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(relaxing instrumental music) – Everyone, it’s Amanda. Welcome back to my channel and welcome back to yet another AmandaClaus video. I hope you guys have been enjoying AmandaClaus season so far and all of the fun giveaways and content that it’s been bringing but, unfortunately, I think today is going to be the last AmandaClaus video for this season, which I know is very sad but all good things must come to an end, unfortunately. However, we will be going out with a bang because I was saving this particular video for the finale of AmandaClaus.

I mean you guys probably already can tell by the title of this video, but today, I’m going to be writing letters to you guys, my lovely little doodles. Ah, I am so excited for this, you guys don’t understand. The reason for this entire video is, for the past two years, I’ve actually done a holiday cards hand lettering video, and in those videos, I’ve given away handwritten holiday cards at the end of the year to some of my subscribers, and I always love doing that. I think it’s, I don’t know, it’s just such a great way for me to end off the year with sending some gratitude and love back out to you guys who obviously always support me, but this is actually the very first year that I actually have a PO box open.

I opened it earlier in the year, and ever since I opened that PO box, I’ve been getting the sweetest letters and the most thoughtful gifts from you guys, which you, well, obviously, do not need to send me anything at all, so just the fact that someone takes the time out of their day to send me a little something means a lot to me. I read every single one, I open all of them. Obviously, it would be hard for me to respond to every single letter because I do get quite a lot.

So if you have ever sent anything to my PO box, don’t worry, I’ve received it, but today, I thought it’d be nice if I could actually respond to some of those letters in the spirit of the holidays, kind of like sending out a holiday card or whatnot. I recently discovered the world of pen pal with me videos on YouTube and I found them so relaxing, and as soon as I saw them, I thought of this idea where I would pen pal with my subscribers, so I thought that was a very, very cute thing, especially since I do feel like I have such a special bond with you guys, but I will link a couple of those pen pal with me videos in the description box below. Some of my favorites just because they were the ones who initially thought of this idea and I think it is great. There’s nothing like sending a handwritten letter to someone. It’s just very thoughtful and I think anyone can appreciate that, especially during this time of year.

Anyway, as usual, I feel like I’ve talked way too much in this intro. We should probably get started, so the first thing that I’m actually gonna do is open up and read a bunch of the letters and packages I got. There is a lot, this entire bag. I’ve been collecting them. I’m ready to read them all. Let’s do this. (relaxing instrumental music) Okay, so I just finished reading pretty much all of the letters that I got, and honestly, I got a little bit emotional at some point, reading some of the letters. Thank you again to everyone who sent letters. There was a couple in here that were for my birthday ’cause they were saying happy birthday to me, so they must have gotten mixed up somewhere, but thank you for the belated birthday wishes and it was just all great and definitely a little bit of healing and recharging time that I needed, but now, I’m just gonna pick a couple random ones and create a nice little letter for them, so let’s do it.

(bright electronic music) (paper crackling) (pen scribbling) (bright electronic music) (paper scratching) (bright electronic music) (tape scratching) (bright electronic music) (paper scratching) (bright electronic music) (plastic clicking) (bright electronic music) (paper scratching) (plastic clicking) (bright electronic music) (pen scribbling) (bright electronic music) While I was writing that letter, the sun went down behind me. As you can see, it is getting dark outside. It gets dark pretty early here now that it’s winter, but I just finished my first letter. I wrote this one to Geena who wrote me, honestly, one of the most emotional letters that I’ve ever read. I knew I had to respond to her because what she said in the letter really affected me and I just really appreciated it. I thought that my letter should be sort of warm and comforting, so I went with brown, rustic tones to kind of go with that vibe, and I really, really enjoyed it.

It was so therapeutic to me, and go on to the next letter. My hand might give out, though. I was aiming for five or six letters. We will see how much we can get done. So while I was opening a lot of the mail, I realized that a lot of you guys sent along a lot of stationery samples, like washi tape samples, and cute little Post-it notes. So that’s what I’ve been doing, sending some of my favorite stuff to you guys as well.

