman didn’t win. Oh yes, but rejoice in the fact that we had so many and that they have again cleared the path for many more women. When I was running for my first leadership position, the last thing that anybody who was supporting me could say to have somebody to get his or her vote was what you should vote for Nancy, because she’s a woman politician and experienced legislator. It just so happens that I am a woman and – and we have been waiting a long time for this moment, so I always say to people being a woman. Yes, you’re, a woman, that’s self-evident! Now show your other. What else you have to offer and that’s why when women come here and I want them all to have a security credential, whether it’s hard service, Foreign Affairs, intelligence Veterans, Affairs, homeland security issues and within other committees that focus on defense, because that’s an important credential for A woman to have it’s not just about issues that relate, but you would think women’s issues yes they’re important, but we consider every issue of one’s issue and it is as pretty exciting. It’S 10 of our freshmen women are chairs of of subcommittees, not eight men. Ten women and in the Watergate babies when they came not one of them had a gavel in the first year, so we’ve opened the door to have these people rise up, gain, standing on their issues, more reputation, so they’re, better known and further down the road. Should they seek higher office when we have a woman president, and it will be soon – it will not only be great for America, it will be great for the world. I know what my position as Speaker has done with girls and fathers of girls and moms. Just saying this means so much because they see a path for themselves, but imagine President of the United States, so we should not be insecure about it. All. We have to be proud of what has happened, build on that and we will move will have a woman president. I don’t know who it will be, but I know I hopefully it will be soon signed no longer reintroduced as the most powerful woman in electoral history. In America

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