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Good morning YouTube Good morning plumbers If you don’t know we do everyday plumbing, the good, the bad, and the ugly All while training my two sons the trade, we have a special job for a CB2 today We have a clogged toilet So when he gets here we’re gonna get the shots and I’m hoping we can get this thing clear because it’s been clogged since we started this job and now they have it taped up.

So we’ll see ya inside, we’ll get the shots and hopefully we’ll get it done Here’s the culprit aw yeah- Now looks to me like this is paper towel city, isn’t that nice? It’s like this You just want to go real slow and try to get the auger in and out Because we don’t want to flush it cause it’s definitely been overflowin’ go real slow, just try to get it aug’d There it is, turn that joke and just in and out as you go There it is You gotta really.. first of all, pull it back out try to keep going to crap in the toilet, pull the auger, there you go, now get in there Push it all the way in and up as far as you can Not like that, but you know I’m saying? now start auging it Alright you gotta twist and push as you go it’s probably clogged with paper towels Come on CB2, let’s get her done! You gotta go around, like clockwise We don’t know what’s in there That’s it, just don’t splash it all right? You get it? did any go in yet? CB2: “Yeah, she kinda pulled back out” Alright I don’t want to flush it and make a mess Why don’t you hold it with your left hand and internally your right hand? CB2: “Ok” CB2: “Feels weird” It does to you? CB2: “Yeah, I’m a goofy snowboarder so I usually face that way” Twist and push, keep rotating that thing That it, you gotta rotate it, make that turn CB2: “This?” Yeah, up top I’m pushing down as I’m turning, ok? Now I’m hitting something right here, so I’ll move it backwards a little bit…

Oh I’m all the way through now It’s probably just paper towels Go ahead. Give it a go sweety, this is plumbing and its best Keep doing it, you’re gonna go into the toilet flange that’s only 3 ft long Till you feel tension, go backwards, rotate it backwards Now try it again There it is! Now look, while you’re in there, boom boom boom, press this down Bring it out, see if we got anymore paper towels in there Don’t splash it! All right, flush the toilet, leave it in there and flush it Flush it a couple times Run that toilet, with the auger in it a couple times, and clean it Push that crap down the toilet too with the auger and then you clean it out alright? There ya go what we got? Hahaha, we got a doodoos! When I say clean I mean run the auger in the toilet again, this way you clean the whole cable with clean water, ok? Rotate it it’s a different kind of auger, with the big head, so you gotta rotate it and push at the same time It’s stuck, look, pull it and keep working it You just had it, you know that you got it in there right? CB2: “Yeah I’m trying the same thing” The whole key to this operation is spinning it or it won’t push through nothin’ It’s like a trap like this look, it goes up and around and out, just like a P trap under a sink there it is! there it is If you can’t turn no more, go reverse and push at the same- there it is! Now bring it out I gotta get some more toilets clogged CB2: *haha* you need practice I think our last auger job was the other movie theater CB2: “Yeah it was” Rotate it out Wash that and I’m gonna put that away, and the plunger There it is Here’s how you test it We need some more clog tools for this boy Struggling with the auger, come on so much fun Well, we got the toilet cleared Thank God it was nothing major, where we had to pull the toilet, something stuck in the toilet…

You know you plumbers, you young plumbers out there I don’t even know if you know this- That you have to sometimes pull a toilet, flip it upside down to get the foreign object out Luckily, we were able to clear the toilet with the auger and she’s been smooth sailing all day CB2, he needs practice on the auger With that, we will catch you at the next one.

Have a great night!.

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