Quarantine Cooking: Cheeseburger Casserole

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– Okay, y’all, how many of y’all like quick family dinners? I do. Michael raised his hand. I think Theresa kind of raised her hand. Eddie raised his hand (laughing). So y’all do, and that’s what I’m gonna share with y’all tonight, a cheeseburger casserole. So, I have dropped a pound of ground beef in my pan over here, and I’m going to toss in my onions, my bell pepper, and I’m gonna let that cook. And then if it’s got a lot of fat in it, I’m gonna drain that off, but hopefully it won’t have a lot of fat, and I’m gonna, I like to kind of leave my ground beef a little chunky. You know, I don’t like to just pulse it to where you can’t tell you got a piece of meat. Okay, so I’m gonna turn that up a little bit now and get that pot to going.

And I just took some noodles, and they’re right here. I have them over here in the colander draining, and they’re just an egg noodle, y’all. And that’s gonna be the starch to our cheeseburger casserole. So, this is really going to take on the flavors of, like, a baked spaghetti or something like that. Now, after I add our can of tomatoes, you’re supposed to let this simmer for like 15 minutes. We may bypass that (laughing). We may speed this family dinner up. All right, I’m gonna add a little salt, a little pepper, and there again, you know, put what you like. If you’d rather have celery than bell pepper, switch it about. Oh, this looks so good. I got that baby blowing. All right. Now when that’s done browning, I’m gonna add a 14-ounce can of diced tomatoes. And I don’t think we’re going to have to drain this, y’all, ’cause that was some lean hamburger meat. So, we’re just going to let that bell pepper and onion get a little bit more tender. (ingredients sizzling) Y’all think it’s tender enough? So do I (laughing).

Okay. So this is the point we’d want to let it simmer for about 15 minutes. Looks very, very good. All right, now I’m gonna add some Worcestershire sauce. That looks like about a tablespoon, and then I’m gonna add a teaspoon of oregano. So that’s what makes it come into that kind of Italian family. Okey-doke, can you get over there, Eddie, and see that our cooking? (ingredients sizzling) – [Eddie] Smells good. – It does, it smells real good. All right. Our next step is to add our egg noodles that we’ve drained. We’re gonna throw these over in the pot. This is really one of those easy, easy, quick family dinners, y’all, and you know, it’s something that all the kids will eat.

And if they’re starving, they can get them up a bowl, and put it in the microwave, and feed themselves. Okay. We are ready, now as for, oo, ouch! Now, I’ve sprayed this pan with a nonstick, and I’m just gonna pour this into our prepared pan. And this is one of those dishes, y’all, that’ll just get better the longer it sits. There we go. And then we’re gonna put two cups, of chop, charp cheese (laughs) easy for me to say. Sometimes these new teeth get me (laughs). So, we’re gonna bake this for about 15 minutes, y’all, just long enough for that cheese to melt. I believe we could have used almost three cups of cheese.

(laughs) Okay, in the oven for 15 minutes, that, and maybe some (laughing). I’m having a time here today. No, I don’t drink. I’m not drinking. So, a nice French bread and a little salad, and you’re home free. So, in the oven 15 minutes. – [Production Crew] Yeah (indistinct). – And that won’t take long because everything was hot. It was piping hot that we put in there, so it won’t take but a few minutes. All right (laughing). That was a quick 15 minutes, y’all. I lost some of my cheese, I think (laughing). I want my cheese. I want what’s rightly mine, what’s rightfully mine (laughing).

Like I said, I think I would have been more happy if I’d had one more cup of cheese to go on it. So here we go. I think this’ll be making some little happy campers happy. Mm. It’s really good, y’all. It’s honest. You know, there’s no foo-foo about it. And I think your children are gonna love it (laughs). And there’s a good chance that you have all these ingredients in your pantry. I got to quit eating ’cause that’s definitely tonight’s supper (laughs). Love and best dishes! (laughing).

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