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Assalamualaikum In this video I want to share a recipe for a dessert box that is viral This recipe can also be a business idea for the mother because of course it is very economical one dessert box is only 15 thousand capital and can also be sold at a profit I’ve written 100% of the materials and capital calculations in the description box so watch the video until it’s finished We prepare the first ingredients 3 tablespoons of sugar then three and a half tablespoons of flour 1 egg 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder quarter teaspoon SP 1 tablespoon of chocolate sweetened condensed milk and 1 tablespoon of cooking oil We go directly to the way of making it first we prepare the container then we add the eggs sugar and also SP Then we mixer with the highest speed until thick white expands and traces After thick white expands and traces like this we turn off the mixer Then we add flour and also powdered chocolate while sifting like this Then we mix again until He is mixed while we are add cooking oil and chocolate sweetened condensed milk we mixer with the lowest speed until mixed Well after it is mixed enough like this then we continue to stir using the spatula with the technique of stirring until the mixture can really mix well like this after thoroughly blended Then we prepare a 22 cm baking pan that has been covered with baking paper then we put the mixture into the pan Then we flatten the dough like this and be ready for us to steam this steam we have prepared beforehand with low heat and confirmed to be boiling we steam for 20 minutes don’t forget the lid wrapped with cloth after 20 minutes the bread or the cake is ready then we lift it After the cake is considered then we comb the edges using a agar knife make sure there is no cake stuck to the baking sheet Then we immediately return to this container I use a cutting board after reversing we release the backing paper Then we set it aside and wait for it to cool while waiting for the cold we prepare the other ingredients the first 7 tablespoons of this whip cream powder I use Han brand and then 14 tablespoons of ice water then I bought this chocolate glaze so this price is IDR 12,000 then this optional white glaze chocolate can only be discarded only for decoration and also available chocochips then we prepare the container to make the whip cream then we add the whip cream powder with ice water Then we shake it with a mixer until it expands and it becomes a whip cream approximately 3-5 minutes Now this whip cream is ready, then we turn off the mixer We divide the whip cream in half, which we put directly into a triangle plastic Then the other half we want to make chocolate flavor coupled with the chocolate glass just enough one tablespoon Then we shake it with a mixer until it is mixed Now after it’s mixed enough we turn off the mixer Then we continue to stir using the spatula as usual with the technique of turning it over after it is mixed evenly like this then we put it in a plastic triangle too Now this is for the glazing as well.

We will put it in a plastic triangle so that later it will be easier to enter the box This is for the white glaze because I only use it for decoration. I only use one tablespoon do not forget before you use the finished glaze like this in a stir first so that it is evenly mixed So here are the other ingredients that we put in all the plastic triangles Now it’s time for us to cut me off already This cold for me I used the box size 10 times 10 cm usually at onlineshop or at the cake ingredients shop We divide the cake into 4gra Giant Then we prepare two boxes 2 jars like this then we put the first cake for the first neck Then we add the original white whip cream Next we add the cake for the second layer Then we close again using chocolate whip cream This, Mother, just calm down this dessert box is not going to taste good because we use it whip cream is not butter cream because butter cream tends to taste better Usually if eaten too much After flattening like this then at the top we close using a chocolate glaze that tastes brown After all the parts are closed like this then we are pounding so that the glaze is flat Then we decorate this 1box I use a white blazer for decoration zigzag like this later painted using skewers and Then the box I again decorate using these chocochips for decoration just according to Mother’s taste Now this dessert box has become really easy, right? How do I make it, I’ll spoon it and show it inside of it You can see this is really pretty the dessert box is no less with the dessert box while it’s viral and this is really worth selling Now it can be seen inside, it melts, it really tastes good, no need to doubt the point is recommended Hopefully this video is useful don’t forget to like comment subscribe and also share this video with your friends so that more people know about this video thank you wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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