Pork Belly Beer BBQ Baked Beans Recipe

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Welcome friends, welcome back to the kitchen a little while ago, julie and i did a barbecued pork belly. We did it two different ways and you can check out that video. Now there was no leftover, pork belly because there’s never leftover, pork belly. That’S that’s! Just crazy talk, but i did portion some off and put it into a vacuum: sealer bag and stick it into the freezer, so that i would have some when i decided to do this recipe, which is a barbecued baked beans. So we’re going to start out with two cans of beans, actually a can of navy beans and a can of black eyed peas. Now, if you want to start from dried beans, go right ahead, i usually use canned beans because i’ll wake up in the morning and say hey, you know what today i want to make barbecue baked beans, or i want to make any bean dish, and it’s just So much easier for me just to pull them out and dump them in. I also know that a lot of people start their barbecued baked beans with cans of barbecued, baked beans, and i don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. If you like, the flavor of those baked beans and you’re just trying to extend it or add to it, go right ahead, but i would encourage you just try it from this stage, because then you’re not fighting or building on somebody fighting with or building on somebody Else’S flavor profile you can play with it and make your own flavor profile, and you might be amazed at what you can do so next in is a chopped, sweet onion and a chopped sweet bell, pepper, i’m going to put in some garlic powder garlic. Salt is fine. If you want to use garlic, salt, you just adjust your saltiness later in the recipe. So i’ve got the chopped up pork and that’s going in now. I’Ve got pork belly. You could use pork, butt pork shoulder, you could use any pulled. Pork, any barbecued pulled pork. You could use any barbecued beef that you have left over and i think it’s really kind of fun just to take a little bit and put it away so that you can make these baked beans the next time. Next, we come to our flavoring ingredients, i’m going to start with tomato pasada, which is just ground tomatoes. If you don’t have tomato pasada in this really groovy glass jar that has a lid that you can seal and put away, you could substitute some tomato paste or any ground tomatoes or any fresh tomatoes just to give a little bit of that tomato tang. Next, i’m going to put in a little bit of fancy molasses just to give a hint of sweetness, and you can vary this. I know some people like their baked beans to be very sweet. I’M kind of on the fence about that. I like a little bit hotter and a little bit more of a vinegar tang next in is some of our homemade maple barbecue sauce, so that goes in this stuff’s really good. I can eat it by the spoonful. I really love it so check out that video i’ll try to remember to link to all of these in the description below i may not be able to you may not remember next in is some of our carolina, vinegar sauce. This will bring vinegar tang and some heat there’s some heat in that as well. So i’m going to put in a few tablespoons of that and then i’m going to follow it up with our carolina mustard sauce little bit of tang in this one as well. Well, actually, a lot of tang in this one and it’s going to kind of drive it in a little bit of a different direction. So i’m going to put some of that in as well and then some of our homemade worcester sauce test this stuff. This stuff is great: it’s not exactly worcester sauce, but it brings like a real, deep, rich flavor. So i’m going to put some of that in as well and all the measurements – or you know, real measurements will be in the description box below so we’ll stir this all together, get everything really nice and combined. This is where you need to look at your mixture and make a judgment call. Does it need some liquid or is it okay, i’m going to say mine needs some liquid, so i’m going to put in a little bit of beer, and if you don’t want beer, you don’t have to use beer, you could use apple juice. You could use chicken stock, you could use vegetable stock, you could use just plain water, it really doesn’t matter. You just need a little bit of liquid in there so that it doesn’t get super dry. So i think this looks pretty good. This is the point where you would taste it and decide if you want to put in some extra salt. Maybe some black pepper adjust the seasoning a little bit. I think we’re good. Let’S go to the grill. I’Ve got the yoder smoker going today at about 250 degrees fahrenheit and the temperature is not critical. You can put these beans in at whatever temperature your smoker is running at for the meats that you’re cooking that day. So i’m just going to put this in. Essentially, what we’re trying to do is just heat them up and impart some of that smoky flavor from the grill, so i’ll come back in about 20 minutes and give them a stir and see how they’re doing two or three times during the cook i came out And gave it a stir and took a look at how much liquid was in the bottom if it needed a little more liquid. I added it. [ Music ] we’re a couple hours in at this point and i think it’s done so. Let’S take a look and yeah that looks great, i’m gon na say we’re done so. I’M gon na take this inside and we’ll taste it hello, glenn, hello, friends, barbecue, baked beans, kinda find out kind of you’re, not sure they’re baked well, they are baked and they were done on the barbecue and they’re beans by definition, they’re barbecue, baked beans, okay, they’re Great they don’t taste like anything like baked beans. I’Ve ever had no is it the beans? Is it what what did you do differently? They’Ve got a like a wonderful, tang kind of flavor to them versus so i dropped out most of the sugar. There isn’t 40 pounds of brown, sugar and 40 pounds of molasses and and then i used um the carolina mustard sauce and the carolina pepper sauce, and that would add that tang, that’s okay, i put in our homemade worcester sauce um, which adds a bit of a Depth and a body uh what else is in there the maple barbecue sauce? What did you open the fridge and take like every barbecue condiment type thing you had and throw it in there. That’S what i did so i i completely you watched me make this up. I completely made this up um. I could shovel that i can shovel that in. I really like that yeah. I really like that. I think um. Well, that’s the thing, though right beans are really versatile. You don’t have to you. Can i think if you brought this to the table and some told someone, though, that it was going to be baked beans they’d be disappointed because they’re expecting a certain flavor if you’re expecting boston, baked beans or sort of that really. But if you said you had a smoked bean dish, smoked bean dish, yeah that you know yeah, i like it, but then i really like beans so um my bowl is done. Okay, so if you’re looking for a a different take on a barbecue baked beans, give this a try and if you’re out there and you’re saying who is this idiot, he didn’t invent that we do that style of bean. Let me know in the comments: if you do a more vinegar-based bean, that is less because nothing is new. No there’s! No, there is nothing new, there’s, nothing new, there’s, absolutely nothing new. The only thing that is new is technically well in this instance is that i used our own worcester sauce, our own barbecue, sauce and our own, so that particular group of ingredients is unique to us, although you can make them too links below. But if you do a vinegar-based, barbecue baked bean, let us know, let us know what you put in it. Thanks for stopping by see you again soon, you

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