In one of the letters, this is from Ruby from Boston. She sent me a really cute letter, it’s decorated so nicely and this nice little quote, but she also included some really gorgeous paper. This, it’s like almost Japanese rice paper feeling, and it’s so, so pretty, and I think it’s really awesome because now I get to use some of this when I’m writing letters back to some other little doodles. I’m gonna write Ruby a letter and thank her for the beautiful paper. I’m also writing a letter to Sarah W from California who sent me a lot of cute, BTS-related, K-pop-related goodies, ’cause she knows I love BTS and she’s also a fellow K-pop fan, so I thought I would return the favor.

So those are the two letters that I’m gonna write. (paper scratching) (gentle jazz music) (plastic clicking) (gentle jazz music) ♪ Yeah ♪ (gentle jazz music) ♪ Yeah ♪ (gentle jazz music) ♪ Yeah ♪ (gentle jazz music) ♪ Yeah ♪ (gentle jazz music) ♪ Yeah ♪ (gentle jazz music) ♪ Yeah ♪ (gentle jazz music) ♪ Yeah ♪ (gentle jazz music) – I finished another one. This one didn’t really have a theme. I was kind of just going with it, like the outside is yellow and then the inside is blue. Some of it, I used brown paper, some of it, I used black, but honestly, it’s kind of fun using a lot of the stationery that I wouldn’t normally use in my bullet journal, like the stamps have been really fun to play around with and they’re just really cute.

Moving on to the next one. (pleasant jazz music) (relaxing jazz music) (bright electronic music) All right, friends, so I have finished my letters to Geena, Sara, and Ruby. I only ended up doing three because I just wanted to make sure I put a lot of time and thought into each one, which is why it took a while, and as you can see, it is dark outside. I really wish I was able to do more but I think I’m gonna continue doing these in the future because I honestly enjoyed this so much. I did not expect to, but it was so relaxing and I loved experimenting with new things and using a lot of the stationery that I don’t get to use on a daily basis. Thumbs up for the pen palling. It’s just really fun. Geena, Sara, and Ruby, I really hope you guys like your letters, and again, if you sent anything to my PO box, thank you so, so much.

It really does mean a lot to me. I do read every single one, even though I might not be able to respond to every single one, I read them all and they make me very happy. Anyway, I think this is the perfect way to end off AmandaClaus, with writing letters to you guys because it’s almost like writing a letter to Santa because at the end of the day, isn’t he everyone’s original pen pal, or at least everyone who celebrates Christmas. (chuckles) Anyway, since this is an AmandaClaus video, the very last one, there is, of course, a giveaway, but before we do that, let’s go get the hat. I can’t believe this is the last video I’m gonna be wearing this hat. It’s so sad. Look at how iconic it was. She had a good run.

Anyway, as usual, I will be giving away an AmandaClaus hat in this giveaway, just like all the other AmandaClaus giveaways. I’m also gonna be giving away a doodle planner of your choice, so you’re gonna get to choose whatever color you want, and for the final AmandaClaus giveaway, I thought I would do something a little bit fun, so I’m calling this the mystery box giveaway, so in addition to the AmandaClaus hat, as well as the 2020 doodle planner, you guys are gonna get a mystery box full of stationery. I’m not gonna tell you what it is ahead of time.

You’re just gonna have to open up and see whoever wins it. I hope it’s a nice surprise. I’ll be including, actually, I’m not even gonna tell you what I’m including. That’s the whole point of the mystery box, so. As usual, if you want to know how you can win this giveaway, all the rules will be in the description box below, and I think that’s pretty much it for today’s video.

I’m gonna mail these off tomorrow and I will catch you guys in the next video which, unfortunately, will not be an AmandaClaus video. I know it’s very sad, but happy AmandaClaus, happy holidays, and keep doodling. Bye, everyone. (bright electronic music).

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